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Exciting Babysitting Ideas for New Babysitter

Know How to Make Namkeen Dalia. Kids Love to Listen Kar Chale hum Fida song. Must Watch Indian Patriotic Movies. How To Make Republic Day Special. Easy To Cook Ven Pongal Recipe. Child Discipline Methods: Some Important Strategies That Work. There are times when your little kids won't behave properly at home or when you are out for some shopping in the mall.

Child Discipline Methods: Some Important Strategies That Work

Patriotic Hindi Poems for Kids. Pongal Recipes. Akkaravadisal Recipe: Akkaravadisal, often known as Akkara Adisal, is an authentic and delicious recipe.

Pongal Recipes

Usually made during Pongal, this is one of the most sought after and loved South Indian Tamil delicacies that are prepared during festive times. As a matter of fact, this sweet dish is a must have for all those who just can’t resist South Indian sweet dishes! Such is the fondness of this mouth-watering and absolutely rich in taste creamy dessert that it is also offered as prasadham in the temples. Mother's Zone: Look Gorgeous and Appealing With Gold Bangles. Bangles have always been in fashion and gone are the days when they were worn only by married women and few matched them with their traditional attire.

Mother's Zone: Look Gorgeous and Appealing With Gold Bangles

Every time, I visit the market I remain amazed by the wonderful collection and the splash of colors that bangles spread all around. Since childhood, I had a soft corner for these accessories. Jhansi Ki Rani-A Motivational Poem with a Deep Meaning. Children love to read poems and it is a great means to develop their language skills and express their inner feelings.

Jhansi Ki Rani-A Motivational Poem with a Deep Meaning

Poetry is now taught to children in schools and it helps to bring them closer to each other and describe various interesting things of life. As a Hindi teacher having years of teaching experience to children of all ages, I always had a special place in my heart for Hindi poems. As a child, I always used to purchase Hindi poetry books whenever there was a book fair in our town. It has helped me to have a huge vocabulary in Hindi, allowed me to paint sketches of lives, describe experiences of life smoothly through free flowing words. Christmas Special Recipes for a Perfect Party. Christmas is the time when the air is filled with happiness and people all over the country are in a mood to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Special Recipes for a Perfect Party

The celebration almost starts a month before and people start to clean their house and decorate it with colorful lights, Christmas tree, stars and etc. They sing carols in groups and are busy making and sharing the goodies with friends and relatives. While it's great to get all the delicious goodies from the stores, but if you are willing to have a different experience altogether this Christmas, then here we are with great recipes that you can indulge in this festive season.

5 Weeks Pregnant: Know About the Symptoms and the Changes in Your Body. At 5 weeks pregnant, the level of hCG is high enough to detect that you are pregnant.

5 Weeks Pregnant: Know About the Symptoms and the Changes in Your Body

Once you have the positive reports in hand, it’s time to know more about your changing body and the growing baby so that you can take steps for a healthy pregnancy ahead. Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhymes. Baa Baa Black Sheep Baa baa black sheep Have you any wool?

Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhymes

Yes sir, yes sir, Three bags full. One for the master One for the dame And one for the little boy who lives down the lane. Baa baa white sheep Have you any wool? Learn Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme  Christmas Party Ideas To Make Celebration Memorable. Know Nursery Rhyme Johny Johny Yes Papa  Mooli Ka Paratha:A Special Winter Delicacy. When I was a little child, I used to see my mom preparing different types of parathas for us every day in the morning or for lunch.

Mooli Ka Paratha:A Special Winter Delicacy

She used to add some vegetables sometimes in it or throw in some spices to add flavors to make them healthier and sometimes during any occasion she used to stuff them with cheese fillings. All were very delicious. Parathas are popular Indian flat bread that that can be eaten with any subji or served hot with raita or curd. Develop Your Kid’s Learning Skills with Hindi Nursery Rhymes. Nursery rhymes simply bring back sweet memories of our childhood.

Develop Your Kid’s Learning Skills with Hindi Nursery Rhymes

I have a two and half year old daughter who loves being told rhymes whether it is English or Hindi. Mothers' Zone - Keep Things Simple While Choosing Hindu Baby Boy Names. TV Serials and Its Effects on the Indian Housewives. With the advent of modern communication technology that has enabled people all over the globe to communicate easily, the world also has become a smaller place.

TV Serials and Its Effects on the Indian Housewives

Broadcasting has become a special means through which millions of people are now able to become unified and spread a particular message. Earlier people used to visit their relatives or friends during any holidays, but today things have changed and television programs have become a highly influential medium that people remain hooked to. The daily soap Hindi serials are very popular and everyone watches one or the other anytime of the day. For most typical Indian women, there is nothing better than watching the family dramas on the small screen. Serials like ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” ran for almost a decade and captivated the entire women population. Aggression: TV serials also have another effect on Indian women.

Get Easy Mooli Paratha Recipe. Stuffed mooli paratha recipe is a popular dish from the Punjabi cuisine. This recipe is prepared by stuffing shredded mooli, its leaves and various spices. Easy to prepare and even carry for long journeys or picnics, this paratha brings a break from the routine stuffed aloo paratha. So let’s get started and prepare some tasty mooli paratha to be served with butter, pickle or curd. Ingredients Wheat flour: 1 cupRadish or mooli: ¾ cup (shredded)Radish leaves: ¼ cup (finely chopped)Green chili: 1 (finely chopped)Garam masala powder: ½ tspCoriander powder: 1 tspTurmeric powder: ½ tspRed chili powder: 1 tspSalt: according to tasteOil: for frying Preparation method.

Know All About Hair Rebonding Process. Beautiful hair is something that every women’s desire. Whether you have long or short hair, maintaining the health of it is very important as it enhances your look and beauty. Today, young girls always want a new look and according to the changes in fashion,they too change their look to appear smarter and beautiful. With numerous hairstyles ideas and experts giving advices on makeup how-tos, women are doing everything to appear impressive. Straight hair is in and rebonding can make your dream come true of having straight and silky mane. Today, in this article we will discuss about hair rebonding and how it can be used to break the natural bonds in the mane.

Janmashtami: Celebrate the festival of Lord Krishna’s Birth. India is a land of diverse cultures and the country is well known for its many religions and festivals. Each month of the calendar holds a religious celebration that people enjoy and every religion has their own set of festivals that is celebrated nationwide. Each festival has a significant story behind it. Krishna Janmashtami is an important festival that is celebrated by Hindus with great fervor. It commemorates the earthly appearance of Lord Krishna who was a God himself. It is celebrated by many people all over the world. How to Be a Good Friend of Your Teenager. I am a mother of a 14 year old daughter and I am a pretty confident mom. But at times when I am alone, I feel, is it time to prepare myself for lots of worries and emotional outbursts?

I remember my younger days when I felt the emotional distance between my mother and I when I desperately wanted a better relationship. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan. With Raksha Bandhan approaching soon, many of us are in need of some great food as well as gift ideas to celebrate the festival in the best possible manner. Mother’s Zone very well understands this. In fact, we will help you make this festival one of the most memorable days of your lives. Know About Raksha Bandhan Festival. The pure bond of love between a sister and a brother is one of the deepest of all human emotions. Onam: The Harvest Festival of Kerala. India is a land of diverse culture and religion and every state of the country celebrates a special festival of their own. The rich cultural heritage of the state of Kerala is presented at its best sprit during the ten day long festival Onam. - Interesting Panchatantra Stories for Kids of All Ages. Description. Delicious Party Snacks.

Unique Baby Shower Dessert Ideas. There is no denying the fact that any celebration is incomplete without some wonderful mouthwatering desserts. Know About 9 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms. Janmashtami Recipes. Janmashtami festival is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna and ardent devotees make sure that they treat their Lord in the best possible way. Indian Independence Day Speech in Hindi. Independence Day Special Songs for Dance. Popular Baby Name inspired by Freedom Fighters. Introduce Holiness in your Clan by Naming your Son after Lord Krishna. Baby Development at Pregnancy Week 12. Pregnancy Symptoms at 7 weeks. 4 Weeks Pregnant - What to Expect in First Trimester. Interesting Akbar Birbal Stories For Kids. Mother's Zone: How to Plan Ahead for your First Baby’s Day Out.

Positive Parenting Techniques for You and Your Partner. Avoid Sleepless Nights with these Baby Sleeping Tips. Inspirational Hindi Poem Koshish Karne Walon ki Haar Nahi Hoti. Plan and Execute an Unforgettable Baby Shower. Symptoms that are Normal for Women 26 Weeks Pregnant. Productive Things That Housewives Can Do To Use Their Free Time. Indian Baby Names 2015. Tips to Spend Quality Time with Kids That Does Not Involve Money. New Parent Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. Fun yet Nutritious Breakfast Recipes for Kids. Simple Yet Ingenious Baby Shower Party Decorations. Learn All About Diapering a Baby. Hindi Poems and Motivation.pdf - DocDroid. Remember These Things While Plan Outing With Baby - mothe... " Aaraam Karo by Gopal Prasad Vyas" Mothers' Zone - Tips for Grooming Newborn Babies.

Baby Teething Tips. Bridal Eye Makeup Tips Parlours - Saloons Industrial Area Bhubaneswar 136737886. Tales of Akbar and Birbal - Bhubaneswar - Hindi Hum Panchi Unmukt Gagan ke Poem. Selecting a Newborn Baby Name that has a Distinctive Identity. Healthy Breakfast Oats Idli. How to Swaddle a Baby Step by Step. An Ideal Bridal Eye Makeup Routine for the Blushing Bride. Steps of How to Diaper a baby - motherszone. How to Make Idli - Healthy Breakfast recipe. Mothers' Zone - Benefits of Reading a Panchatantra Bedtime Story to Kids. What Clever Tales of Akbar Birbal can Teach your Child. Important Tips on Spending Quality Time with Baby. Tips on How to Take Care of Newborn Baby. " Aaraam Karo by Gopal Prasad Vyas" Oats Uthappam. Semiya Pulao. Pani Puri (Home Made) Top 5 Hindi Poems that Instill Patriotic Spirit in your Children. Mothers' Zone - A Step by Step Guide to Changing your Baby’s Diaper.

Mother's Zone: A Quick Guide to Cooking up a Storm with Traditional Kanda Poha. Newborn Baby Sleep Tips. Mother's Zone: Picking a Timeless Yet Significant Name for Your Newborn. Wall. 5 Tips to Cultivate Reading Habits in Children. A Selection of Motivational Hindi Poems for your Child. Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Child. Mothers' Zone - Safety tips for kids. 5 Useful Tips to Choose The Right Baby Name for Your Child. Jataka-stories-for-kids.pdf. EzineArticles Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints.

Helpful Tips and Guidance on Babysitting. Nature Inspired Baby Names-Infographics. A Few Sure Shot Ways To Teach Your Child Discipline. Stem Cell Therapy and Banking. Let’s Prepare Namkeen Dalia Today for Breakfast! Make This Mother's Day Special. Paneer & Vegetable Salad. Nature Inspired Baby Names-Infographics. Mothers' Zone - Namkeen Dalia-A Lip Smacking Recipe Rich in Nutrients.