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Concerned with efforts to relieve poverty and charitable act I am a subject-matter expert and frequent speaker on various topics in the humanitarian and development sector, including the impact of Islamophobia on refugees and migrants and the intersection of faith and humanitarian relief. I am passionate about assisting community-based non-profits achieve their mission. I have been recognized with numerous awards including Teaching and Excellence Awards.

Muslim Women’s Day 2021. Muslim women blaze trails and make their mark on the world Today, IRUSA would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation to Muslim women around the world and right here at home.

Muslim Women’s Day 2021

The contributions to our communities, support to those facing trials, and humanitarian spirit they embody is immeasurable. We are safe in saying that the future is in overly capable hands with the game-changing Muslim women we have leading the charge on multiple fronts. Today we would like to highlight 4 Muslim women who are making their mark on the world. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Najah Bazzy, RN, PhD Najah Bazzy, RN, PhD is an internationally recognized healer, humanitarian and interfaith leader who left a six-figure salary as a critical-care nurse to build Zaman International. Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, Najah earned her nursing degree from Madonna University and specialized over the past three decades in critical care and transcultural nursing. Banking on Food Security. Islamic Relief USA, Food Bank of Delaware Remain Committed to Reducing Food Insecurity During Pandemic By: Syed Hassan Powerful Partnerships Our friends at the Food Bank of Delaware have been very busy lately.

Banking on Food Security

Hunger in Yemen. Food shortages still a challenge When President Anwar Khan said with all his heart, “They asked me when I was coming back.

Hunger in Yemen

Yemeni hospitality is amazing, Mashallah. I am not sure, but if I am needed I would love to come back. Yemen Donation. Today We Focus on Yemen Called the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” in Yemen, more than 20 million people are at risk for famine, and aid agencies are desperately funneling as much aid as possible to at-risk families.

Yemen Donation

While one of the Earth’s oldest inhabited areas, Yemen is also one of the Arab world’s poorest and least developed countries. Child malnutrition rates are among the world’s highest: around half of all Yemeni children under 5 years old are stunted. And now, with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), hospital and health facilities across the country are scrambling to find medical supplies to help those infected and to stop the others from contracting it.

 Vaccination Programmes. No Health Care Access can Mean the Difference between Life and Death Proper healthcare systems are still unattainable luxuries in some regions of the world.

 Vaccination Programmes

But preventing illness is not the only challenge. Once an individual becomes ill, access to health care varies widely: poor populations tend to have less access to health care. Poor children live much shorter lives than children from wealthy families, in part due to inadequate health care. A boy who was born in 2012 in a high-income country can expect to live 75.8 years—more than 15 years longer than a boy born in a low-income country. Donations For Women. “If You Educate a Woman, You Educate a Nation.”

Donations For Women

Whether it be conflict zones, displacement camps, or impoverished communities, a constant remains: When living conditions worsen for entire communities, they worsen at even higher rates for women. In destitute circumstances, many women are left widowed, making them the sole providers for their children and families. Their hardships are made even more severe given a limited female presence in the labor market coupled with limited education and work experience.

Over 2.7 billion women around the world are legally restricted from having the same jobs as men. (World Bank, 2018)80% of the time, women and girls are responsible for collecting water when access to water in their communities is limited. Water Sanitation Provide. Water is Life Water is the key to all life: Nearly every single living organism needs water to survive.

Water Sanitation Provide

Yet across the globe, ONE IN EVERY NINE people do not have access to clean water. Help Vulnerable Children. Join the thousands of dedicated, caring humanitarians who are caring for orphans today!

Help Vulnerable Children

In Gaza, Palestine, our donors’ support focuses on education and vocational training, along with monthly financial support. For just over $2/day ($800/year), you can give an orphan and her entire family tools they can use to thrive — for life! In our Bangladesh program, all of the school-age orphans are attending school, and all of their guardians — often widowed mothers — have received training and started businesses so they can support their children on their own. This gives them the incredible gift of self-sufficiency. Local staff report that many of them are breaking free of the cycle of poverty. Of course, every country is different, and, sometimes, programs for orphans are customized to meet particular conditions. Give Sadaqah Online - Islamic Relief USA. Disaster Relief Volunteer. Islamic Relief Winter Aid. Winter can make or break survival for any of us.

Islamic Relief Winter Aid

And for our vulnerable sisters and brothers—those already suffering from poverty, displaced from their homes, with no warm clothes, food, or water—the freezing temperatures add another battle they have to fight to survive. They suddenly have to make decisions that pit whether to eat or whether to get heating fuel against each other. Donate to Palestine. COVID-19 Affects Grip Gaza Communities in Gaza are suffering even more from supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19.

Donate to Palestine

Islamic Relief is working alongside community partners to ensure that families have necessities to be able to survive this winter. By implementing programs such as emergency food projects, water system development, and livelihood training for vulnerable women, IRUSA helps the Palestinian people to progress. Fighting to Survive for Nearly a Century.  Vaccination Programmes. Refugee Donations. 25.5 Million of our Sisters and Brothers Worldwide are Refugees “Nearly one person is forcibly displaced every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution,” according to UNHCR. Whether forced from home because of violence, poverty, disaster—the decision to leave the familiar and leave everything behind in the hopes of finding relief is an utterly difficult and painful one. Refugees leave their homes and their entire livelihoods behind because not doing so isn’t an option. They don’t ask to leave; the decision is forced. Islamic Relief Winter Aid. Islamic Relief USA. Islamic Giving Ramadan Qurbani Udhiyah.

Sadaqah Jariyah – Islamic Relief USA. Eyes on Yemen: Preventing a compounded Crisis – Relief Lab. COVID-19 looms over Yemen As we in the Western world grapple with the realities of just how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives. It can be easy to overlook the fact that we may have access to resources that lessen its impact. Some of us have seen this pandemic out, safe in the knowledge that we are protected by a functioning health care system as well as other vital services.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for countless brothers and sisters all over the world. In particular, at this point in time, for brothers and sisters in Yemen. Facing reality. Islamic Relief USA. Donations For Women. Help Vulnerable Children. The Campaign isn’t about Water, It’s about Life – Relief Lab. Water projects take center stage in preserving life Water is a gift from Allah, a blessing for all of us, every man, woman and child.

A form of sustenance that allows us to stay hydrated, and healthy. Our Fight Against Global Floods – Relief Lab. Multiple Regions around the are experiencing catastrophic flooding. Flooding like so many natural disasters rearranges lives violently. It can turn an evening into the most devastating experience of our time on earth. And it can turn the morning into a seemingly never-ending nightmare. Hundreds of thousands of people in Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have been displaced due to massive floods caused by torrential rains. The floods have consumed thousands of homes altogether and even taken the lives of community members. Until We All Win – Relief Lab. Awards & Accreditation. In 1993, Islamic Relief USA became an independent (and legally separate) member of a global family of collaborating relief organizations that share a common vision, mission and family identity—connected through the use of the “Islamic Relief” name.

YOUR DONATIONS ARE IN SAFE HANDS. Water Sanitation Provide. Lebanon Blasts Shake Thousands – Relief Lab. The city of Beirut experiences an earthquake level explosion taking hundreds of lives. Islamic Relief USA. A Hospitable People With Needs of Their Own, including Fighting Impending Famine Lebanon, once prosperous, was hobbled by a 15-year civil war that cut its national output in half. After the war ended in 1990, Lebanon rebuilt much of its infrastructure, but political instability continued to take a heavy toll through 2008. A period of relative stability and a subsequent revival in tourism helped the country grow economically, and unemployment is a low 6.4%.

Still, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people are unable to meet their basic needs — about 27% live below the national poverty line. The north of Lebanon has been most severely strained by an influx of refugees crossing the border from Syria due to the ongoing crisis there. 1.5 million Syrian refugees have now been registered in Lebanon—a country whose own population does not exceed 4.4. million. Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Lebanon.

EID PRAYER: THE DO’S AND DON’TS IN LOCKDOWN – Relief Lab. More Ways to Sacrifice this Season – Relief Lab. Easy methods to serve for the blessed second Eid. For this Eid, Gratitude Means Everything – Relief Lab. A reflection on the bounties Eid Al-Adha reminds us of. From Farm to Family: Your Qurbani is an Act of Love – Relief Lab. Islamic Relief USA. Islamic Relief USA. On World Refugee Day, Every Story Matters – Relief Lab. Refugee Donations. A Global Crisis Means A Global Response – Relief Lab. Coronavirus Emergency Effort.