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Tips to Boost Senior Memory. Like all things that a person wishes to retain (muscle mass or a certain skill) memory needs to be taken care of and used.

Tips to Boost Senior Memory

Helpful Tips to Keep Seniors Safe During the Holidays. The holiday season is the best time for families to spend quality time together.

Helpful Tips to Keep Seniors Safe During the Holidays

However, the holidays can also be too stressful, hectic, and daunting for your aging loved ones. To help keep them safe and engaged during the holidays, our adult day care in Santa Ana, California listed some caregiving tips for you. Prevent falls at home.If you put up holiday decorations, make sure they won’t fall over. You should also inspect the lights and electrical cords to ensure they are working properly. Share your holiday plans.Prepare your elderly loved ones for gatherings and social events by sharing your plans ahead of time, especially if they have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Tips to Improve Cognitive Health in Seniors. It is important for seniors to be physically, socially, and mentally active to keep their cognitive health sharp.

Tips to Improve Cognitive Health in Seniors

At ABC Westminster Day Health Center, we provide numerous senior care services to prevent cognitive decline among our senior clients. Here are some of the activities and services our registered nurses offer to improve the cognitive health of our seniors: Eating healthy foods.As a reliable senior care center in Westminster, California, we make sure to serve food that can boost a senior’s brain health. This is why we have nutritional counseling to promote healthy eating. Being physically active.An active body is critical to maintaining a sharp mind. Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Seniors.

Fine motor skills are important to perform daily activities, such as buttoning your shirt, opening jars, and unlocking doors.

Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Seniors

As you age, these skills may start to deteriorate, which causes obstacles in living an independent life. At ABC Westminster Day Health Center, a provider of quality adult day care in Santa Ana, California, our goal is to help seniors live a safe, dignified, and independent life. This is why we’ve listed five simple activities you can do to strengthen your fine motor skills. However, before beginning any of these activities, make sure to consult your doctor. There are instances that seniors need the assistance of registered nurses or caregivers when doing these activities.

How Aging Adults Can Benefit From Adult Day Care. A lot of families face the struggle of finding ways to ascertain that their aging loved ones receive care and assistance while managing other life priorities at the same time.

How Aging Adults Can Benefit From Adult Day Care

How Adult Day Care Centers Benefit a Family. You may wonder how adult day care centers provide care and respite solutions to families.

How Adult Day Care Centers Benefit a Family

For starters, they help family caregivers get their much-needed rest from their caregiving responsibilities. They also offer senior adults with health-beneficial opportunities to socialize with their peers. Choosing the Best Option. Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors. As we grow older, the changes in our bodies become more and more significant.

Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

Caring for Senior’s Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic. The past few months have been challenging for everyone.

Caring for Senior’s Mental Health Amidst the Pandemic

There is instability in the economy and the medical system; everyone is affected. Ways to Improve Walking and Balancing for Seniors. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a sense of balance prevent you from complicating medical conditions, and vision problems.

Ways to Improve Walking and Balancing for Seniors

It also leads to being prone to trips and falls, which affect the way seniors fulfill their daily activities. What organization should you call for improving walking and balancing? How Adult Day Care Benefits Seniors With Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that affects an individual’s thinking and memory skills, affecting their ability to carry out everyday tasks.

How Adult Day Care Benefits Seniors With Alzheimer’s Disease

The onset of Alzheimer’s can be a stressful experience for both the individual and their family. This is why we at ABC Westminster Day Health Center recommend joining a senior care center in Westminster, California to ensure your loved one’s needs are met. Here are its benefits: Health care and personal care services.Adult daycare centers often provide personal care services in addition to health care. This may include incontinence care, bathing, eating, and assistance with other daily living activities. What You Need to Know About Sundowning Syndrome. Are you taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s? Have you ever noticed big changes on how they act on late afternoons or early evenings? Doctors identify such symptoms as Sundowning Syndrome. Statistics show that up to 1 out of 5 Alzheimer’s patients get Sundowning Syndrome. However, this condition can also happen even to older people without dementia.

Key Differences Between Yoga and Pilates. Getting older is not an excuse to try out new types of exercises. However, there is no denying that with the wisdom, maturity, perspective, and experience gained from aging comes several health challenges. It becomes harder to shed off those extra pounds. If you love adventure or some sorts, why not try yoga?

If you have had attended one and are now regularly attending such sessions, keep it up. You might have also heard and done Pilates stunts thinking it’s the same thing with yoga. Their Varying Histories Yoga is a sacred tradition that sprouted in India some 5000 years ago that aims to connect the individual consciousness to the universal blissful consciousness. Interested in trying both? Pain-Free Travel Tips for Those with Arthritis. Arthritis has been the leading cause of mobility problems among adults in the U.S. It’s impact on individuals is far greater than most people realize. Fun Hobbies for Seniors. The adage, “You cannot teach an old dog a new trick,” is a sweeping statement. No matter the age, you and your senior loved ones can acquire new hobbies that can turn to a new skill set of talents.

There are many fun and cheap hobbies you can try. Whether you are trying to save your money or just want to get out of a boring routine, an adult day health care in Santa Ana, California suggests a few low-cost yet exciting hobbies you might have already stopped doing or have never considered before. Through ABC Westminster Day Health Center’s support, you can stay safe while all the more enjoy and explore these hobbies out: How to Stick to Your Exercise Routine. It’s easy to plan a daily physical routine, but keeping that wouldn’t be that easy. The Difference Between Physical & Occupational Therapy. Both the fields of occupational therapy and physical therapy provide hands-on rehabilitative work to help clients perform their tasks as independently as possible. While each field follows a diverse approach in helping people restore their normal physical functions and usual way of life, they are also often confused with each other.

Signs and Prevention of Caregiver Burnout. It is the sense of fulfillment that sets a caregivers’ passion in caring for other people, whether they’d be their loved ones or not. However, together with the honor and privilege of helping other people, is the tendency of feeling empty deep inside. Understanding Yoga and Its Vocabulary. For beginners, it might seem intimidating and overwhelming to attend a yoga class full of mystical Sanskrit language. To fully appreciate this practice, a provider of adult day services in Westminster, California, such as ABC Westminster Day Health Center, gives you first a brief reveal about yoga.

Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘union’, designed to pave unity for one’s body, mind, and breath. Westminster California. Speak Without Limits Through Speech Therapy. Cognitive Activities for Seniors. People start experiencing slight memory lapses in their 20s and yet did not give it a second thought. Westminster California. ABC Westminster & Santa Ana Day Health Center is a provider of adult day services in Westminster, California and Santa Ana, California in a community group setting for the purpose of supporting older adults’ personal independence and promoting social, physical, and emotional well-being. 4 Ways to Stimulate Appetite in the Elderly. Even if the elderly need fewer calories than they were younger, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t eat when they don’t feel like it. Adult Day Health Care. How to Manage Chronic Pain. Through pain, your body warns you that there’s something wrong with it, such as an illness or injury.

Some pain can be relieved immediately after healing, but others persist. With the pain’s constant interference, it becomes chronic and results in anxiety and depression. That is why our senior center provides few tips in managing chronic pain: Deep breathing or meditation Deep breathing is a relaxation technique.