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S’mores French Toast — Buns In My Oven. It’s back!

S’mores French Toast — Buns In My Oven

The blog is back! Hallelujah, praise Bieber. Thanks for sticking with me through all of the “account suspended” business. I was finally able to get things transferred to a new host that does not hate me and want me dead, so that’s nice! To celebrate I made brinner. My husband works third shift and usually wakes up just as I’m starting dinner. Instead, he walked in the kitchen, looked around, and asked where dinner was. Um, hello? Dinner. Normally, I’d probably call this dessert, but it’s been a rough few days and the idea for a s’mores stuffed french toast popped in my head and wouldn’t get out. I’m not sick. Ingredients 2 slices sandwich bread handful of mini marshmallows Nutella 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 egg 2 tablespoons milk Instructions Heat a skillet over medium heat.Beat the egg and milk together in a pie plate or shallow dish.

Rolls and Buns. I made these bread rolls based on the sweet bread recipe shared by Edith.

Rolls and Buns

Her blueberry and cheese bread buns look so soft and fluffy that I bookmarked the recipe right away. I was planning to make some char siew buns, but decided against it since I still have a pack of ready-made red bean paste. To make these buns, you need to plan a day ahead. The 烫种 or 'scalded-dough' has to be made and leave to chill for at least 12 hours in the fridge. The 烫种 is made by scalding flour with hot boiling water so as to increase the water-binding capacity of the dough. As expected, this dough is less wet and sticky than the one made using 汤种 or water roux method (see post on Cinnamon Rolls), since the water content is lesser.

Spotlight on Savory: Green Garlic, Bacon and Thyme Scones with White Pepper Maple Glaze, a Gluten Free Ratio Rally Post. Once again, the first Wednesday of the month rolls around and the fine folks of the Gluten Free Ratio Rally all decide to post around a common item.

Spotlight on Savory: Green Garlic, Bacon and Thyme Scones with White Pepper Maple Glaze, a Gluten Free Ratio Rally Post

This month’s baked good is scones, hosted by the amazing Lauren of CeliacTeen. There was no actual set ratio for the scone given this time (though a few ratios were suggested), so I dug around and looked at some of my old recipes and created my own ratio. With a couple of trial runs, I’m thrilled to present to you a savory scone for your breakfast enjoyment, the Green Garlic, Bacon and Thyme Scone with White Pepper Maple Glaze. Compared to some of the other baked goods I’ve worked on, the scone recipe came about pretty easily. I only had to make a couple of test rounds before I was happy with the recipe. Houseboat Eats: Spicy Gingered Carrot Soup. Here is an easy soup that we make a lot.

Houseboat Eats: Spicy Gingered Carrot Soup

We got it out of a book called The Wine Lover’s Cookbook that we picked up at a used bookstore a couple years ago.


True adventures in money hacking. In the name of browniebabe. There are many events in the food blog world that I truly enjoy.

In the name of browniebabe

Especially those that are desserts related. The reasons are obvious : beautiful, drool-worthy pictures, fantastic recipes for bookmarking, and simply put, a feast for the eyes! Ironically, I keep missing on two events that mesmerized me for months. Maybe it's my lack of confidence, or just my procastination, or quite possibly a mixture of both! Since this is my birthday month, I feel invincible and decided to tackle both.

One of the food blog event that I enjoy immensely is no other that Myriam's Browniebabe of the month! Seeing what they have made, it made me feel impossible for anyone to make something that can surpass their achievements. So what's the point of submitting yours if you don't think you stand a chance to be the next browniebabe, you ask. Without further ado, I present to you, my first ever browniebabe entry- The best Matcha Cocoa Brownie. Monterey Bay.

Wheat free

To Do List. Sweet! Eat Your Veggies! The Fresh Loaf. Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day. Product Description Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day distills the renowned baking instructor' s professional techniques down to the basics, delivering artisan bread recipes that anyone with flour and a fridge can make and bake with ease.

Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day

Reinhart begins with the simplest French bread, then moves on to familiar classics such as ciabatta, pizza dough, and soft sandwich loaves, and concludes with fresh specialty items like pretzels, crackers, croissants, and bagels. Each recipe is broken into "Do Ahead" and "On Baking Day" sections, making every step--from preparation through pulling pans from the oven–a breeze, whether you bought your loaf pan yesterday or decades ago. These doughs are engineered to work flawlessly for busy home bakers: most require only a straightforward mixing and overnight fermentation. The result is reliably superior flavor and texture on par with loaves from world-class artisan bakeries–and all with little hands-on time. Product Details Features Customer Reviews.