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Social Studies Resources

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15 Amazing Places You Can Tour Virtually. If you can’t check out these places in person, you can at least visit them virtually—no flights or road trips required. 1. The National Museum of Natural History Learn where we’ve been by taking a look around the stunning exhibits at this Smithsonian museum in the nation’s capital. 2.

Taj Mahal This look at the the famous Indian mausoleum is one of several Airpano flying 360 tours on this list. 3. The U.S. 4. Getting to the top of the iconic Parisian landmark has never been so simple. 5. From this page you can choose several different areas of the world-famous museum to explore. 6. This page on the Vatican’s website allows you to click on any of several different locations and quickly go inside for a look around. 7. One place the tour of the Vatican doesn't include is the Sistine Chapel. 8. Get your kicks on Google Street View of Route 66. 9.

Are you not entertained? 10. 11. This aerial tour of Petra, Jordan starts at Al Khazneh, the stunning temple carved into a sandstone cliff. 12. 14. 15. Another Good Resource for History Teachers. News Websites for Young Learners. Engaging Congress: Indiana University. Free online timeline maker. Home. NewseumED. Featured. 20 YouTube Channels for Social Studies.

YouTube is a fantastic resource for schools to teach content and for students to learn content. For pretty much any topic you can think of, someone has made a video explaining it (which I greatly appreciate when I have had to replace parts in my clothes dryer three times in the last few years). The same thing is true for social studies. YouTube hosts thousands of educational videos on history, politics, geography, and more. Some are created by talented teachers sharing their classroom creations with the world, while others are made by companies, museums, and more. Recently I had the chance to curate a list of YouTube channels for a social studies inservice I was leading. Hip Hughes History - Educator Keith Hughes covers US History, politics, World History, and more.

Mr. Tom for America - Educator Tom Richey provides history lectures for AP US History and AP European History. OER Commons. The Monticello Classroom | Teaching Resources about Thomas Jefferson & Monticello. The Gilder Lehrman Collection. The Gilder Lehrman Collection is located on the lower level of the New-York Historical Society. Please visit the Collection to examine original historical documents and artifacts in person. The Collection is available online. Browse or search our website for catalog information and select images. For full digital access, please visit American History, 1493-1945, a subscription-based database of the Gilder Lehrman Collection, published by Adam Matthew Digital.

We’re pleased to announce that Adam Matthew Digital has a special offer for K–12 schools of two deeply discounted pricing options, available through December 15, 2019: $1,000 One-year subscription $5,000 Perpetual access. Social Studies | Britannica LaunchPacks.