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Dual Battery Kit and Other Kit Devices

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How Battery Isolator Works in Your Vehicles - : December 17, 2013 12:36 am An automotive electrical system produces enough electrical power for an automobile to run the ignition system, charge the battery again and supply power for electronic devices inside the vehicle.

How Battery Isolator Works in Your Vehicles - :

Some vehicles take advantage of this extra electrical capacity to sustain a 2nd on-board battery. Typically a vehicle with more than one battery will include a battery isolator in the set up. A battery isolator separates the batteries from one another in a way that allows the charging source to charge them in a designated order. This isolator will not only manage the charging sequence order but also separates (isolates) the batteries from discharging each other if and when the charging source is not producing adequate power. A Better Choice than the Polaris Dual Battery Kit! - : December 22, 2013 3:19 am At our request TRUE has began production on a dual battery kit to compare with the Polaris Dual Battery Kit that will allow you the consumer to put a dual battery system in any number of different ORV situations.

A Better Choice than the Polaris Dual Battery Kit! - :

Primarily it is designed to compete or replace the Polaris Ranger Dual Battery Kit that sells for anywhere from $109.00 to $230.00. This kit is universal in application and can be used on nearly every ATV or UTV on the market and because of the use of a full 140 amp SBI it can also be used in marine and 4WD applications. Anywhere your two batteries will be in close proximity to one another. The Following Applications Are only a partial list. How to wire the Dual Battery Isolator - : December 21, 2013 3:50 am The isolator from is the simplest of all isolators to install.

How to wire the Dual Battery Isolator - :

Best Dual Battery System 4x4 : 4 x 4ing generally means having fun!

Best Dual Battery System 4x4 :

A dual battery system for 4×4 insures you’re equipped to enjoy your off-road adventure without worrying about having the necessary power available to run all those accessories. Whether it be in a Jeep or truck or 4 wheeler or UTV, being prepared for when the unexpected may require the use of accessories such as winches and extra lighting features or simply listening to your favorite tunes a proper installed Dual battery management system for 4x4s is often a necessity. Easy to Install Avoid the situation of being stranded by being prepared. A properly designed 4×4 dual battery system will allow you the extra power, via a second battery, you need to run that winch and those high intensity lights without the risk of depleting your start battery and having a long walk out. True Smart Technology A simpler, more easily installed system doesn’t exist. Underground Wire Break Locator. Free Priority Mail shipping!!!

Underground Wire Break Locator

I work with invisble type fencing for dogs and have found this “null” type locator to be extremely effective in locating wire breaks and faults in these underground systems. This simple system works well for tracking wires underground and behind walls.tag: underground wire break locator, boundary wire break locator, underground dog fence wire break locator Proven application in low voltage lighting, irrigation, pet containment, robotic mower systems and other non-visible wire tracking. However it does not allow for pinpoint wire identification in pairs or multi conductor type cables. The Underground Wire Break Locator is designed to locate the path of non-energized wires behind walls and underground.

This underground wire break locator is made in Asia and although it functions in the same manner as the commercial units it is a consumer level product and therefor not as durrable as commercial units. See the DFNA 3048 in use here! UTV-SBI-15CM - : As requested by some UTV enthusiasts this kit adds the ability to monitor both your battery’s real time charge.

UTV-SBI-15CM - :

“CM” stand for “Connect & Monitor”. By including two 36mm waterproof/shockproof digital LED volt meters to the kit you can keep real-time track of what’s happening with your charge status on each individual battery. Conveniently TrueAm has included one blue and one green for easy discrimination between batteries. The meters can mount anywhere you have flat surface that can be drilled with a 29mm (1-1/8”+) hole for each meter. They connect with a standard ¼” blade connector. UTV-SBI-15CK - :

With the release of the new True UTV-SBI-15 comes then new connection kit UTV-SBI-15CK.

UTV-SBI-15CK - :

“CK” very simply stands for “Connecting Kit”. Everything you need to connect that second battery to your primary using the newest PEP® programmed UTV-SBI-15. You’ll love the new case design that makes an easy installation even easier. TrueAm has also finished all the included cables so no more cutting and crimping to complete the application. Same straightforward high quality that UTV enthusiasts have come to associate with the TRUE labeled product. True Dual Battery Kit - DFNA :

This is a great kit for adding that 2nd or 3rd battery system in your car, boat, RV or whatever you wish.

True Dual Battery Kit - DFNA :

It utuilizes the simplest and most advanced technology to keep all your batteries charged using the engine’s electrical system but isolating the starting battery so you never get stranded. The dual battery kit uses the same relay we have installed in our boat and camper to keep the accessory batteries charged but isolating the starter battery system so it stays charged. The great thing about these is that you don’t have to reroute any alternator wires and they are all automatic. Everything you need to do the job right yourself. Suitable for 12V Marine,4WD,Caravan & Solar140 Amp Voltage Sensitive RelayPriority charging for starting batteryAlternator outputs up to 150 ampsFully Automatic, Proven TechnologyEasy to Install $129.95 free shipping “Currently In Stock”

True UTV-SBI-15 Best UTV 2nd Battery Isolator - : The time has come for the UTV community to get the attention and respect it deserves in the marketplace.

True UTV-SBI-15 Best UTV 2nd Battery Isolator - :

You are all aware the current “True” labeled products are the only ones manufacturer to meet the demand of the UTV second battery charging needs. With the development of PEP® it revolutionized the process of fully automated battery isolation. Out with the old and in with the new!!!! We are proud to offer the latest advancement from True Amalgamated ( under the “True” label. True Smart Battery Isolator (SBI) A SBI is the ultra-simple and most technologically advanced method of automatic battery isolation system.

True Smart Battery Isolator (SBI)

These units can be installed between batteries with a common ground to automatically control the charging process to the batteries but continue to provide isolation of them when a charging source is unavailable. The small size and rugged construction of these units allow for quick simple installation for even the most novice Driver. To make things even better this unit is “Dual Sensing” which senses the charge of both batteries.

If either battery is receiving a charge, e.g. a battery charger is connected to the auxiliary battery; the SBI dual battery system will engage and charge both batteries. The advanced technology always insures that the first battery is fully charged (13.3v) before connection is made to the second battery. 12V 140amp SBI with Cut-In:13.3V, Cut-Out:12.8V.