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Albert Ruiz Villar Mixed Media Collages. Body Anxiety and a new wave of digifeminist art. Jennifer Chan and Leah Schrager are two names you need to get familiar with.

Body Anxiety and a new wave of digifeminist art

The US-based new media artists have co-curated an all-female line-up of 21 artists – for the currently on show exhibition titled Body Anxiety – who use their own bodies in their works, while pioneering the newest forms of media: from online performance GIF art (see: May Waver and RAFia Santana) to web and digital art – alongside video, poetry and photography. The virtual exhibit demonstrates the plurality of views on the female body politic, on self-representation and on agency. It also shows that these art works emphatically need to be recognised by a male-saturated art world.

The artists are not united in their voice or aesthetic, but their collective force challenges gender stereotypes – particularly in undulating social space of the internet. The front of current of the wave of "digifeminist" artists, Body Anxiety puts two fingers up at the art world. What about men? Leah Schrager: What about men? Anger as the traditional african dashiki is declared "the newest it-item of n... Fashion companies have discovered their secret weapon: archives.

The Coach headquarters sit on the crest of a hill on West 34th Street amid the dust and construction noise of New York City’s massive Hudson Yards red redevelopment.

Fashion companies have discovered their secret weapon: archives

The building is the same midtown address that housed the brand’s original workshop when it launched in 1941 – Coach will begin rolling out its 75th anniversary offerings during fashion week this September – although its offices now occupy the whole building. Around back, an unmarked door leads to a tidy, hushed space stocked with meticulously organized handbags and billfolds, which will be an invaluable resource for the label as it heads into its next quarter century. Like many fashion companies trying to stand out in a luxury market increasingly fixated on authenticity, Coach has recognized that its rich history – and this in-house archive – is its secret weapon. Greeting me at the mini-museum’s discreet entrance is Jed Winokur, Coach’s senior archives manager.

Living in a Material WorldTrendland. Materials, ideas and processes are at the centre of every human endeavor; Matter is a new research studio and consultancy founded to explore the relationship between them.

Living in a Material WorldTrendland

Officially launching at One Good Deed Today, 73 Kingsland Road, London E2 on Tuesday 22 September, Matter is an online resource dedicated to shedding light on the often-hidden processes that drive the creative industry. The launch event, ‘Living in a Material World’ is a five-day exhibition exploring the relationship between materials, creativity and the sensory world, with each day playing host to a series of events themed around one of the five senses. Founded by artist and designer Seetal Solanki, Matter seeks to explore and celebrate the materials behind human experience, improve the common understanding of the creative process, and share the resultant insights with the world at large. Bulgarian born, Los Angeles raised – Ani is the Mini Boss of TrendLand. The Student Hotel: An Hotel + A Home in Amsterdam. The Student Hotel, with its three-pillar mantra of ‘comfort, convenience & community’, is the ideal home-away-from- home for students, interns, researchers and friends.

The Student Hotel: An Hotel + A Home in Amsterdam

Based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, with more locations to follow in Florence, Eindhoven, Groningen, these state-of-the-art accommodations offer guests modern,fully furnished rooms with large 40m2 shared kitchens, suites with private en-suite bathrooms and kitchen, quiet study places, lively social areas and most importantly, a safe environment with 24-hour security. Founder Charlie MacGregor best describes the concept as: “Boutique hotel meets student housing.” Brief: …,staat was asked to take the full creative lead in designing The Student Hotel brand. Concept: ‘The most inspiring time of your life.’

Interior & Exterior design To bring all these idea’s to life, …,staat chose a layered concept for the interior of The Student Hotel ground floor. & Fashion Illustrations with Food & Landscape Items.