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Aalia Hasan is a web enthusiast and an educationalist. Presently she is contributing articles for and She offers consultancy on making the educational process easier and more engaging than ever before. She also has active profiles on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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Education Malaysia. Education Hong Kong. Education Singapore. Education UAE. If You Are A Student, Yoga Can Be Your Best Bet To Keeping Depression At Bay. Hundreds of chemically made anti-depressants are available in the market today that are medically prescribed to manage depression issues in adults and teenagers.

If You Are A Student, Yoga Can Be Your Best Bet To Keeping Depression At Bay

These anti-depressants vary from the popular benzodiazepines to the different serotonin supplements. But do they really help to suppress the problem in the best possible manner? I am going to be perfectly honest here and say that they do. They do help in bringing the issue under a certain degree of control. But along with all their upsides, there are also several more downsides that come in the form of side effects such as: Dependency.Withdrawal symptoms.Gnawing sense of worry that it might be difficult to cope up with depression without medication.Possible relapse after a certain point in time.

So why don’t we go for a more natural cure; something that can help to keep the problem at bay without giving any side-effects? Highlights of Yoga How does yoga therapy help in keeping depression at bay? How can we Bring Improvement in the Malaysian Education System? There has been a debate going on regarding the fruitfulness of Malaysian education for several years now.

How can we Bring Improvement in the Malaysian Education System?

Get Acknowledged About the Teaching Methods in Malaysia. Any country becomes excellent through political, social and educational status.

Get Acknowledged About the Teaching Methods in Malaysia

In Malaysia, great techniques and methodologies of education have been adopted. The aim is to build youngsters strong enough to fit in the competitive world and live a responsible life. A constant developmental approach from education legislation and directives has been taken by the Malaysian Quality Assurance System to become a solid and powerful educational hub. A Complete Guide To Building A Spelling Dictionary In Your Kid's Brain. 25 out of 100 – That’s a shocking score; isn’t it?

A Complete Guide To Building A Spelling Dictionary In Your Kid's Brain

Your little boy has miserably failed his spelling test at in spite of trying his best. So, what was the problem? Standing in 2019, we are already aware of the fact that our brain is adapted to recognize common words AKA the “visual dictionary”. People with reading difficulties can also learn correct spelling as a result of this “visual dictionary.” Why Should Singapore be Your Study Destination? Singapore is the among the top choices of the modern parents to send their wards in this country to study.

Why Should Singapore be Your Study Destination?

The reason is that Singapore has developed an education system that is progressive with state-of-the-art facilities. The education standard has touched excellence in every level starting from the primary level. Singapore boasts over 30 international schools apart from public schools. Here is how Teachers at the UAE are Making Math Fun and Easy for Students. Maths is like a nightmare for many students in the UAE.

Here is how Teachers at the UAE are Making Math Fun and Easy for Students

It is observed that students flunk in the particular subject due to the poor teaching methods. It is the optimum requirement to turn this around. Facts: The Importance Of Immunization Cannot Be Stressed Well Enough. We all want to stay fit for the lifetime.

The Importance Of Immunization Cannot Be Stressed Well Enough

As Ralph Waldo Emerson has proudly said: “The first wealth is health.” If you go through the book named “Children of Promise: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Healthy Kids,” written by Dr. Rand Olson, you will come across a sentence where it is mentioned that health is the most sacred and best gift you can give to your child.

One of the most significant and mandatory methods to make our child free of horrible diseases is Immunization or Vaccine. Why do children need immunization? Is There An Inherent Link Between Concentration And Martial Arts? “To gain mastery, you must unite the qualities of spirit, strength, technique and the ability to take the initiative.”

Is There An Inherent Link Between Concentration And Martial Arts?

This sentence is applicable in every sphere of human life. We must string our strength, spirituality, intelligence, understanding, techniques, rationality and logic to become a real living soul. So why don’t we start incorporating these excellences in your children from the very beginning? How To Introduce Algorithms To Kids. Like reading and writing, programming has also become a part of the basic literacy.

How To Introduce Algorithms To Kids

A future may soon crop up where interviewees will be automatically expected to know the different ways of programming a computer for no specific reason whatsoever. For example: Interviewer: How many languages do you know? Interviewee: English, Hindi, and French. Interviewer: That’s it? Interviewee: Oh! UAE Education Sector Needs Smart Revolution. Dubai has taken many initiatives towards implementing technologies to enhance the standard of living.

UAE Education Sector Needs Smart Revolution

The city is making progress towards becoming a pioneer smart city. The city, this year has taken a major step and focused on the education sector. Only 52% of UAE schools have fully integrated technology in classrooms, like the usage of digital chalkboards, cloud services, and tablets. The ministry of education has developed the education strategy for 2020. How to Improve Your Vocabulary For The TOEFL Examination. Aiming to learn about five words a day, twenty-five a week, may not look too much on the hindsight, but things like these are the ones capable of making all the differences when the situation calls for the most. Since most TOEFL books include about four to five hundred words a day, you should ideally be able to master them all in around four to five months. Here, in this post, we have come up with a few proven tips to improve your stock of words in an organized way. Have a look. 1. GRE Math: Practice Problems on Ratio And Proportion.

Ratio and proportion are one of those concepts that may pop up in about any GRE numerical problem. You may have to calculate the ratio between 2 angles forming intersecting lines, or you may have to calculate the ratio of speeds a person drove at. With such broad applications, it’s imperative for you to know about these concepts in minute details. Here, in this post, we have come up with a few sample problems for your practice. SAT Essays: Things You Should Be Aware Of. SAT essays are typically similar to college writing assignments that test your writing, analysis, and reading skills. What you will have to do You will be given a passage that you must read as carefully as possible.

22 Of The Best Mother’s Day Quotes. Whether you are writing them on a card or via text, make sure you share these Mother’s Day quotes with your mum on May 13. So let’s begin. “Acceptance, tolerance, bravery, compassion. Top TEN Learning Techniques That You Should Be Aware Of. School is for learning. But unfortunately, one of the fundamental things that students don’t really do well in school is knowing how to learn. Most of us are taught via rote memorizations without being shown the appropriate ways to effectively absorb the material. Here, in this post, we have come up with a few learning techniques in terms of effectiveness from the best to the worst for your reference.

Have a look. 1. Efficiency – High This shouldn’t come as a surprise. These form of assessments do not precisely require an actual test or a testing environment. IELTS Writing Tips and Sample Questions for Practice: All You Need to Know. Top 16 Of The Most Inspiring And Witty Programming Quotes. Recently, we were looking for a few programming quotes for one of our presentations, and we were pretty amazed to see some of the very funny and witty ones that really needed some brains to figure out the “fun” part. Below, we have provided a few for your reference; particularly the ones we liked. Have a look.

“We build our computer (systems) the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins. " - Ellen Ullman. Top 7 MBA Degrees in Dubai. SAT Vocabulary Flashcards: 90 words to remember. SAT Verbal is perhaps the maximum challenging section of SAT 2018 examination calling for maximum preparation on the candidate’s end. The key component of this section is vocabulary that the candidate must work upon at the time of his/her individual preparation. Below, we have provided a comprehensive wordlist containing 90 important words for your reference. Make a commitment of learning at least one per day. 1. Is Aerospace Engineering The Right Career Choice For You? Ways To Stay Safe On The Public WiFi. Photographing Birds In Action: Incredible DIY Tips For Beginners.

The texture and color of birds’ plumage make them an exciting photographing subject, made all the more exhilarating by their elusive and fleeting nature. With a lot of practice and patience, you will soon be on your way to capturing wonderful photographs of our feathered friends. These tips can help. Photography Equipment. 25 Common English Proverbs To Remember For GMAT Analytical Essay Writing. GRE Analytical Essay Writing: A Brief Guide And Sample Questions For Practice. The GRE Analytical essay writing assessment is primarily made of two major parts, namely: The Argument essay, and The issue essay. You will be allotted a total of 30 minutes for each type where both will check your ability of writing convincing theses statements that you must defend throughout your entire writing.

16 Smart and Insightful Quotes From The British Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking passed away on 13th March 2018, leaving behind a long scientific legacy of scientific outreach to the general public. Through his lectures, books, movies, and the occasional cameo on TV, Hawking inspired millions of people to learn more about the Universe. Architectural Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers. What is the Difference Between Visual Communication and Visual Literacy? People often get confused between visual communication and visual literacy. What Are The Legal Rights of Students With ADHD? Tell Your Teen That Being Fit Doesn't Mean Being Skinny. Lower the Burden of Perfection From Your Child's Mind.

Quantitative GMAT Time and Work Problems and Solutions: Sample Numericals For Practice. Know Everything About Redshirting. Is Parental Involvement Necessary for College Students? How Should You Prepare Your Teenager For College? How Should the College Hosteliers Take Care in the Flu Season? Freehand or machines? Which is better for students?

Be With Your Kids in Refining Their Bonds With the Grandparents. Explainer Videos Can Add Magic to the Classroom. The Qualities That Make a Great Teacher. Advancement of Music Classroom Through Digital Tools. An Exciting Online Class is on Your Way. VR Can be an Important Aspect of Further Education. Watch Movies to Learn Better. Be Efficient by Boosting Your Productivity in Higher Education. Ace the Best Tricks to Write a Pro-Research Paper. Why Should You Choose Project Management Course? Business Tort Liability. Get the Magic Techniques to Write an Assignment Accurately. Want To Seriously Boost Your Motivation? Boost Your Dopamine Levels. The Right Steps to Get Into Online Tutoring.

Ideal Ways to Save Money While Studying in College. Ideal New Year Resolutions for Improving Children's Behavior and Attitude. How to Motivate Students to Face Exams? How Can Christmas be the Best Time to Teach About Contentment to the Kids? Don't Worry About the Upcoming Exams: Get Ready With the Smart Tips. How to Guide Students in Research and Development? Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators. Teaching Methods For Weak Students. Remedial Plan For Weak Students in English. Introducing Dash And Dot; Two Cute Bots That Blend Robotics With Education. How to Solve Trigonometric Problems Using the Sine Rule. 30 Bizarre Facts About the Seas and the Oceans. 10 Unique Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory.

6 Of The Best Plagiarism Detection Tools For Teachers And Professors. Interesting Nobel Prize Facts That You May Not Have Heard of yet [Infographic] 6 Ways Movies Can Help Students Learn Better. Tips for Students to Write More Impressively. 5 Beginner Tips to Roller Skate Properly and Safely. Unique and Awesome Video Tutorial. SIX Of The Commonest Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For Competitive Examinations. How To Encourage A Child To Pick Up A Hobby For His/her Own Good. Calculate Faster Than a Calculator: FIVE Tricks for Quicker Calculations. Top 10 Programming Applications For Kids [Infographic] A Few Expert Tips And Tricks To An Improved Wildlife Photography. A Few Expert Tips and Tricks to Developing Good Dribbling Skills in Football. Boost Your Child's Working Memory in a Few Simple Ways. A Complete Guide to Staying Safe on the Public WiFi. Programming Aesthetics: How to Write a BEAUTIFUL and LEGIBLE Code.

10 Coding Apps For Kids. 7 Historical Facts About Photography that You May Not Have Heard of Yet [Infographic] 23 Amazing Astronomy Facts That You May Not Have Heard Yet. How To Manage Exam Anxiety in FIVE Simple Steps. Easiest Ways to Learn English. Learn English from an native English Tutor. 8 Tips to Score Better in Geography. Understanding the ISO setting of a DSLR camera: A detailed discussion. Why Magic Still Interests Children in a Science Driven World. Study Resources: How to Calculate the Area of Complex Geometrical Figures. 6 Proven Steps to Choosing the Best Career for Yourself.

Skills You Must Teach Your Child That You Did Not Learn. Common Mistakes to Avoid During Exam Preparation. Learn syllogisms the easy way: A few tips and tricks. Best ways to reduce Examination Stress. Know Everything About the Turing Test That was Designed to Verify the Intelligence of Machines. How to Prepare Your Best for NEET.