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MC34063A design tool. High Power RGB LED Controller. This is an ongoing project to control a number (currently 5) of Lamina Atlas high power (350-500mA) LEDs. Current progress includes: PCB artwork (in Eagle) with connections for 5 RGB LEDs. Firmware for a Microchip PIC16f887 microcontroller to interface between the FTDI 245R USB chip and a number of Texas Instruments TLC5940 constant current LED drivers. Python ctypes interface to libftdi. A simple Python interface to communicate color commands by USB Ongoing work includes an intuitive graphical user interface, music synchronization, and a reworking of the hardware to utilize switching constant current regulators. See 500mA 5-channel RGB LED Controller / Driver, for an updated design. Motivation Aside from mere novelty, this project was conceived for a use as a multicolor strobe controller during parties.

Hardware The Lamina Atlas LEDs are rated with an absolute maximum current of 700mA per color, though all output specifications are measured at 350mA. Firmware Functional Overview 0x02 0x03. Technology - LTC3212 - RGB LED Driver and Charge Pump.