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Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd. provide superior quality chemical process systems. Backed by 34 years of experience of working with customers across India, we are now a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of reactors and accessories made of borosilicate glass right from R&D scale to pilot plant, and finally production scale. We specialize in designing, fabrication, engineering, supply & installation Of equipment & plant made of Borosilicate Glass 3.3 (Including Pilot Plant & kilo labs / Mini Plant Teaching Units all Glass Equipment complies with ISO 3585/3586) meant for the chemicals pharmaceutical industries and R & D and laboratory and petrochemicals usage. Our unit can be supplied with the most advanced real-time automation system like SCADA.

What is Borosilicate Glass, Why it’s Better? - Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd. What is Borosilicate Glass, Why it’s Better?

What is Borosilicate Glass, Why it’s Better? - Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd.

Borosilicate glass 3.3 is a type of glass containing Boric Oxide that allows for a very low thermal expansion coefficient. This means that like normal glass, it won't break under sudden temperature changes. Industrial Glassware Manufacturers. Plenty of glass plant installations have vessels that find universal applications such as re-boilers, reactors, separators, and receivers.

Industrial Glassware Manufacturers

The Glass vessels are easily available in cylindrical and spherical shapes, having 5 to 500-liter capacity. All the vessels are built with an outlet nozzle at the bottom, which allows you to select your valve from the variety of valves. Both Cylindrical, as well as Spherical vessels, can be delivered on the request of a special order. Bromine Recovery Plant Manufacturer. Product Description Bromine finds its application directly and indirectly in the manufacture of pesticides, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fire-retardants, photography chemicals, and many others.

Bromine Recovery Plant Manufacturer

Bromine occurs in nature as Bromide salt present in seawater and in-land brine which is used for the grassroots production of Bromine. It is also recovered from industrial effluents/ byproducts where it occurs as different Bromide salts. Glass Absorber System. The Gas absorption unit runs a process where the mixture of gas is released with a liquid to dissolve one or more elements of the gas mixture preferentially.

Glass Absorber System

Our Automated Gas absorber helps the user in defining and controlling the absorption process parameters; it derives an estimation based on the data automatically received or fed manually from the process instruments. The Gas Absorption Unit is wholly made of glass assembled with all the necessary instruments such as Sensors, heating mantle, flow stabilizers, SCADA system to define and control the process parameters and Weatherproof Local Panel. We offer two types of Absorption column Packed column. Sieve Tray column. Dry HCL Gas Generator Plants.

Commercial Hydrochloric acid in the market is available as a 30% aqueous solution and is widely used in industry in large quantities.

Dry HCL Gas Generator Plants

However, for certain application, such as hydrogenation reaction and in bulk drug /pharmaceutical industry, HCl is required in the gaseous and anhydrous form. Different processes for HCl gas generation from commercial grade HCl Acid are offered based on customer requirement. These processes are as follows: Distillation or Boiling Route Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Route Calcium Chloride Route HCl Gas Generator Plants are normally available from 5Kg/Hr up to 250 Kg/Hr capacity. Random Packing Manufacturers. Ablaze Export Pvt.

Random Packing Manufacturers

Ltd. has been offering the random packing various sizes and MOC, all standard random packing you can purchase from us. Additionally, tell us your drawings and requirements, we will customize them for you. All types of random packing in metallic, plastic and ceramic materials supply high performance in coal gas, petroleum, chemical and other fields for distillation, absorption, purification, and other processes.

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer Manufacturer. Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Falling Film Evaporator In the falling film evaporators, the liquid and vapors flow in the downward direction parallelly.

Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturer & Supplier in India

The concentrated liquid is then preheated until it starts boiling. An evenly thin film then enters the heating area with the help of a distribution apparatus in the evaporator. It starts flowing in the downward direction at boiling temperature and gets partially evaporated. Agitated Thin film Evaporator Manufacturer. Fractional Distillation Unit Suppliers. Ablaze manufacture and supplies a high-quality range of Fractional Distillation Unit.

Fractional Distillation Unit Suppliers

This product is highly recognized and demanded due to its special character like resistance against split, abrasion, high thermal and chemical stability. The offered product is tested on various quality parameters in adverse condition to ensure its reliability and durability. We are providing this Fractional Distillation Plant up to 500 Liter This is basically a compact fractional distillation unit of the batch type in which the reboiler consists of a vessel placed in a heating bath and above with a packed base. High Pressure Lab Reactor Manufacturer. High-Pressure Glass Reactor – Autoclave One of Everything – Platform Cultivation Glass Vessel For all types of Lab Reactors.

High Pressure Lab Reactor Manufacturer

Ablaze successfully designed and produced High Pressure Glass Reactors for use on a laboratory scale. Scale-up experiments also involve the application of high pressure, and this is now possible with the other additional benefits of a glass reactor. High-pressure glass reactors are built with corrosion-resistant materials that ensure high resistance to acids while allowing reactions under pressure. Lab Glass Reactor Manufacturer.

One of Everything - Platform Cultivation Glass Vessel for all types of Lab Reactors.

Lab Glass Reactor Manufacturer

Lab glass reactors are the greatest systems for optimizing and reproducing chemical reactions, mixing, dispersing and homogenizing processes on a laboratory scale. Laboratory glass reactors widely accepted as Lab Glass Reactors are known to allow you to have a clear view of the processing of the chemical reactions happening inside the reactor. Lab glass reactors work perfectly with the given atmospheric pressures as well as the vacuum and have significant corrosion-resistant qualities. To get a higher level of productivity, a considerable amount of accuracy, and complete reproducibility. The best quality lab glass reactors that are linked with the auxiliary equipment, including thermostats, nutsche filters, and gas scrubbers, gives you the guaranteed optimal process performance in the laboratories.

Filtration Process by Agitated Nutsche Filters. A variety of industrial processes follows various Filtration and Drying processes that are critical for their operation, which requires the solid matter to be separated from a liquid. You can discharge solids directly into a dryer, or you can use the drying function in the case of a filter by using the same equipment. The filtration process can further be categorized into two processes, namely Continuous operation, and Discontinuous or Batch operation. Sources of Bromine Recovery And Bromine Recovery Processing Plant. Bromine Recovery: Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd.: Types of Dry HCL Gas Generator. Dry HCl Gas Generator Plants usually range between the capacity of 5Kg/Hr to 250 Kg/Hr. We can also manufacture and provide the plants with massive capacity as per the client’s request. Ablaze holds a successful and long record of designing and supplying various systems built, especially for Dry HCl Gas Generation Systems.