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Click for United States - Click Click Click - - Click game. 3D origami animation diagrams- animated origami diagram to fold a paper flapping bird- the art of paper folding. Who invented the toothbrush? — Ask HISTORY. Looking for an innovative dental hygiene enthusiast to thank next time you polish your pearly whites? Turns out it’s not that simple. People have been cleaning their teeth for millennia, starting with the ancient Egyptians, who are thought to have scrubbed their choppers with a special powder made from ox hooves and eggshells as far back as 5000 B.C. The Romans opted for sticks with frayed ends, while the Greeks used rough cloths. BallDroppings. How fast are you reaction? Breathing Earth: A Map of our Pollution.

Silk — Interactive generative art. Award entry - androp Bell. This is an interactive music video game for the song "Bell" by the Japanese band "androp".

award entry - androp Bell

“Bell” sings about expressing emotions and difficulty in communications. As we listened to this upbeat track, some keywords such as ‘words’ ‘future’ ‘run’ stood out from the lyrics. These words led us to think of a visual experience around the theme of ‘delivering a message’. These days, communications are established so easily using technologies such as mobile phone, email, Twitter, etc. But is there something that’s getting lost in this rapid & speedy communication?