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Projet boule plasma

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Plasma ball. The graceful purple arcs of plasma dancing in a plasma ball are created by a large alternating voltage at its centre, and that alternating voltage creates an electromagnetic field with which we can light a fluorescent tube.

Plasma ball

Apparatus 1 × plasma ball 1 (or more) × reinforced fluorescent tube(s) The demonstration Turn on the plasma globe.Bring the fluorescent tube near the plasma ball. Before they touch, the tube should light! Vital statistics. Plasma Ball ATX (Blue) - Achat et vente neufs et d. Page crée le 2014 04 22 02:30:28 bbc2a27a2d82f6a45062138320946ce920100915 Seuls les plus extrêmes mooders!

Plasma Ball ATX (Blue) - Achat et vente neufs et d

Flyback transformer. An old style flyback transformer.

Flyback transformer

Plasma ball power supply. And here is an arc generated by the power supply to a ground wire (I apologize for the poor image quality, small arcs in dark rooms are hard to photograph, but just for reference that arc is over a 1 inch gap!).

plasma ball power supply

There are several preferred methods for constructing plasma ball power supplies, mine is the most popular, but not necessarily the best. It is true the Hartley Oscillator runs at resonance regardless of tuning so it is the simplest and most efficient method, but there is that problem of finding the ideal flyback, and winding your own primary and feedback coil (not always necessary, but usually).

What a lot of people use, is a square wave generator, like a 555 integrated circuit chip, which makes for a more complicated circuit, which usually whines loudly, and the worst part is when the load is changed (like when you touch the ball) the circuit is no longer in resonance, which you so carefully tuned it to be in, and output significantly drops. Plasma Ball Explanation. How to Make a Tesla Coil. How to Make an Electronic Plasma Ball.

Plasma Ball Experiments. Greg's Homemade Plasma Globe Page. Email: Link to Homepage I'll start off with the plasma globe driver.

Greg's Homemade Plasma Globe Page

It is a single transistor driven flyback transformer. You can find all the information on the construction of such a driver on the FLYBACK page linked through my homepage. This particular flyback transformer came from an old mac monitor (parts are probably the best use for mac stuff) that I found outside the chemistry building at the University of Iowa. We used a 250 mL round bottomed flask for the globe itself. Before we evacuated the globe, we filled it with noble gas. After pumping, we valved off, disconnected the pump and hooked up the high voltage. Make your own Lightning Globe! Here's a list of supplies I used: 1.

Make your own Lightning Globe!

Large, clear light bulbNot just any light bulb will work. It must be one that has been gas filled. Typically, anything 60 watts or higher should work. Lower wattage bulbs typically have a vaccuum. 60 watt and higher usually have an argon nitrogen mix, which lights up nicely! I found a 5 inch 60 watt bulb for about $2.49 at the hardware store. 2. Instead of shelling out a bunch of money for an entire roll of aluminum screening, just look for an HVAC vent with some right on the back.

I found the one below at the hardware store for about $1.50, and the screen was already painted black! 3. I found a black plastic pot for about $0.79, you guessed it, at the hardware store. 4. I used the same monitor as the one in my Electric Fence Monitor Hack Video With people upgrading to LCDs like crazy these days, you can easily get a 15" monitor from someone for free. WARNING: Color monitors put out close to 30,000 volts.

How to Build a Plasma Ball. How to Make a Plasma Lamp: 7 Steps. Plasma ball. I now have a complete assembly.

plasma ball

I will experiment with different types of gases at different pressures. Here are some pictures These are pure air globes powered by my Tesla coil. Below is a prototype of the final system, the primary gas is Argon, although it is contaminated (note the dimness of the streamers, and fuzziness, this is from air, I developed a system of charging that gets all the air out, but it uses a lot of argon). Here (unless I save up enough for neon, krypton, and xenon gas) is how I am going to leave my system, it is as pure argon as I can get, notice how much brighterand more intense it is than the pictures above. These are my final working system, both free and painlessly grounded to my finger. How to make a plasma globe or ignition coil driver. Hi if you are looking for a plasma globe driver or you want to make an ignition coil that zaps things, you have come to the right place.

How to make a plasma globe or ignition coil driver

Recommended for people experienced in electronics only! If your interested in jets here is mine: First some safety issues; this project runs off 240v AC or 120v AC so please be very careful as house hold current can kill instantly, if you touch a live wire your hand will grab the wire and you wont be able to let go. I found this out the hard way. So do not make the same mistake as me. To make this the components you will require are: An ignition coil the old sort. HIGH VOLTAGE DEVICE: plasma globe without glass or vacuum. Make your own Plasma Globe. Fabriquer une lampe à Plasma avec une ampoule 220 volts. Voici un montage original, cet électronicien polonais à utilisé une ampoule standard pour réaliser une lampe à plasma.

Fabriquer une lampe à Plasma avec une ampoule 220 volts.

L’électronique utilisé est rudimentaire, très peu de composants sont utilisés. On retrouve principalement une bobine d’allumage et une batterie de condensateurs. Vous pouvez retrouver les schémas électroniques pour cette réalisation sur le site du concepteur : Lampe à plasma. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Lampe à plasma

Lampe à plasma.