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Indian Motorcycle vs Harley Davidson: A comparison by AasthaAhuja. Two decades ago, if you were in the market for an American cruiser, what your dad and older brother might have called a “full dresser”, you had only one choice – a Harley Davidson.

Indian Motorcycle vs Harley Davidson: A comparison by AasthaAhuja

Harley Davidson Inc. is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 by three Davidson brothers. But with the re-introduction of the Indian Motorcycle brand by recreational vehicle giant Polaris, healthy competition between these two rivals started once again and reached a level not witnessed since the golden age of motorcycling. Polaris bought the nearly dormant Indian Motorcycle brand in 2011. Indian Motorcycle is an American brand of motorcycles founded by George M. Motorcycling Myths About Women - Bike Trails. Kuryakyn Road Thunder Sound Bar - Trails of India. Workings of a Motorcycle Carburetor – Medium. A cocktail of fuel and air is what any engine runs on.

Workings of a Motorcycle Carburetor – Medium

A Legacy of Indian Motorcycles — The Indian Chief – Medium. The word ‘legacy’ is best explained by the Chief — the flagship motorcycle of the Indian Motorcycle Company.

A Legacy of Indian Motorcycles — The Indian Chief – Medium

Even a century after its inception, the iconic motorcycle continues to spark the imagination of designers, custom-builders, solo riders, and other bike manufacturing companies. A lot of design elements went into making this machine a legend. It was 1922 when the roads got their first Chief — a 1000cc masterpiece. Designed by Charles B. Franklin, this motor bike was Indian’s ‘big twin’, a more powerful motorcycle than Franklin’s earlier model — Scout. The Chief was followed by the 1200cc Big Chief in 1923. The Facts about Road Accidents in India. Accidents don’t happen by accident.

The Facts about Road Accidents in India

There are serious reasons that cause accidents and the whole world is quite aware of them. But, the sad part is - those reasons have been neglected for many years, despite being predictable and largely preventable. In a country like India, it is shocking to see people bragging about the population of the country. According to them, more and more new cars and motorcycles are hitting the roads in the country every day and that is one of the prime reasons for road accidents. However, it is high time to do a reality check and understand where we stand as a nation in terms of road safety. As per the latest report of WHO (World Health Organisation), as many as 16.6 people per lakh die in road accidents in India. Bosch – a leading automotive component maker worldwide – also shared some of the key findings from its study of Indian roads.

Why Bike Servicing is A Must – Medium. A motorbike speaks a language of its own and if you are an avid rider you will be very well versed in it.

Why Bike Servicing is A Must – Medium

When you hear the squeaks and clanks you will know that your bike isn’t very healthy. Get down to see what’s bothering your bike, and it is highly likely that you will get lost in the maze of nuts and bolts. Although, getting your bike serviced regularly can save you a lot of trouble, it is expensive. Basic knowledge about how to service a bike can be very helpful whenever your bike starts to act funny.

Gen-Next’s Equation with Motorcycling by AasthaAhuja. Best known for their speed and strength, motorcycles as we know them today are the epitome of liberty and independence.

Gen-Next’s Equation with Motorcycling by AasthaAhuja

But, back in 1885, when the first bike emerged in the market, bikes were perceived very differently. Although motorcycles transformed the whole concept of commuting, bikes were still only used to cover short distances. Nothing more than a conveyance, they were the perfect city get-around. Gen-Next’s Equation with Motorcycling by AasthaAhuja. Bike Modification: First Things First – Bikes On Road. You took a long time to arrive!

Bike Modification: First Things First – Bikes On Road

But, now when you’re here and have accepted the fact that the experience of riding can be improved by modifying your bike, let’s roll. Don’t worry if you have never done it before, even those people who built show-winning exotica from the ground up, started somewhere. Getting in, doing work, and learning is the way to go. Before you settle with the style of modification, make sure you don’t compromise on comfort. No matter what style of bike you ride, and what mods you want to try, anything that makes you change your riding position is not the right mod for you.

Coolest Decals – A Must Have – Bikes On Road. Bikes are like notebooks.

Coolest Decals – A Must Have – Bikes On Road

You will soon want to scribble all over and make them your own. Every biker wants his bike to speak for him, to express his preferences and taste. It seems quiet legit too, a biker does put a lot of effort in selecting the bike just right for him. But if you ever feel a need to personalise your bike, a great way to add zing to it can be to have a sticker a.k.a. decal emblazoned on it. Best Mountain Biking Tyres – Medium.

Tyres are the only part of your bike in contact with the ground.

Best Mountain Biking Tyres – Medium

A good mountain bike tyre will provide low-rolling resistance, ample grip and a degree of cushioning that will enhance the quality of your ride. Things Bikers Say About Michelin Sirac Street Tyres – Medium. Things Bikers Say About Michelin Sirac Street Tyres Today, there are a diverse range of bike tyres in the market manufactured by the biggest brands globally.

Things Bikers Say About Michelin Sirac Street Tyres – Medium

Every product has a special feature to offer, which serves different types of riders and rides. However, the first and the most important thing that a rider expects from a tyre is — STABILITY. Riders look for a tyre that can give them the confidence to safely manoeuvre through all sorts of road conditions. Michelin, one of the leading international tyre makers in the country, came up with an idea to craft a product that can cater to different type of riders. Scott Prospect Goggles for Bikers – Trails Of India. I Shield AIRMASK: Save Your Breath – Trails Of India. Génie 03: The Mini Speed-oh-meter - Trails of India. Bike Trail — Different Types Of Motorcycle Boots In India. Evolution Of The Motorcycle Helmet - Bike Trails. Safety Features in Your Motorcycle Boots – Bikes On Road. After a long ride doesn’t it feel great to lay aside all that heavy riding gear?

To tug off the riding gloves, jacket and helmet and let the body breath is the first thing we want to do when we get off the bike for a break. Since motorcycle boots are the only accessories that stay on for a while even after the ride is over, it is only fair that we give some thought to the good old pair of sturdy boots that have supported us in keeping our feet firmly grounded. Remembering an age old biking adage, ‘don’t dress for the ride; dress for the slide’, we are going to throw light on some sturdy yet stylish boots to boot. Michelin Pilot Street Radial: The Right Tyre For Bikes. The Michelin bike tyres are a great long term investment. Unrivalled in performance and durability, they are a favourite among bikers.

The radial architecture of the tyres provide consistent performance throughout and the tread pattern is designed to maximize mileage and minimize wear and tear. These motorcycle tyres by Michelin are known for their wet grip and are your best bet in the rainy season. Superior bike performance in wet weather comes from the grove treading pattern and silica compound. The tread is optimized with grooves which don’t let the tyres slip on wet roads, and the 100 % silica compound not only provides great traction but also adds to the durability. The Pilot Street Radial also sports steep shoulders which provide excellent steering when the camber angle is wide. 5 Motorcycle Pocket Essentials. Parameters to Judge Tyre Performance by AasthaAhuja. Here you are shopping for a new set of tyres for your bike but wondering what to go for because no matter how long you have been riding, choosing the right set of tyres remains a baffling task each time. There are a host of products in the market and a million things to take note of.

Michelin Road and Power Series: Performance on Wet Roads. Offering a power packed combination of grip and longevity, Pilot Road 2 became a bestseller in the two-wheeler tyre category for Michelin. With every successive variant, the French manufacturer seemed to have only upped their game. Michelin Road 3 caught the attention of the motorbiking world and built its space in the market for excellent wet weather performance. It introduced ‘siping’ or channels that could drain of excess water to mainstream motorcycle tyre manufacturing. The tread pattern in these tyres helps to displace water.

How Michelin Pilot 4 Radials Are Best In Cornering and Bending. How Michelin Pilot 4 Radials Are Best In Cornering and Bending Since childhood, our teachers have been teaching us a beautiful lesson about practice. They say, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ However, according to Periander, practice is everything and yet is often misquoted and understood as something which only eventually leads to perfection. Today, many riders believe that motorcycling is an art which one keeps on becoming better at throughout their lives. One cannot reach perfection. Why Are Gloves Important While Riding?

Other important things to look at are knuckle, palm and wrist protectors which are made out of hard plastic, Kevlar, carbon fibre or titanium studs. Also, make sure the palm area has an extra leather layer, and should preferably have an added rubber padding as well. Designed especially to provide extra protection to your palm, manufacturers have come up with a special feature called the palm slider. Hazards of Exploding Bike Tyres. Revolutionary Atacama Tent For Bike Riders - Trails of India. Bike Trail — Best Polishes for Motorbikes. Bike Trail — Know Your Motorcycle Jacket’s Safety Features.

How to Pick the Right Knee-Guards for Yourself. How Riding Suits Play an Important Role in a Rider’s Life While Riding. How Riding Suits Play an Important Role in a Rider’s Life While Riding. How to Choose the Best Riding Sunglasses (with image) · AasthaAhuja. 1. Pick glasses depending on the time chosen for riding Long distance riders or even riders who drive short distances at high speeds need glasses with foam eyecups around them to prevent the eyes from drying up and dust particles from getting in. Importance of Air Filters in Motorbikes. Beware of Duplicate Bike Accessories. If you never compromise on the quality of products you buy for yourself, you should never compromise on the quality of products for your bike either.

Motorcycle Lubricants: When, Which, Where. by AasthaAhuja. Many bikers are often asked one common question - “What keeps you going?” Mostly, the answers are passion, determination and the will to keep riding. However, while interviewing the riders of Trails Of India, we met one rider who was far away from such motivational words.