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Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera - Trails Of India. Places you got to see! – Bikes On Road. India is a land of culture and tradition.

Places you got to see! – Bikes On Road

Spanning hundreds of kilometers, every corner of the country holds a delightful surprise. Among this plethora of unique places that will take your breath away, there are some which stand out. These places stir something in you. They make you see a different aspect of life. To ensure the traveller in you doesn’t miss any of these special places, here is a small list for you- Coorg to Munnar, Karnataka to Kerala A true gift of nature, this route is perfect for a weekend ride. East Coast Road, Chennai to Pondicherry A treat for your senses, this ride along the East Coast Road is bound to leave you speechless. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat Thinking of pushing your bike to its limit? Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram to Pamban Island The bridge connecting Rameswaram of Pamban Island to Tamil Nadu demands that every traveller pay it a visit once. Manali to Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh When everything else starts looking bad, a thrilling ride starts looking good.

Best Boutiques for Bike Customisation in India - Bike Trails. How to Buy Motorcycle Insurance by AasthaAhuja. Imagine yourself riding slowly through the mountains, lost in thought, contemplating the very meaning of life.

How to Buy Motorcycle Insurance by AasthaAhuja

Quite unexpectedly, your bike breaks down bringing your ride to a halt. Turns out, the cost of repairing your bike is exactly the amount you put aside for the much-awaited weekend getaway. All this could have been avoided if your motorcycle had been insured beforehand. Motorcycle insurance ensures people can cover the costs of any riding related damages or injuries. Comics for the weekends you don’t go for a ride (with image) · AasthaAhuja. Guinness World Records Created By Indian Motorcyclists – Bikes On Road.

Indians are second to none in a many an arena, be it technology, medicine, sports or business.

Guinness World Records Created By Indian Motorcyclists – Bikes On Road

The same goes for holding unique and prestigious Guinness World Records, some of the notable ones are for motorcycling! The competitive nature of Indians means that we stop only after fulfilling our innate desires. Some bikers want to prove to the world that riding is not just a hobby. It’s their life. Bike Trail — Thoughts of a bike addict. Beyond Expectation : Bike building in MK Studio. Missing Pillion Bike Rider during Bike Trail.

Perfect Gift for motorcycle enthusiasts – Bikes On Road. If you are not a biker, searching for a gift for your biker buddy can be a rather daunting task.

Perfect Gift for motorcycle enthusiasts – Bikes On Road

If you start looking, it won’t be long before you are staring down the length of long shopping aisles, completely clueless. While we are no expert at gifting, but we do have a knack for making bikers happy. Reasons for Motorcycle Overheating. Your bike’s acting up.

Reasons for Motorcycle Overheating

The symptoms are premature engine failure where the engine heats up shortly after you start it. All the signs point to one disease – Engine overheating What actually happens? Before knowing the causes of overheating, it’s really important to understand the action that takes place in the core of a motorcycle i.e. engine. Every modern motorcycle uses a four-stroke engine with a different number of cylinders, and a cylinder is the space where combustion takes place. The presence of engine oil reduces much of the friction and mitigates the harmful effects of heat. The Result? The Proud Indian Bike Builders – Bikes On Road. It’s a matter of pride to own a motorcycle, but owning a customised bike reflects one’s perseverance and hunger for biking.

The Proud Indian Bike Builders – Bikes On Road

Getting that unique shape, graphics, or sound on your bike is a way to reveal one’s admiration for two-wheeled machines. Uncle Bunt, Arlen Ness and Ben Hardy, became known as the forefathers of custom motorcycles. They built the iconic FLH ‘Captain America’ for Peter Fonda, an American actor. Dipping Motorcycle Fever in Indian Metros? In India when you’re out on the roads, even in the metropolitan cities, there are things that come as part of the territory.

Dipping Motorcycle Fever in Indian Metros?

Crazy traffic snarls, bad roads, irate drivers, dysfunctional traffic signals, people who are used to dysfunctional traffic signals waiting to overtake you at the first opportunity that they get, and manic honking – all of these are part and parcel of driving on the city streets. On an average, at least five people are involved in accidents every day on Delhi roads and four out of those five are either pedestrians or two-wheeler riders. The Centre for Science and Environment has pegged Delhi roads as the most dangerous roads in the country. Mumbai, Pune, Kolakata, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Chennai follow closely. Bikes Customisation: It’s Been An Education - Trails Of India. Bike Customisation - Welcoming the 1962 Bobber to the Darkside. Bike Customisation: Turning Dream into Reality - Trails of India. Retrofit Custom Harley Davidson: A Different Look And Outlook.

Bike Trail: Ride North. Ride To Leh - Trails Of India. Indian Choppers: Expert in Bike Customisation - Trails of India. Create your own bike trail from Bengaluru to Goa - Trails of India. Create Bike Trail from Kerala to Kodanad - Trails of India. Bike Trail — Bike Lover: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Bike Collection. How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents – Bikes On Road. Blindingly fast and dangerously addictive, biking is a passion for the tough at heart.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents – Bikes On Road

Despite the bright allure of freedom and independence, the experience of riding is often marred with the possibilities of accidents. Luckily, the bike we ride comes fully equipped with safety measures like powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision and grippy tyres to name a few. But by being a little vigilant and following traffic rules, a lot of accidents can be averted. Major problems all bikers face occur when another vehicle, like a car, suddenly turns ahead of you. Whenever car drivers aren’t able to judge the speed of your bike correctly, or are negligent of your presence on the road, accidents are bound to happen. Trying to manoeuvre and getting your tyre stuck in the gravel is one of the most infuriating things a biker can experience. Is Your Mobile Phone The Next Moto-Gadget? – Bikes On Road.

Three – Two – One – Welcome to the digital age.

Is Your Mobile Phone The Next Moto-Gadget? – Bikes On Road

Riders off the bike, please stop thinking and suit up in riding gear. Riders on the bike, get ready to lose yourself. Note: All riders are requested to carry your smartphones. Actually, the last statement is not an advice, but a prescription. Today, our life is distracting because of different electronic gadgets and apps that we use on a daily basis, but the fact is, you can’t deny the conveniences that these apps bring us. Out of some popular motorcycle apps and accessories, we have picked out the most useful stuff, especially for bike riders. Priced at $300, the cradle can accommodate phones up to 15 cms in size. Bike Trail — Himalayan Replaces Bullet on Tours. Bike Trail — Power, Control and Safety: The Year's Best... My First Bike Ride To Heaven – Trails Of India. GoPro KARMA: More Than A Drone – Trails Of India. Bike Ride from Agra to Ladakh with a Message in our Heart – Trails Of India. Pardeep Pathak’s Love for Riding: Dream. Discover. Live - Trails Of India.

Anti-drug Campaign Bike Ride across Amazing Assam – Trails Of India. Biker Lingo (with images) · AasthaAhuja. Newbie – a beginner or someone who is new to biking.

Biker Lingo (with images) · AasthaAhuja

A Ride for the Love of Paranthas : Murthal Trip. One Last Bike Ride on Bullet – Trails Of India. Inspiration At Its Best. “…and just like that my clutch wire popped.” Let’s admit it, we have all been through these moments, tough times where riding back home seemed like the best option. But how many of us have just given up on a dream ride? That’s right- none! So whenever you feel that the odds are stacked against you, find a little motivation in these tales of courage and determination- • To the Nadir and Back With the dream to ride the highest motorable road, a 21-year old lady took a solo trip to Ladakh. Battling freezing weather and rough terrains, Stuti Rastogi stopped at nothing to achieve her dream. Long-Distance Love of A Solo Rider – Trails Of India. The Twin Spark Engine: Twice the Spark? – Bikes On Road. DTS-I (Digital Twin Spark Ignition System) When a biker comes across this term, the first thing that pops up in his or her mind is the Bajaj Pulsar. Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor are the first two automobile companies to contest the usage of twin-spark plug technology, also known as the DTS-I feature in Indian two-wheelers.

Both the companies introduced this technology riding on the back of the claim that twin-spark plugs increase fuel efficiency and enhance performance. But, the ride hit a rough patch for the two companies. While Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor got embroiled in a patent dispute about the twin-spark plug, industry experts expressed their dissatisfaction with the new technology. However, despite the controversies, Bajaj Auto won the first-of-its-kind technology patent case in India, and the technology was successfully installed in most of their bikes. Now, let’s see the picture behind the picture and find out how worthy the new technology is. Why is Leh the favourite destination for bikers? by Aastha Ahuja.

Odisha Odyssey by Himanshu Chaman- Trails Of India. Givi Tanklock Bags And Its Cool Features For Bikers – Trails Of India. Bike Journeys and the Importance of Communication Systems (with images) · AasthaAhuja. There are a host of other things you can do with a wireless communication system – • Stream music from your phone to the speakers in your helmet.• Get turn by turn directions streamed from your phone or GPS, so you can navigate straight to your destination without having to stop and pull out a map.• Make and place calls with voice activation while riding.• Have live conversations with other riders in your group, so you can make route changes, signal any problems, or just make conversation while cruising.• Talk to your passenger while riding, and even stream your own music to their speakers so you can both enjoy the same playlist.• Train other riders while riding along with them, giving them real-time coaching tips through the intercom, and much more.

The Big Difference a Motorbike Engine Makes. Most riders are in love with the sound that the engine makes when the bike accelerates. It’s music to their ears. Generally riders don’t maintain their bike regularly as their main focus is on accessorising their bikes. They notice that something’s not right only when the sound of the engine changes. Motorbikes begin emitting a different sound because of dirt that may have collected inside or when the parts are not properly oiled. Engines are the heart and soul of the bike and should be chosen such that they complement the bike and vice-versa. The variety of engines available in the market that are used to power our mean machines are:

Stop Neglecting Your Bike! Imagine you are going on a highway, with music in your ears and dreams in your head. Then suddenly, your bike skids on some debris and you are sent crashing. Only if you had maintained the tyres well and not neglected them just because you wanted to save a buck, you wouldn’t have ended up wasting much more dealing with the accident. Many riders, seasoned ones too, turn a blind eye towards timely maintenance of their bike. Do Hi-tech Accessories Make Motorcycling Safer? Motorcycling can be thrilling, liberating, dangerous or an everyday experience. While there is little doubt that motorcycle riding can be a hazardous sport or hobby, safety equipment and bike technology has taken great strides in recent years.

These innovations perform very critical roles in keeping riders safe on road, and especially in the unfortunate event of an accident. In any industry, technological evolutions can change everything; how a product is used, a product’s price and worth, and how effectively a good serves its purpose. Best Motorcycle Apps for Navigation & Tracking. Nobody can stop an ardent rider from picking a partner in crime and riding off to explore to places never-been and never-seen. Are The Apps Monitoring Your Riding Style Useful? – Bikes On Road. Apps, you think have nothing much to do with riding. Bikes-To-Never-Forget – Bikes On Road. There is nothing better than having vivid visions from childhood dreams, some still up and running. Bike Trail — Dual Shock Suspension Vs Mono Shock Suspension. 8 Best Garage Themed Cafe’s in India – Bikes On Road. Cafe culture is booming and becoming more and more popular by the day. Our weekends are full of street side cafes, takeaway coffees and delicious meal, finger food, concoctions and other sinful things that delight the heart as well as the palate.

Cafes serve as meeting places for friends and family, the meeting ground for singles seeking alone time and a sanctuary for those in search of a tasteful cosy corner where once can curl up with a book, a drink or maybe chat up strangers and make new friends. My Garage App – Customise Your Dream Bike: Trails Of India.

In the land of the Seven Sisters - Trails of India. Geco Cam: Glasses-Mounted Action Camera – Trails Of India. Smart Turn System: Self-cancelling Turn Signal System. Bearing the Brunt of the Stunt - Trails Of India. Women Biker: Keep The Balance and Go Biking - Trails of India. A Doctor’s Passion of Bike Riding – Trails Of India. Bike Riding - Not A Barrier For Disabled People (with image) · AasthaAhuja. Motorcycle Etiquette Tips (with image) · AasthaAhuja. • Don’t overtake another biker suddenly: When coming up from behind, don’t immediately overtake another motorcyclist as you may not not be aware of the other rider’s biking abilities, you might misjudge the situation and increase the chances of collision. • Wave a thanks to people who let you pass:If you are behind a slow car that goes out of its way to let you pass, remember to wave out to the driver of the car as a gesture of gratitude – that’s a biker’s way of saying thank you.• Don’t ride competitively: Riding to impress someone or just to beat a fellow rider with speed is not a cool idea.

It can have serious consequences. • If possible, help other bikers who are in trouble: If you see a motorcycle that has broken down on the road, stop and see if someone needs help, and if possible, help them.• Don’t park in the same parking space as another motorcycle: If a parking spot is taken by some other motorcycle, do not park your ride at the same spot.

Bike Trail — Tips: Crossing Railroads On A Motorcycle. Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Motorcycle (with images) · AasthaAhuja. Quenching Wanderlust Bike Trip - Trails of India. In Search of Samudra, Shiva & Sati on a Bike Trip. Shwetank’s Bike Trip from Delhi to Leh - Trails Of India. How to deter thieves from stealing motorcycles. How to deter thieves from stealing motorcycles If anyone is more obsessed with bikes than the bike lovers themselves, it’s the bike thieves. These rogues leave no stone unturned when it comes to stealing a bike. Parts and spares of modified and powerful superbikes fetch good money all over the country, which is why more often than not, bike thieves target the bigger, better booty. Bike Trail — Famous Books On Motorcycling. For a motorcyclist, sharing roads with fellow riders brings a feeling of pride.

That moment on the road when youcop a quick look in the mirror, and you see your buddy following close behind with a smile on his face that matches yours – that’s the moment when the camaraderie happens . But, group rides are best enjoyed when you ride safe and follow your group rules, and the rules of the roads. Bike Trail — How to Save Yourself from Sins of Off-Road Biking. Dream On Ride On. Inherited the Love for Bike Riding from my Father - Trails Of India. New Bikers vs Experienced Riders: A Different Outlook – Bikes On Road. A Bike Ride to ‘Happy Land’ – Bhutan – Trails Of India. Clearwater Voltage Sentry a.k.a CVS - Trails of India. Light Rider: World’s First 3-D Printed Motorcycle - Trails of India.

Unafraid In the End After Bike Accident - Trails of India. First Bike Love: Remembering the CBZ - Trails of India. Towing Motorcycles. 5 Best Motorcycle Gaming Apps. Bike Trail — Best Polishes for Motorbikes. History On Wheels (with image) · AasthaAhuja. Famous Men And Their Bikes. Bike Trail — World's First 3D Printed Motorcycle. Motorcycle Tips For Surviving City Traffic. Beat The Heat With A Long Ride. It’s not riding… It’s Living - Bike Trails. Bike Trail — Why Motorcycle Maintenance Fails Sometimes. My Dad – My Hero and Biking Role Model – Trails Of India. Enjoy Life It's Never Too Late - Trails of India. Tech-Air Street Airbag System - Trails of India. Setting A Record Straight To Mana Pass - Trails of India. Legendary Motorbikes. Motorcycling Legends. Are Motorcycle Riders Better Car Drivers? (with image) · AasthaAhuja. Benefits of Riding Solo. Different Types Of Motorcycle Engines. Truths about Distracted Driving (with image) · AasthaAhuja.

Bike Journey From Mumbai to Jodhpur - Trails of India. It’s a Jungle Out There! - Trails of India. Ways To Clean Your Helmet. Bike Trail — Be Smart About Your Upcoming Motorcycle Trip.