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Simple IR proximity sensor with Arduino. Studiona. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations, documents, infographics. Rainy Cafe: Ambient White Noise Generator. 雨のカフェ. 'SDR' on SlideShare. Watch Free Science Documentaries Online at


Untitled. Index of /~jstiles/723/handouts. Index of /~jstiles/723/handouts. Untitled. The Universal Handset. You can understand how MIMO works, at least in broad terms, with a simple thought experiment.

The Universal Handset

Suppose you set up a transmitter with a single antenna and then move a receiver, also with a single antenna, far enough away for the reception to fade in and out once in a while. Such problems arise because the transmitted signal takes multiple routes to the receiver—some of it perhaps bouncing off a passing car, other parts reflecting off the steel beams of the building where the receiver is located. Winner: Radio Revolutionaries.

Illustration: Sean Mccabe; Original Photo: Joshua Dalsimer Vanu Bose, founder, and John Chapin, CTO, of Vanu Inc.

Winner: Radio Revolutionaries

Software-defined radio is one of those promising but elusive ideas that’s been anticipated for quite some time. The concept is elegantly simple: get rid of the specialized electronics used to process radio signals and instead do everything with software. The result, we’ve been promised, will be a universal wireless device that can seamlessly handle a range of frequencies, modulation techniques, and encoding schemes. Just as the personal computer replaced the typewriter, the adding machine, and even the telephone, so too will a software radio one day replace your cellphone, Blackberry, and any other wireless device you may happen to use. A cellphone based on software-defined radio would be lighter, smaller, cheaper, and more power efficient. We aren’t there yet, but software-defined radio is definitely coming. FREE ENGINEERING RESEARCH PAPERS-ENGPAPER.COM. Untitled. 10 of the Most incredible Open Source Hardware projects born in 2013.

Giveaway of the Day in French. Today: Tipard MP4 Video Converter 7.1.50 - Tipard MP4 Video Converter a été conçu pour convertir de nombreux fichiers vidéo aux formats MP4 à des fins de ... The 6 Best Software Suites for Startup Businesses. This is a guest post by JT Ripton, a freelance writer and an aspiring entrepreneur.

The 6 Best Software Suites for Startup Businesses

Running a start-up business isn’t easy, it is rewarding, encouraging and satisfying but it can also be the most frustrating period of your business’s lifespan, however you can make things run a little smoother using these 6 business software suites. 1. Sales Cloud: The Best Way to Stay Connected With Your Clients Sales Cloud is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It lets your business store customer information including their contact information, marketing profile, and sales. 2. Manage your business finances with QuickBooks, the accounting software for businesses. 3. With the LogMeIn software you can work on your work computer form literally anywhere. عن التعلّم والأفكار الفعالة، وأشياء جميلة أخرى. Basics of Software Defined Radio, Part 1. LinkedIn.

الاختراعات للعرب. USB in a NutShell - Chapter 1 - Introduction. Starting out new with USB can be quite daunting.

USB in a NutShell - Chapter 1 - Introduction

With the USB 2.0 specification at 650 pages one could easily be put off just by the sheer size of the standard. This is only the beginning of a long list of associated standards for USB. There are USB Class Standards such as the HID Class Specification which details the common operation of devices (keyboards, mice etc) falling under the HID (Human Interface Devices) Class - only another 97 pages. If you are designing a USB Host, then you have three Host Controller Interface Standards to choose from. None of these are detailed in the USB 2.0 Spec. The good news is you don’t even need to bother reading the entire USB standard. So now we can begin to read the parts of the standard relevant to our needs. 4 - Architectural Overview 5 - USB Data Flow Model 9 - USB Device Frame Work, and 10 - USB Host Hardware and Software.

Peripheral hardware (Electronics) designers on the other hand may only need to read chapters, الرئيسية - مترجم. Untitled. في هذه الحلقة:كيف يستطيع المخلوق الانطربرونوري أن ينتج كميات كبيرة من الأفكار ونوعية الأفكار المنتجة عن البرنامج:قامت خرابيش بإنتاج مسلسل كرتوني يتحدث عن القصص التي يتعرض لها أصحاب الشركات الناشئة (entrepreneur) بأسلوب كوميدي فكاهي.


وقد تم عرض هذا الفيلم في افتتاح ميدان التي تعنى باحتضان الأفكار الإبداعية للشباب وتطويرها إلى شركات ناجحة و"ومضة" هي منصة للرياديين أقامتها أبراج كابيتال وشركة ريادة لتطوير المشاريع (RED) من أجل تسهيل ريادة الأعمال في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا وجنوب آسيا. Electronics Projects Circuits. فيس بوك. برمجة معالجات avr. مشروع راشد القطيني. DIY Electronics.