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A New Online Islamic Tool. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah, Māshā'Allāh, I was very recently informed of a major contribution to the online Islamic search tools.

A New Online Islamic Tool

A brother at MIT has been working on this project for the past couple of years, and now, it is finally up, alhamdulillaah. The website ( is an online Qur'an, but it is much more than that too. When you click on a surah, in addition to the Arabic aayaat, the English translations, and introduction (the translation and introduction done the same way as on the USC website), you also get a transliteration of each verse and an Arabic jpeg of each verse, for easy reading. But that is not at all the amazing part… what is amazing is that you can click on each Arabic word in an aayah and you get the following information: 1. I am not sure if something similar to this has been done before, so if anyone knows of anything like this, please inform inshā'Allāh. Inshā'Allāh the website can bring Muslims much benefit.

Wassalaam. Reformatting of word for word Quran online - suggestions needed. Peace Brother Wakas, As far as I can tell, the two biggest issues are that the Surahs are indexed by name only and not by Surah number and there is a lack of English numbering in the verses. I am envisioning them including the surah number along side the surah name and thus facilitating the use of the work for a much wider audience.

So there table of contents should be along the lines of: Surah 1 - Al Fatiha Surah 2 - Al Baqarah Surah 3 - 'Alay Imran Surah 4 - AnNisaa Surah 5 - Al Maida, etc. This will make it much easier for those who go by surah names as well as those who go by surah numbers (such as myself). Projects for 2008. Salam all, There are a number of projects being worked on by various people.

Projects for 2008

This thread is to compare notes of ongoing projects. The FM website will be undertaking the following for 2008 (unless God wills otherwise): 1. The Message - UK/Europe Print The English translation of the Quran that is available on this site and has been available for sale through Amazon is being worked on with printers in the UK to print and distribute for the UK/Europe market. 2.

This is exactly the same as project # 1 listed above except that it is being done through a US printer. 3. This project has been completed in its electronic phase by the efforts of brother Al who has done a magnificent job. 4. For other works going on in 2008, please use this thread to make announcements. Learning Quran with Arabic word roots and meanings.

The best among you are those who learn Quran and teach it. - Saying of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace One of the best way to learn The Quran is to understand the arabic with its words' root meanings.

Learning Quran with Arabic word roots and meanings

Quran having multiple layers of meanings, is close to impossible to translate while doing justice to its beauty and eloquence. Some Arabic terms are difficult to translate and don't have close English language equivalents. For the non-Arabic speaking people (like me) who have always wanted to understand the meaning and beauty of Quran was looking to learn the Quranic Arabic with its root meaning. It helps on a number of ground. Its easier to remember the words as one root will enable you to know meanings of many words which come from the same source. For example (credit), the root k-t-b has the basic meaning of marking, inscribing or writing.

Kataba - he wrotekatabû - they wrotekatabat - she wrotekatabnâ - we wrote [>] The home page of Text in Motion. Learning Quran Vocublary, Learn Quran Word by Word. Understand Quran - The Easy Way. Quran Word for Word, Arabic to English for Mobile Phones « Guide. We realize how important it is for us to keep moving on and keep looking for newer and better opportunities for our fellow muslims.

Quran Word for Word, Arabic to English for Mobile Phones « Guide

With that thought in mind, the Jobsite has been released in order to provide employers and job-seekers a platform to find each other easily. This is just the begining and we need your help to give this new project some life. Please come forward, add your CVs and inshAllah soon good opportunities would be knocking at your door. to With this great blessed month and a lot of anticipation comes great news for everyone! We’ve Alhamdulillah finished working on our most challenging project: Qurn Word for Word in Arabic and English for Mobile Phones! You can now Read the Quran with Word for Word Arabic to its English Translation, available on Java-enabled phones, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, Blackberry devices and Symbian OS. Ever wished to learn the Quranic Arabic but didn’t have the time?

Your search is over! Click here to download NOW! Like this: Like Loading... Message of Islam.