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Digitala verktyg och und.resurser

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Introduction to Deep Learning 2016 - Algorithmia. Deep learning is impacting everything from healthcare to transportation to manufacturing, and more. Companies are turning to deep learning to solve hard problems, like speech recognition, object recognition, and machine translation. One of the most impressive achievements this year was AlphaGo beating the best Go player in the world. With the victory, Go joins checkers, chess, othello, and Jeopardy as games machines have defeated human at. While beating someone at a board game might not seem useful on the surface, this is a huge deal. While it might seem like this technology is still years away, we are beginning to see commercial use. Ford predicts self-driving cars will see widespread use within the next five years. What Is Deep Learning? To understand what deep learning is, we first need to understand the relationship deep learning has with machine learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence.

At the outer most ring you have artificial intelligence (using computers to reason). BBC Radio 4 - A History of the World in 100 Objects Omnibus - Episode guide. Petter Bergenstråhle | Digitala verktyg i Humanistiska ämnen. Teaching with Aurasma. Mega-Potluck. Microsoft Education: Take a Test. 5 Technology Tools Perfect for ELA Online Learning Stations. I’ve written extensively about the benefits of using the Station Rotation Model with students. English teachers frequently ask me which technology tools I use to design my online learning stations. Below are my 5 favorite technology tools and online resources for designing the online learning stations in my English classroom. #1 StudySync StudySync has freed me from the limitations of our school book room.

Now, I have access to hundreds of short stories, poems, excerpts from novels, and famous speeches. The texts are paired with Think Questions and writing prompts that I can use or adapt. . #2 uses adaptive software to personalize vocabulary practice for students. . #3 NoRedInk NoRedInk allows students to select from a variety of topics (books, movies, celebrities, sports) and all of their grammar practice is wrapped in those topics. . #4 In-class Flip with Vocabulary, Writing, and Grammar #5 Newsela. Web Captioner - Open event captioning in your browser. Machine Learning with MATLAB - Facebook - MATLAB & Simulink. 33 Digital Tools for Advancing Formative Assessment in the Classroom. I came across a great blog post the other day – Formative Assessments Are Easier Than You Think – that told the firsthand account of a teacher, Steven Anderson, who implemented formative assessment in his classroom.

He used a sticky-note version of an exit ticket to elicit evidence of student learning and in his words, “what a difference that made.” Formative assessment is ‘easier than you think’ and with all the digital tools and apps now available for mobile devices it’s even easier. We’ve shared some digital tools before and with the five tools that Steven shared combined with our earlier suggestions there are now 33 digital tools that we’ve uncovered that are free or inexpensive and help teachers implement formative assessment in their classrooms.

Here they are: A few of Steven’s discoveries: Lino – A virtual corkboard of sticky-notes so students can provide questions or comments on their learning. These can be used like exit tickets or during the course of a lesson. Pick Me! Shark Machine Learning Library. SwanScreen | Free online slideshow for instagram and twitter.