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Welcome to Lemon Grass. Cadillac Shifts Advertising Dollars to Digital. 12 Tips to Write Enticing Blog Posts. 222 Flares Twitter 168 Facebook 33 Google+ 1 StumbleUpon 2 LinkedIn 18 inShare18 Pin It Share 0 Reddit 0 222 Flares × Do you attract readers?

12 Tips to Write Enticing Blog Posts

This is the question for bloggers. You attract readers. Grow your readership. Or you don’t. You can write enticing blog posts. Failures are impatient. Take each tip. Six Keys To Standing Out On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC] Facebook Inspires Young Voters to Take Action [INFOGRAPHIC] As election day approaches, you might be getting sick of the political bickering in your News Feed.

Facebook Inspires Young Voters to Take Action [INFOGRAPHIC]

You can try to fight it, but political participation on social media is contagious. Since 2004, politicians like Howard Dean and Ron Paul have been using social and new media to advance their causes and put themselves in front of younger voters who aren't just tech-savvy, they're tech-centric. Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for spreading information and news, as Barack Obama used to his advantage in his 2008 bid for the presidency. But Facebook can do more than just familiarize voters with a candidate or let them "Like" a campaign page. For the younger demographic of new voters, social media can be a push to the ballot. SEE ALSO: Social Is the Secret Weapon in Local Politics A study out of the University of California found that social messages functioned as highly effective reminders to vote. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, gunnar3000. Teen Takes Educators to Twitter School. Fifteen-year-old Adora Svitak knows students nowadays "live, work and play" social media.

Teen Takes Educators to Twitter School

"We're used to the characteristics of social media: participation, connection, instant gratification," she tells Mashable, "and when school doesn't offer the same, it's easy to tune out. " To help more educators learn about the benefits of using social media in the classroom, Adora recently taught nearly 3,000 teachers, principals and administrators how to implement Twitter and Facebook into their lives. "The speech was successful in that a lot of new people joined Twitter and learned how to start a Facebook page for a class or school group," Adora said about her collaborative keynote presentation at the Advancing Improvement in Education Conference in Austin this month.

The first-time Twitter users learned how to sign up, tweet and weave in hashtags — pushing thankful messages to Adora during her demonstration: @adorasv So happy that u got everyone using Twitter today. 5 Things You Need To Know About Chinese Social Media. 10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business. Nowadays ordinary people usually use Instagram for … photographing their food and cats!

10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

And not all businessmen understand that Instagram is not just a “cool” app, but also a unique opportunity for business. Besides today, the visual information better meets our needs. Perhaps you did not notice, but the images are playing a much more important role than textual information. When we go out to the Internet, photography particularly attracts our attention. Text does not have such a powerful effect on us.

If you take anything away from this article then take this: do not make your pictures boring. In this article, you’ll learn… Barnes &amp - Noble Stores Have Credit Card Data Breach. What Would Classic Literary Characters Leave As Their Away Messages? 5 Tips for Talking About Politics on Social Media. Sometimes when we talk about things we're passionate about, conversations can get heated.

5 Tips for Talking About Politics on Social Media

One topic to tread carefully with is politics, especially when it comes to social media. The third and final U.S. presidential debate is tonight in Boca Raton, Fla. Social Media Intelligence Brief: October 23 2012. Index. Instagram a pic, get free shoes. 10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following. Has your Facebook Page growth stalled?

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following

Now is a good time to examine your Facebook activities, cutting out what isn’t working and expanding what works. Here are ten tips to help grow your Facebook community. #1: Connect With Other Page Managers. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's Early Days - Mike Isaac - Social. Asa Mathat / Like any young start-up, the early days of Facebook were thin and scrappy.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook's Early Days - Mike Isaac - Social

Its very first server back in 2004 cost $85 to rent. They didn’t spend more than they had in the bank. They were small, tight and still had everything to prove. To do that, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, the company needed to test its mettle against its existing competitors. #Romnesia: A Made for Social Media Attack Line. On Tap This Week, Apple and Microsoft Events, Earnings - Tricia Duryee. grows social capabilities with 20 partners. Building on its acquisition of Radian6 and Buddy Media, today announced that its Marketing Cloud has expanded to include 20 of the most current social analytics vendors, with the most additions including Trendspottr, LeadSift, Bitext, Caterva, EpiAnalytics and LingaSys. grows social capabilities with 20 partners

At Cloudforce 2012, a company event held in New York City, noted a recent McKinsey Global Institute report that found relying on brand recognition can increase a company’s margins by as much as 60 percent by using social technologies to connect with customers and to generate sharper consumer insights. Michael Lazerow, chief marketing officer of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, said provided the tools to make that happen. “150 million social conversations are happening every day, and now companies are truly able to take social insight and turn it into action by focusing on the conversations that matter,” he said. Talkin' Bout Social Media With Michael Brito (with image, tweets) · sarbrandt.

@Britopian Speaks on Social Business (with image, tweets) · lindsaybarton7. New York Restaurant Puts Instagram on the Menu. A new restaurant in New York City has implemented what it's calling an Instagram menu, directing patrons to pictures of food posted on the popular photo-sharing site to help them decide what to order.

New York Restaurant Puts Instagram on the Menu

5 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Monitoring. There are hundreds of social media and web metrics that you could look at everyday if there was enough time and context to understand each of them.

5 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

But without overwhelming you with data and drowning out what is important, there are a few key metrics that you should be monitoring at all times. Today we’ll cover the 5 metrics social media metrics that you should be aware of and monitoring for a pulse on your social business. Let’s jump in, and happy monitoring! 1. Engagement – Engagement is one of the most critical areas of social to measure.

If you notice a particular set of messages is not working, dont give up but try changing the messaging and measure the type of response that you achieve. NewhouseSU COM 600 Social Media Theory and Practice #NewhouseSM6 Fall 2012 - What We've Accomplished So Far! @Linda_S_Daley NewhouseSU COM 600 Social Media Theory and Practice #NewhouseSM6 Fall 2012 - What We've Accomplished So Far! We conduct an open and transparent course using the Web 2.0 skills, digital tools, and social networking savvy demanded by the Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Television, Radio, and Film professions today and in the future.

We use these tools and skills to help us learn course content, create, communicate, collaborate, and network with each other and the marketing communications profession. What Tactics and Strategies are Companies Using for Content Marketing? #infographic #B2B. 12 Things To Do After You Wrote A Blogpost - Checklist [Infographic] How Social Is B2B. 'Perfect Split' Meme: Chinese College Student Becomes Internet Sensation Thanks To Spotless Split (PHOTOS) Move over, planking; here comes the super split. A rather stretch-tastic trend is sweeping through the Interwebs in China, as flocks of limber ladies have taken to a popular social networking site to show off their version of a "perfect split. " According to Chinese news website Sina, a college student sparked the malleable meme when she posted this photo of her doing the splits in a dorm room on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo: Credit: Weibo Since then, many girls across the country have followed in her flexible footsteps, posting their own versions of a spotless split.

And to prove just how casual this whole exercise is, some lithe ladies have even taken the meme one step further by carrying out daily activities like eating, chatting on the phone and hanging out at the office as they attempt the super stretch. YouTube Opens Turkish Site, Giving Government More Control. By Ozge Ozbilgin ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey said on Tuesday it had won a long-running battle to persuade the video-sharing website YouTube to operate under a Turkish web domain, giving Ankara a tighter rein over the site's content and requiring the firm to pay Turkish taxes.

Turkey, which banned the popular website for more than two years in 2008, has long come under international criticism for its restrictive internet laws and over the EU-candidate's record on freedom of expression. "This is an important development. For a long time we have made a call to internet firms in Turkey: 'you are operating in this country, you must be resident here'," Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said. "Finally, this sharing site (YouTube) has decided to reside in Turkey.

YouTube released a brief statement on Monday saying it had launched its Turkish website, which would give users a "Turkish-language experience with great, locally relevant content". 10 Tips for Writing the Ideal Blog Post. How Does SEO Work. For College Students, Social Media Tops the Bar Scene. Heather Ainsworth for The New York Times Jordan Calabro, left, and Christopher Cheleuitte, Cornell veterinary students, let loose on the dance floor at Level B, a bar in Ithaca, N.Y. After all, cool is irrelevant when you have arrived at a bar at the insanely early hour of just after 9 p.m. on a Wednesday, in the company of a fraternity “most of us wouldn’t go to a mixer with,” said Michelle Guida, 21, fiddling with her orange Hermès bracelet and gathering three straws to drink from simultaneously. “But it’s their bar tab,” said Vanessa Gilen, also 21, who did not look up from her as she sipped and texted furiously.

The women, in the pre-fall evening-out uniform of tiny shorts and four-inch heels, had fortified themselves for the outing with tequila shots at home. To anyone who has ever been to college, it doesn’t seem like much of a problem: how to lure students to bars, the earlier in the evening the better. Social Media Blunders. NFL Social Media Sentiment Plummets. 10 Tools to Significantly Increase Your Twitter Efficiency.

Note: A guest post by Leo Widrich (Co-founder of Buffer App) – More details about Leo after the post. With recent subscribe function/timeline feature, Facebook seem to jump right into the battle ring with Google+. Yet Twitter continues to be the most important driver of traffic for my personal site and many others too. Handling Twitter efficiently was one of the most important things for me to do, in order to grow, and establish a network. With the help of many tools out there, the Twitter experience is made a lot more fun and meaningful. Forrester Social Media And Retail Report. Update: Facebook Confirms No Private Messages Appearing On Timeline. They’re Old Wall Posts.

Updated. Multiple Twitter Accounts. Pro athletes on Twitter: league execs say marketing outweighs gaffes. Have You Been Making This Huge Mistake On Your Blog? Facebook. Pepsi Marks 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' 72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012. What Social Network Should You Use - and When. Why is Digital So Difficult to Measure? Answer: It's Complicated. Poynter. Update your user profile - Profile.

Database Error. Can Twitter Increase Student Engagement and Boost Grades? #infographic #HigherEd #study. Cindy Gallop and Elliot Polak. Alex Perez: Ice cream at #newhouse :-)... LinkedIn Launches iPad App, Takes New Direction. The Capitol - The Official Government of Panem. Miss Piggy (muppetsstudio) The Muppets. Do you follow updates on films through social media before the film is released? 26 Charities and Non-Profits on Twitter. Lon S. We get social media. Period. 6 questions to ask before working with a blogger. Instagram Users Fail to Welcome Their New Overlord. What is Crowdsourcing?

Am. Cazenovia Computer Repair - Home. Oh My Goodness. ESUSM. Small Business Size Standards. Facebook Users: Protect Your Timeline Profile from the Public. #AKASocialTV. The Balancing Act: Social Media Privacy and Our Employment. Boy “Meets” Girl: Dating in a Virtual World. Do you use other forms of technology (iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc) while watching live TV? GetGlue. UpGRADE Presentation*


#Curation101. Dr4Ward. Oliver Starr.