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How 'smart fashion' could transform the mobile workforce. The future of wearables could be in 'smart clothes' that blend fashion with tech Picture this: A customer service representative is helping an irate customer on the phone and becoming flustered and frustrated.

How 'smart fashion' could transform the mobile workforce

Rather than hearing about the incident after the interaction has escalated, customer service managers are able to step in and offer assistance because they have access to the rep’s vital signs and health signals. Or, imagine one of your fleet drivers becoming tired and falling asleep at the wheel and a fleet manager having the ability to talk him through getting to a rest area safely, thanks to having access to his health signals. Pure Waste Textiles - Sustainable Fashion Evolution - Nordic Style Magazine. Sustainability is more than just avoiding waste, it is about creating from it, this is the premise behind Pure Waste Textiles a young Green Company from Helsinki, Finland founded in 2013.

Pure Waste Textiles - Sustainable Fashion Evolution - Nordic Style Magazine

Pure Waste creates its fabrics in its own factory recently opened in India and they are at the forefront of the Sustainable Evolution as they produce textiles out of 100% recycled materials, yes over 100,000 products made of 100% recycled materials up to date. The Helsinki based textile company is pushing boundaries on what being green is, they are not compromising quality as their fabric made out of recycled materials can easily compete with virgin textiles in quality.

Can big brands catch up on sustainable fashion? Imagine a pair of trousers you could throw on the compost.

Can big brands catch up on sustainable fashion?

After years of use, they could decompose among the eggshells and tea bags to leave behind nothing but some fertile soil to help grow new raw materials. It takes the circular economy to a whole new level. This is the idea behind F-ABRIC, a range of materials developed by Swiss company Freitag. Until recently, Freitag’s only line of business was making bags out of old truck tarpaulins. How Intel infiltrated New York Fashion Week - Fortune. © Time Inc.

How Intel infiltrated New York Fashion Week - Fortune

All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect. Wearable pineapple fibres could prove sustainable alternative to leather. H&M is Offering $1 Million for Best Textile-Recycling Innovations. H&M is looking to close the loop on textiles, and it’s willing to pay $1 million to anyone who can achieve it.

H&M is Offering $1 Million for Best Textile-Recycling Innovations

Announced by the H&M Conscious Foundation, the Swedish retailer’s philanthropic arm, the so-called “Global Challenge Award” is the first initiative of its kind. The goal? To catalyze “green, truly groundbreaking ideas” to protect the planet’s natural resources by lowering fashion’s environmental burden. How can the fashion industry become more sustainable? How can fashion develop more women leaders? George Zimmer Takes On Men’s Wearhouse With Tuxedo Start-Up. Photo.

George Zimmer Takes On Men’s Wearhouse With Tuxedo Start-Up

Does ‘Made in’ matter? Under New Direction, Parsons Puts Sustainability First. NEW YORK, United States — Parsons School of Design at the New School is known the world over as the former academic home of Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Alexander Wang.

Under New Direction, Parsons Puts Sustainability First

This month, the New York-based design school is welcoming a major new addition to its faculty: Burak Cakmak, who joins as dean of fashion. Selected from 200 applicants by the executive dean of Parsons, Joel Towers, this is Cakmak’s first foray into academia. Succeeding Simon Collins, who stepped down in December after a six year career, Cakmak will be responsible for overseeing a number of courses: the BFA in Fashion Design, AAS degree programs in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing, and the MFA in Fashion Design and Society.

Cakmak’s career in the fashion industry began at Gap Inc. in 2000, where he served as the senior manager of social responsibility for eight years. “When I was at Gap Inc., it was the largest specialty retailer in the world. Sustainable Development Overview. The World Bank Group integrates the principles of sustainable development into its work with clients across all sectors and regions.

Sustainable Development Overview

Those principles are also at the heart of the World Bank Group’s mission statement released in 2013 and are aligned with its overarching goals to end extreme poverty and promote share prosperity: Introducing Study 34, The Knitwear Brand Using Recycled Materials To Create High-End Sustainable Fashion. Two years ago, Eleanor O'Neill was working as a junior designer at a well-established Italian knitwear brand.

Introducing Study 34, The Knitwear Brand Using Recycled Materials To Create High-End Sustainable Fashion

At first, it seemed like the perfect job for the fashion-lover, who'd completed a degree in knitwear at Nottingham Trent University just a few years before. But O'Neill, from Yorkshire, soon found herself becoming dissatisfied with certain elements of the industry. "I felt like there was a lack of creativity everywhere, and on top of that, these massive companies didn't seem to know where their products were coming from," she tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle. "There was also so much waste that I started to get a little bit frustrated. " O'Neill left her job in 2014 and in March of this year, launched her own sustainable knitwear brand, Study 34.

Truth to Materials. HP – Case Studies. SustainAbility has worked with HP since 2002, when HP joined our Engaging Stakeholders program.

HP – Case Studies

Since then our work has expanded to support HP’s global citizenship strategy in numerous ways, including developing engagement strategies, obtaining and analyzing stakeholder inputs, providing executive briefings, developing competitive assessments and advising on HP’s environmental strategies. In 2006, HP identified the need to establish an ongoing dialogue at the corporate level with sustainability thought leaders, to better understand external perceptions of the issues critical to society and their business.

Together, HP and SustainAbility conceived, designed and launched HP’s Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC). The purpose of the SAC, which met quarterly, was to provide independent, expert advice to HP on current and emerging corporate citizenship issues, including climate change, labor conditions, electronic waste, human rights, access to technology, supply chain management and privacy. Nike Inc. – Case Studies. Since the late 1990s, SustainAbility has served as a trusted guide to NIKE, Inc. in its sustainability journey, including the development of its first corporate responsibility report (2001), the identification and analysis of key sustainability meta-trends (2007), the development of a “next generation” stakeholder engagement strategy (2010) and our work with Nike and other apparel brands to eliminate toxic discharge from their supply chains (2011 to 2013).

Our trends work was a key input into Nike’s sustainable innovation strategy, and was profiled in Nike’s FY10-11 sustainability report. A Peek into Phillip Lim's New York Loft. IKEA and Cotton. H&M on Conscious Materials. The Anya Hindmarch Service Station Pops Up At Selfridges London. Preceding her spring summer 2016 collection at London Fashion Week, the English fashion accessories designer has launched the Anya Hindmarch Service Station Pop-Up at Selfridges.

Drive up to the third-floor carpark of the Oxford Street department store to indulge in the fun experiences as well as shop from a range of motorway-inspired runway collection. Fashion Week hits New York, but what about the industry's toll on workers and the environment? A few years ago I was sitting at a meeting discussing the state of “ethical fashion” with a group of very influential fashionistas.