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1. Green Dragon
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3. Phoenix Tears etc.

Dragon Lite.....another Tincture Thread. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. Marijuana Growers HQ – Decarboxylating Cannabis: Turning THCA into THC. The other day I was asked by an acquaintance why the tincture they were making had very little, if any, noticeable medicinal or psychoactive effect.

Marijuana Growers HQ – Decarboxylating Cannabis: Turning THCA into THC

They swore they followed the same process found in a book on making edibles and soaked the cannabis in high proof for weeks but the tincture just didn’t work. The answer was simple but one that many in the cannabis industry don’t understand. One very important and necessary extra step had been overlooked. Cannabis used to make tinctures as well as other edible cannabis products requires decarboxylation. From asking around I have a feeling a lot of you just blurted out “Say What?” So here is the deal. Research suggests THCA has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects but does not produce the psychoactive effect that make you feel “high”.

Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide (CO2). The good news is we don’t have to wait years for cannabis to decarboxylate. Setting Up The Experiment. Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it. The CBD Critical Cure I grew was a photoperiod strain Sam.

Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

Might be available in auto now though. I've run it three times, mostly to get rid of the beans and get some CBD the last two times. P'Sam Projects - P'Sam's Green Dragon Tutorial. Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it. SMF, I've been using high CBD strains for a few years and I can share my experience if it will help.

Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

I've used 2 different strains, and I have a third growing. I've used Cannatonic and CBD Critical Cure, both hybrids. I had my Critical Cure tested, and it was about 8 mg CBD, 6 mg THC. I'm currently growing CBD Critical Mass, three plants from seed, and I'm hoping for a 50/50 mix with at least 10% of each if I can find it. The higher the better. Click to expand... QWET Extraction With Ethanol. Quick Wash Ethanol, also know as QWET is one of the techniques commonly employed to extract oil from cannabis.

QWET Extraction With Ethanol

Here is skunk pharm’s QWET formula to produce an absolute using a 3 minute quick wash. As most of our extracted oil goes into oral meds, we also decarboxylate ours. This process is based on the 252F curve shown in the attached graph. The first question is why use a quick wash technique to extract the resins, instead of long soaks to extract as much resin as possible, or just boiling the material in alcohol to get the greatest amount of extracted material? The answer to that is that because alcohol is a polar solvent that is soluble in water, the latter two techniques also extract the water solubles like chlorophyll and plant alkaloids, as well as the plant waxes and vegetable oil. Even quick wash does to a lesser degree, but the added steps that we include here minimize pickup even further and we take additional steps to remove the impurities that we do pick up. West coasters, try. [MEGA] The green dragon thread- alcohol extracts and tinctures - Page 2.

For one, Iso or methyl alcohol can make you go blind, this isnt a myth :P Rather not have to hear about how you learned to type with brail.

[MEGA] The green dragon thread- alcohol extracts and tinctures - Page 2

Using Iso is dangerous no matter the content. Interactions will vary from one person to the next.1. Chop cannabis very fine (coffee grinder works great) for an oven the bud does not have to be completly dry though it is highly suggested. For the microwave it must be dry.2. Place in a shallow flat pan, (I prefer a sheet of aluminum foil directly on the rack. pans = mass = longer cookin times) and bake at 325°F for 4-5 minutes. Oral use - has anyone heard of this? Cannabis / THC Tincture. How much Pot is enough?

Cannabis / THC Tincture

Is there EVER enough? Eating Pot-infused Brownies is the wayI am most familiar with the Dosing requirements, and length of effect. I have, however, drank Tincture a time or two. With Brownies, you have to eat about 3 times as much Pot as you would smoke. This makes for a beautiful time, because it lasts a Good, Long time. OK, polloloco, now to your math problem.

If the Pot is mid-to-good Grade, you can follow this recipe. With drinking Tincture, the effects do not last a full 10 hours (like Brownies). Cannabis / THC Tincture - Page 2. Moonshine: It makes a good Tincture.

Cannabis / THC Tincture - Page 2

Amblerg has a couple of Tincture questions: "swim has ... 4 grams high quality cannabis buds and [mixed into] 4.5 ounces of moonshine [Standard Tincture strength]. the moonshine ... is unbearable to drink. swim plans to let this mixture sit ... for at least 30 days to have optimum effects. the only problem swim seems faced with is the potency of the alcohol. " "swim was wondering if [1] mixing the tincture/green dragon with a soft drink ... would in any way effect the psychoactivity.

" Phoenix Tears. Chef Blaine Alexandr from My 420 Tours takes you through the creation of Phoenix Tears, a cannabis tincture made with grain alcohol.

Phoenix Tears

Ingredients 2 sturdy, heatproof glass jars with lids (i.e. Mason jars) 1 small jar Large coffee filter Electric Stove - NOT gas! Large pot Water Wooden pestle Grain alcohol (enough to cover the ground weed, plus an inch).