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The 3 Worst Habits of Clueless Leaders. 10 Secret Tools Happy Couples Use For A Strong Relationship. Have you seen that photo?

10 Secret Tools Happy Couples Use For A Strong Relationship

The one with a picture of an elderly couple hand in hand? I have seen variations on that same photo many times and when I was younger, I wondered if I would be one of those people still walking hand in hand with my husband long after the sound of wedding bells had faded. Well, here we are 25 years later and our marriage is still going strong. I have to think that we have passed most of the major milestones in a marriage that is supposed to last until death do us part, and I have some secret tools to share with you. There are certain things that keep a marriage together and things that tear it apart.

For now here are some of the best kept secret tools that happy couples use to keep their unions strong. 1. People change and they change every day. Couples who want to ensure that their marriage endures must look at each other anew on a daily basis and get to know that new person. Where there is more understanding, there are less reasons to get upset. 2. 4. Types of Procrastination and How You Can Fix Them. Do you have a very important thing to do over the weekend that you planned to do first thing on Saturday but ended up not doing until Late Sunday night just because you did not prioritize it?

Types of Procrastination and How You Can Fix Them

Do you always cram for an exam or a report due the following day? Have you been planning to do something about your career like looking for a new job, but put it off for years? Sound familiar? Then you are probably suffering from the procrastination bug. To borrow the meaning from the American Heritage Dictionary, procrastination is “to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.”

And it is a concern for many because delaying an important task can put you in a bad situation with dire consequences, like flunking an exam, bluffing in a presentation to a client, or facing dissatisfaction in your career. We must fight procrastination to its core. Joel Brown, founder of, pinned down 6 types of procrastination. Top 15 Time Management Apps and Tools. No one can dispute the countless benefits technology has brought us.

Top 15 Time Management Apps and Tools

It has undoubtedly allowed us to connect, perform, improve and leverage our resources beyond what was once imaginable. We all make daily use of a wide variety of different tools and devices to make life easier and more comfortable. How many tools and apps are you currently using to optimize your time? If you are not taking advantage of the hundreds of apps and tools out there, you are certainly missing out. How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day. Most weekends you will find me speeding down a trail on my mountain bike.

How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day

Bring on the drop offs: I want to jump them; bring on the hops and bounces and falls. I consider myself someone who can handle the things that life throws my way. But there is one thing that raises my anxiety levels into the red zone: email. One day while driving home, I thought: “Why don’t I just stop using email altogether?” That night while drifting off to sleep I imagined my email-free life. 1. In order to start this experiment, I needed to track the difference in my productivity levels with and without email. 2.

I started letting people know about my decision and thought it would be the easiest part of the process. Subject: No More Email Body: As many of you know, I am on a mission this year to reduce email with the aim of completely removing it out of my life. My reason for wanting to do this: So, please do connect with me in the following places: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn. Trello. Pocket. How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day. How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day. - Online Project Management & Task Management Software. Huddle: The Enterprise Content Collaboration Platform.

How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day. 5 Key Questions for Setting Priorities. A key part of personal time management is for you to take the time to look into the future.

5 Key Questions for Setting Priorities

Project forward five years and think about where you want to be. Create a mental picture of your ideal future- your best future- and then think about the steps that you would have to take, starting today, to make it a reality. Remember, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that really matters is where you are going. Think about the things you would like to achieve, so that your future focus is on your goals rather than focusing on the past. In many companies, 80 percent of the time of senior people is spent on the problems of yesterday rather than on the opportunities of tomorrow. Project forward 5 years: Gary Hamel and C.K. Focus on the first 20 percent: In setting priorities, remember that the first 20 percent of any task usually accounts for 80 percent of the value of that task. Forget about the small things… Here is what I have found. 5 Key Questions for Setting Priorities.

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