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View topic - Doom II 3D Models by Pelle123. -Yeah, I get now the whole 'no model' thing.

View topic - Doom II 3D Models by Pelle123

I guess you just wanted some TRUE models. WELL PELLE, THIS LOOKS SO FAR LIKE THE MOST TRUE MODEL I'VE EVER DAMN SEEN -At the moment I think the horn looks fine, maybe a little changed like Replica said, but I like it already. -Also, it'd be awesome if some were done, maybe even if this stuff could be placed in FDRP. But that's ONLY because I like it, I'm not saying anything really. -FINALLY: Please export a .obj when finished, I'd like to help animate, as well as texture the Demon, and well, I can make variations, for coolness This is talking way ahead of time, but HONESTLY, it seems you have some MAJOR modelling skills! I hope you at least finish the Demon. -1 Last thing: When done, place him in a "KF" pose, also known as the "Skin" pose... it's basically like this: You have to place him/her/it in this pose to Properly and most accurately place a skeletal structure inside him for animations. And... View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released.

Hey, thx for criticism, it will help to improve.

View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released

Regarding constant changes - this is still evolving, i am listening to feedback and ant the same time i am testin each versions of sprites in the game. Previous fdaces looked batter here on stil picture and in that scale. When shrinked down eyes started to look weird and other weird things poped up. also angled versions looked weird when shrinked. Sunder - Updated with new maps! Huzzah! - Doomworld Forums. What this WAD is about : The wad currently contains 10 fiercly difficult maps to test the skills of even some of the most hard-core doomers out there.

Sunder - Updated with new maps! Huzzah! - Doomworld Forums

You have been warned :) There is no coop, dm or difficulty support. (I may add difficulties depending on how popular they are in a map set like this - though how many players play 'slaughter maps' on anything but skill 3/4? :P) View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released. iLikeTheUDK wrote:Too dark.

View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released

You should probably use the Cyberdemon as seen on the Doom 2 cover for a more accurate reference... Besides being too dark... View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released. Hey Sergeant_Mark_IV,you made BrutalDoom, right?

View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released

Anyways, i have to say that Brutal Doom was the sole reason why i started to think about hi res sprites. I just keep playing this modits basically better and gives way more satisfaction than many modern games (my favourite L4D2 including).I started to think how good would all the gibs look like i hi -res, how nice it would be to do headshots when you actually can see head instead of group of pixels , etc.

Now, your modifications are simply AMAZING. adding more shodows gave the imp look similiar to what ID software did in DoomRPG, without making it "goofy".Could you let me know what software you have used? Tommorow Ill put your enhanced IMP into game and do some in - gmae screenshots When it comes to detail I prefer sprite without inner glow, its closer to orginal. Doom 8x Sprite Project v0.3 addon. I found that there might be useful method for making HD sprites for ZDoom.

Doom 8x Sprite Project v0.3 addon

I am using program called SpriteBomb to get 4 time VECTOR SCALED sprites, this automatically adds pixels and smoothens interiors and edges, and then using GIMP I can add some HD elements to that sprite. read more + The added HD elemnts are mainly base don artwork to be fouind on internet or md2 models. So before ill publish it ill have to get authors permission!!! Its fairly easy and fast to make it so I made ALL animations of IMP, shotgun guy, zombieman and demon. I dont know if it makes any sense to continue my work if anyone is interested in help etc... just let me know what you think ..

PS dont look at pictures below as they are old versions look starting from page 15. Doom Hi-res Texture Pack. Cyber Demon for sale - Doomworld Forums. Doom Sprites. Cyber Demon. Scorch109 - Brutal Doom + Sunder WAD with J.Norad, Day 2. Video Description At an astonishing 1 frame per 10 seconds.

Scorch109 - Brutal Doom + Sunder WAD with J.Norad, Day 2

Date Recorded Close popout to restore video. Two different broadcasters. Tons of games. DooM Cyberdemon sculpt by elgambitero. "Half unfeeling machine, half raging horned devil.

DooM Cyberdemon sculpt by elgambitero

This walking nightmare has a rocket launcher for an arm and will definitely reach out and touch you. " I haven't heard nothing about Doom here in Thingiverse, but there has to be someone who faced this thing at least once! Where are all the Doom fans? This was my first attempt on making something with Sculptris, and at cutting abstract geometries to make them printable, so this is the result. It was modelled in Sculptris, looking at the game sprites; posed, corrected, and cut in Blender, and repaired with NetFabb Basic.

This is a High Poly model, so if Slic3r takes 5 minutes to slice it don't worry. By the time being, it doesn't stand on its feet, unless you put a piece of paper on its left hoof. The blender file with armature for posing is not provided by now because it is 150MB big, and I don't know if the server can bear it. Demon 3d model WIP - New Doom Forums. View topic - Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 released.