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Green Energy Conversions. Using a diesel engine for our hybrid was a no brain-er.

Green Energy Conversions

Diesel engines have a base efficiency of about 30 – 35% whereas a gasoline engine is around 25%. Second, diesel engines have the unique capability to operate on various fuel types, including bio-diesel and straight vegetable oil (SVO). In fact, the diesel engine was designed for farmers to grow their own fuel. This fact allows owners to operate their vehicle from carbon neutral fuel sources, like used vegetable oil from restaurants. 600-1000A DC Motor Kit Complete EV Conversion Kit. MAGTEC - HYBRID & ELECTRIC DRIVES - PLUG-AND-PLAY SYSTEMS FOR BUSES AND COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Components. Creating electric vehicles that people want to drive. AC Propulsion drive systems lead the industry in power density and efficiency.

Creating electric vehicles that people want to drive

They deliver up to 200 kW (268 hp) motor output for spirited driving while maximizing vehicle range with high efficiency over a broad operating range. Smooth and comprehensive energy recovery is provided through traction-controlled regenerative braking. Hybrid Electric Car Truck Hummer H1 H2 Kit - Clean Futures. The Patented Goodwin Assist is a revolutionary new technology for converting Hummers into highly fuel efficient plug in hybrids.

Hybrid Electric Car Truck Hummer H1 H2 Kit - Clean Futures

The Goodwin Assist is focused squarely on bang for the buck proposition of maximizing fuel savings with minimal capital investment resulting in the shortest ROI. Benefits: 18-24 Months ROI 60% Fuel Cost Reduction 60% Less Emissions The Goodwin Assist provides 80% of the financial benefits of other solutions at 20% of the cost. The Goodwin Assist applies that stored energy via the electric motor to assist the internal combustion engine when it is most inefficient, significantly reducing workload of the engine and the use of fossil fuel. The Goodwin Assist reads the engines performance and increases the assist when the internal combustion engine will benefit most from a fuel saving perspective such as frequent starts and stops. Your Work Truck + the Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid Retrofit Kit = Savings for You « Terex Hypower: electric utility, hybrid, truck, digger, bucket, aerial, lift, aerial device, plug-in, fuel efficient, vehicle, derrick, hi-ranger.

Aug 09 Written by under Customers, Environment Tags: Hybrid, hybrid bucket truck, hybrid digger, hybrid fleet, HyPower, Retrofit, retrofit kit, save fuel, save money, Terex HyPower, Utility Truck In today’s economic climate, more businesses are finding solutions that will help reduce costs.

Your Work Truck + the Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid Retrofit Kit = Savings for You « Terex Hypower: electric utility, hybrid, truck, digger, bucket, aerial, lift, aerial device, plug-in, fuel efficient, vehicle, derrick, hi-ranger

The Terex® HyPower™ hybrid retrofit kit is one solution that can help you reduce operational costs, but also extend the service life of your current fleet and increases productivity while being environmentally friendly. Electric & Hybrid Drives - HEINZMANN GmbH & Co. KG. Lightfoot How Lightfoot Works - The dashboard display is built into the sealed instrument console unit on all vehicles.

The concept of Lightfoot is simple.

Lightfoot How Lightfoot Works - The dashboard display is built into the sealed instrument console unit on all vehicles.

Lightfoot delivers proven fuel savings of over 10% by improving and sustaining driver behaviour. Lightfoot is like having a driver training professional sitting next to a driver every second they are on the road, encouraging them in real-time to drive in the most efficient way possible and making sure they do not slip back into bad habits. The improvements in driver efficiency are immediate and sustained. A simple e-mail report is sent to the fleet manager every week to summarise driver performance within their fleet. Lightfoot develops two key personal relationships to help make its savings: The DriverThe Fleet Manager 1. Lightfoot is the first product of its kind to make fuel savings in real-time with the driver via a positive and supportive relationship.

Watch Lightfoot Video for Drivers. Green Motorsport - The GMS DUAL POWERTRAIN™ Green MotorSport can supply a range of Dual Powertrains™ Each dual powertrain™ is designed to suit a specific range of applications.

Green Motorsport - The GMS DUAL POWERTRAIN™

They are economical electric drive systems that replace the internal combustion engine for both on and off-road vehicles. The GMS DUAL MK2 powertrain is based around the liquid cooled GMS motors which was specially designed for Green MotorSport to give outstanding performance when used in lightweight family cars or fleet vehicles . At the heart of this electric car package are two high powered controllers, which are matched to the liquid cooled motors and pre-programmed to deliver exceptional flexibility. Although the motors are nominally 36kW, in this configuration, the drive train will run continuously at the much higher levels necessary for passenger vehicles and will deliver exceptional peak power for short periods. This complete package comes with all components. (IP and copyright property of Green MotorSport Limited : All rights reserved.) Sensors. Epicenter for Electric Mobility Innovation. Fallbrook Technologies Inc. Maximillian Semsch on tour after completing his journey (more than 16,000 km) around Australia on a NuVinci-equipped e-Bike.

Fallbrook Technologies Inc.

It was the longest e-Bike trip ever undertaken and the longest road test for the NuVinci hub in combination with an e-drive system under extreme conditions. Some comments from his video diary are: • “We did it. After six months, we are back where we started at the Sydney Opera House. In the last 187 days, I cycled more than 16,000 km on my bike. • “The bike did a great job and it was an unforgettable journey. Now, Maximilian is detailing his story with a series of live lectures in various cities around Germany. FEV-Home. Hydraulic hybrid retrofits for heavy vehicles. AC motors, DC motors, Grinders - Kostov Motors. How to Buy. OKA KIT. Home. From the technical point of view, in the last years full HEVs have shown to be a viable short-medium term solution to ensure at the same time:• the Social and Environmental Needs: lower consumption (with the related CO2 emissions) and acoustic/regulated emissions reduction• the Customer Demands: enhanced performance, improved driveability, high thermal comfort.


In this field, nowadays, the European market, in comparison with North American and Far East, is the most difficult one for a wide hybrids penetration due to the large diffusion of low cost and low consumption diesel base solutions. Hi-CEPS aims to operate, with an effective synergy approach on the devices, a strong step forward to reduce this gap with European environmental friendly and fun to drive solutions at an acceptable cost and customised for the European application conditions. AC Motor Kits. Creating electric vehicles that people want to drive. Electric Motorsport. Energy Battery Pack for Plug-in and Electric Vehicles - A123 Systems. Our Energy Core Packs are built using our AMP20 Energy Modules.

Energy Battery Pack for Plug-in and Electric Vehicles - A123 Systems

Automotive Class Lithium Ion Battery Technology A123’s automotive class lithium ion battery systems deliver high energy without compromising power performance, excellent safety performance and extensive cycle life in a compact package. High Power: Higher charge and discharge rates for better performance and efficiencyHigher Usable Energy: Wide SOC (state of charge) range enables greater battery utilizationExtended Cycle Life: Long battery life for more than a million micro-cycles or thousands of 100% DOD (depth of discharge) cyclesExcellent Safety: Superior abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium ion chemistries. Welcome to FREEDOM MOTORS. August 2008 - Hydrostatic Drive Helps Conventional On-Off Highway Trucks Get Traction. Hydrostatic Drive Helps Conventional On-Off Highway Trucks Get Traction Scott Betzen, Poclain Hydraulics Special Collaboration Poclain Hydraulics is best known for its hydrostatic transmission systems used in construction, agricultural, and other off-highway vehicles.

August 2008 - Hydrostatic Drive Helps Conventional On-Off Highway Trucks Get Traction

However, last year at bauma 2007, held in Munich, Poclain Hydraulics introduced a new drive system that gives all-wheel-drive capability to conventional on-highway trucks. Dubbed the AddiDrive Assist, the drive system uses a Poclain hydrostatic pump powered through a power takeoff from the vehicle's transmission. Hydraulic fluid from the pump is routed through control valves to a hydrostatic motor mounted within the envelope of the truck's left and right front axle assemblies. System operation In normal operation, the Assist is disabled, so the front wheels spin freely, and the system consumes no power. Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Hybrid RunWise® Technologies. Hydraulic drive - another one tries its luck. Hydraulic drive - another one tries its luck The idea of replacing the bike chain with a hydraulic system has been around almost as long as the bicycle - here's a new incarnation.

Posted by Peter Eland on Friday 19 Jan 2001 The 'Power Curve Vari-Speed Liquid Drive Bicycle" - check the website here - isn't the first, and will no doubt not be the last, to try this technology. All previous efforts have failed to match the good old chain on efficiency, reliability and cost. This one looks to be at the prototype stage so far.

The 'Power Curve' bit in the name seems to refer to two wavey-edged bits in the pump, which (I think) presumably 'rock' along their matching surfaces to produce teh positive displacement of fluid that drives the bike. Advanced Mechanical Engineering Services – Czero. Electric Car Company Home Lithium Car Batteries Electric Vehicle EV Batteries. Engine Air. Millbrook Proving Ground. We have a number of production facilities for prototypes through to large volume production. All prototypes and specialist ‘one-offs’ are developed within a high security (government approved) workshop alongside our own engineering designers and manufacturing engineers. As an example, following design approval, series and large volumes are manufactured in a second larger secure workshop where ‘station’ build techniques construct the vehicle in eight distinct stages.

These take the vehicle from initial strip down, through protection installation to final inspection. Detailed manufacturing instructions are provided at each station together with inspection and operator sign off sheets which provide a document build log to ensure quality is maintained at all stages. Activities. Cyclone Power Technologies - How It Works. Hybrid Technology Engineered For Commercial Fleets. Request a Demo. Protean Electric. Revolo - timeline. City Clutch : Automatic Clutch Pedal Control System. E-Traction - Home. Residential Level 2 Charge Station installed Easily! MIRA: World-class Vehicle Engineering, Test and Development. Parker - Engineering Your Success - Motion Control Technology - Hydraulic Pneumatic Hoses Valves Pumps Cylinders Seals.

Innovators in fluid power. Hydraulics - Hydraulic Launch Assist. With Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) systems, you can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in vehicles that operate in continuous stop-and-go duty cycles, such as refuse trucks and buses. These hybrid hydraulic systems supplement conventional vehicle powertrains in two ways: Regeneration and Launch Assist. Regeneration During braking, the vehicle's kinetic energy drives the pump/motor as a pump, transferring hydraulic fluid from the low-pressure reservoir to a high-pressure accumulator. The fluid compresses nitrogen gas in the accumulator and pressurizes the system.

This regenerative braking captures about 70% of the kinetic energy produced during braking. Launch Assist ADuring acceleration, a high-pressure accumulator meters out fluid to drive the pump/motor as a motor. Economy Mode Economy Mode When the Hydraulic Launch Assist System is operating in Economy Mode, the energy stored in the accumulator during braking is used alone to initially accelerate the vehicle. Permo-Drive Technologies Ltd. What is the Regenerative Drive System (RDSTM)? Hub motor,brushless motor,outboard conversion kit, BLDC motor, bike conversion kit, brushless controller,brushless motor controller,electric propulsion outboard,electric outboard,electric car motor,brushless joystick controller,brushless golf car,brushles. Lightning Hybrids.