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Raising Balanced Children

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Sleep Problems in Children. How to Manage Children Aggressive Behavior. For children, anger is a feeling that often follows the emotion of being powerless in a situation.

How to Manage Children Aggressive Behavior

Children may express anger as a result of being told to do something they don’t want; being scolded; being punished or even as a cover-up for hurt feelings. My child wants a pet. I am not sure! Your child is desperate to own a dog or cat or any other pet and is constantly asking for one, but you’re puzzled and have a lot of questions in your mind.

My child wants a pet. I am not sure!

Whether or not my kid is ready for a pet? What is the best age for my child to have a pet? If not ready, how can I explain it? It’s better to take your time and consider different factors before you make a decision. Studies show that children living with pets have higher emotional intelligence, i.e. the ability to understand and convey one’s own feelings and perceive others’ feelings. However, owning a pet brings with it the responsibility of caring for the pet. Helping Children to cope up with the pandemic situation.


Helping Children to cope up with the pandemic situation

“Why did the schools close down? I miss my friends! Procrastination Child - Raising Balanced Children. Homework!

Procrastination Child - Raising Balanced Children

Not in Mood. I’ll do it later. Promise! When do i tell my child that she is adopted? Adoption A lot of our readers have come back with their own experiences about adoption and we are sharing one of those- it’s a heart-breaking story and we hope we can all gain from this experience.

When do i tell my child that she is adopted?

My child is adopted and we did not tell her about this till a month before she was to be married and was to move-in with her new husband. When we told her, she broke down and sobbed uncontrollably for days. It became very difficult for the family to control the situation. What she told me after 4-5 days of emotional upheaval broke my heart. We realized the big mistake we had made.

Please share your experiences and views in the comment section below. Does your child exhibit anxious behavior? Anxiety is a natural part of our human life.

Does your child exhibit anxious behavior?

Did you know that even a baby who has just become sufficiently aware of the presence of his/her mom may cry due to anxiety when the mother leaves the baby alone? As kids grow older and become more conscious of their own abilities, limitations, and how failure will make them feel, anxieties develop into fears. Many kids will have a more normal ability to find their own methods for coping.

A more nervous child may need more reassurance and support from the people they trust. Raising Balanced Children. Do children of Single Parents lose out on life?

Raising Balanced Children

Undoubtedly parenthood is a huge responsibility, which gets doubled if you are a single parent. When the entire onus of child rearing falls on one parent, the responsibilities, duties, pressures and tensions increase double fold. Experts suggest a few things to watch out for :- The first few years when the child becomes a single-parent-child matter the most- as these years will form the norms of behavior and patterns of what to expect for the child. These years generally show that the kids have higher rates of antisocial behavior, aggression, anxiety, and school problems than children in two parent families. Some of these may be due to a decrease in available resources and adult supervision. The other areas to focus on are: 1. Is my child being bullied? If your child behaves differently (than how she normally does) you need to watch out.

Is my child being bullied?

It could mean that the child is going through some experiences or feelings that are pulling her down emotionally. One such scenario could be Bullying. According to a survey in 2017 by SEEDS ( Socio Economic and Educational Development Society) 19% of parents fear bullying to be the greatest emotional risk for their school-going children. Discipline and Punishment. Working from home in the time of COVID19. Excuse me, Sir, I’m really sorry but my two years old just pooped his pants and needs a change” “My daughter just broke a showpiece, trying to open the refrigerator by herself.

Working from home in the time of COVID19

Please excuse me, I’ll be right back.” “Oh, that noise? Yeah, that’s my son who just woke up from his sleep and is now crying. Guess he needs to fill his tummy” Do you often yell at your children when they misbehave? Do you start shouting at them because you feel that’s the best way to make them stop doing whatever they are doing?

Do you often yell at your children when they misbehave?

Parents yell at their kids when they don’t listen. And sometimes they may lose their temper and slap or spank them too. Yelling at the children doesn’t make us bad parents. We’re doing it for the sake of our children. But let’s break up the situation into parts and examine them. *Overcoming The Situation vs. *Why Is The Child Misbehaving – If we as parents sit and think peacefully, then we will be able to identify the reasons for the kids’ misbehaviour. *Reactions and Constructive Discipline- Easier said than done. Raising Balanced Children.