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Blazing fast node.js: 10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile. Blazing fast node.js: 10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile. Des développeurs libèrent le code source d’un jeu mobile en HTML5, et mettent en lumière les défis. Inspiré par le buzz autour de l’HTML5, le studio de développement de jeu Wooga, a récemment tenté de créer un jeu mobile complet avec les technologies Web basées sur des normes.

Des développeurs libèrent le code source d’un jeu mobile en HTML5, et mettent en lumière les défis

Pour partager les résultats de leur l’expérience durant l’année de développement, la société a publié le code source du jeu sur GitHub en vertu d’une licence de logiciel Open Source. Wooga a également publié un article sur son blog, dans lequel il décrit quelques-unes des leçons que les développeurs de la société ont retirées à travers cette expérience de développement. La société voit un potentiel considérable en matière de jeu HTML5, mais indique que la technologie n’est pas tout à fait prête. Wooga publie le code source avec l’espoir qu’il contribuera à faire grandir la connaissance dans le coeur de la communauté du développement Web. Comme je l’avais signalé plus tôt cette année, Mozilla et Google ont tous deux pris un vif intérêt dans leur navigateur respectif en basant ce dernier sur les jeux.

JS Game engines

Examples and demos · bartaz/impress.js Wiki. Breakpoints.js - XOXCO - Web and Community Development. Introduction to Backbone.js Part 5: AJAX – Video Tutorial. Hovercard - a jQuery plugin with built in Twitter and Facebook cards. Hover over the red text to see the hovercard in action: jQuery is a cross-browser JS library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

Hovercard - a jQuery plugin with built in Twitter and Facebook cards

It was released in January of 2006 by. JSTweener – CodeRepos. 8 Amazing Javascript Experiments of Physic and Gravity Simulation. Working with Paper.js. Paper.js offers different approaches for its integration in the browser.

Working with Paper.js

The simplest way is to use PaperScript, our extension of JavaScript that facilitates a few things along the way. For more advances users or bigger projects it might be preferable to work directly with JavaScript, as described in the tutorial about Using JavaScript Directly. What is PaperScript? PaperScript is the plain old JavaScript that you are used to, with added support of mathematical operators (+ - * / %) for Point and Size objects.

PaperScript code is automatically executed in its own scope that without polluting with the global scope still has access to all the global browser objects and functions, such as document or window. By default, the Paper.js library only exports one object into the global scope: the paper object. PaperScript also offers automatic creation of Project, View and mouse Tool objects, and simplifies the installation of event handlers for these. Script Configuration Please note: Login - jsFiddle - Online Editor for the Web (JavaScript, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS) JSTweener – CodeRepos. News Analytics: Analytic Tools for Quantitative Finance, Business & More - Recorded Future. Get started with object-oriented JavaScript code.

The JavaScript language includes several built-in objects, such as Array, String, and Date, to name a few.

Get started with object-oriented JavaScript code

But, if there are custom functions that you want to create, you can create your own custom objects using one of the available methods. 40 Useful JavaScript Libraries. Dashcode Invader: Using Dashcode To Create A Game. In this tutorial, we will continue building a simple space-invader type game.

Dashcode Invader: Using Dashcode To Create A Game

We will be continuing from the tutorial presented in Part1 at however, we are making some major changes, and I’ll explain why. The first change has to do with restructuring the CSS code so that most of the objects within the game are nested inside a div element. JS. How to Scrape Web Pages with Node.js and jQuery. Node.js is growing rapidly; one of the biggest reasons for this is thanks to the developers who create amazing tools that significantly improve productivity with Node.

How to Scrape Web Pages with Node.js and jQuery

In this article, we will go through the basic installation of Express, a development framework, and creating a basic project with it. What We're Going to Build Today Node is similar in design to, and influenced by, systems like Ruby's Event Machine or Python's Twisted. Node takes the event model a bit further - it presents the event loop as a language construct instead of as a library. Creating a basic site with node.js and Express. Visionmedia/jade - GitHub. A Simple MVC Setup In Node.JS. I’m sure many of you have heard about the new server side javascript project called node.js.

A Simple MVC Setup In Node.JS

I’ve been using myself to build full stack dynamic websites and find it a very nice environment to create a dynamic website. When I first started out I had no idea what sort of way one should create an MVC style framework with node or what modules would help me to achieve the model, view, controller ideal. Heres my stack: Force-Directed Graph. This simple force-directed graph shows character co-occurence in . A physical simulation of charged particles and springs places related characters in closer proximity, while unrelated characters are farther apart. Layout algorithm inspired by Tim Dwyer and Thomas Jakobsen . Data based on character coappearence in Victor Hugo’s , compiled by Donald Knuth .

YUI+YQL Twitter example - jsFiddle - Online Editor for the Web (JavaScript, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS) Closure Library API Documentation (Closure Library API Documentation - JavaScript) d3.js. JSFIDDLE. 10 Impressive JavaScript Animation Frameworks. Complex and slick JavaScript-based animation has been made easier with the emergence of frameworks and libraries that give developers the ability to create stunning and eye-grabbing animation and transition effects that make it easy these complex tasks.

10 Impressive JavaScript Animation Frameworks

In this article, you will read about the top 10 JavaScript-based animation frameworks and libraries that will enable you to create engaging and captivating user experiences. $fx - JavaScript animation library. Processing.js. Processing.js. Plovr. Xib2Js « Frog on Mobile. Xib2Js for Titanium Mobile is Mac OSX application to convert the .xib file to the JavaScript codes.

And TiMock is Titanium Mobile Application to communicate with xib2js and render the code to it’s screen. Build your UI with Xcode and just drag and drop the .xib file to the xib2js then the JavaScript code will be automatically generated. Then execute TiMock on your device or simulator and it will communicate with xib2js, so you can check how your UI looks like on actual device. The .xib parser is not good enough to generate the whole things perfectly so please do not expect too much but it will be much more easy to start creating Titanium application rather than writing the JavaScript code from scratch.

Please download from the following and give your feedback via twitter about this application. Lessons learned porting from jQuery to Closure. Jquery. 20+ Useful jQuery Google Maps Tutorials and Plugins. jQuery Google maps has become extremely popular among the internet users primarily for its easy-to-use techniques those are needed to locate a particular position on the world map.

20+ Useful jQuery Google Maps Tutorials and Plugins

Let us discuss some of the tutorials, resources as well as plugins of jQuery Google maps. There are plugins available which are used to include the longitude, latitude as well as text (for the name of a particular place) on the Google maps. In order to do that the user needs to reserve or book an API key available online. If any user wants to add Google maps to his website, jQuery plugin are used. However, these plugins can be used to make the webpage free from any unnecessary feature in order to make the page look sleek and tidy. You just need to click on these markers the user will get options of tiny maps displayed on the screen. Category:String similarity measures. Node.js. Tutorials: Aptana Jaxer. JSON in JavaScript. JavaScript is a general purpose programming language that was introduced as the page scripting language for Netscape Navigator.

JSON in JavaScript

It is still widely believed to be a subset of Java, but it is not. It is a Scheme-like language with C-like syntax and soft objects. JavaScript was standardized in the ECMAScript Language Specification, Third Edition. JSON is a subset of the object literal notation of JavaScript. Since JSON is a subset of JavaScript, it can be used in the language with no muss or fuss. In this example, an object is created containing a single member "bindings", which contains an array containing three objects, each containing "ircEvent", "method", and "regex" members. Scripty2 - Puzzles. JS.