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Short Guy? Why You Need To Know Uniqlo. There have been a slew of big discount mass fashion retailers who have set up shop in New York City over the last decade or so with enormous success.

Short Guy? Why You Need To Know Uniqlo

H&M, Zara, Century 21 and Target all come to mind. None have had a track record quite like Uniqlo, who opened their flagship store in Soho back in 2006 and added an even larger store to their chain in the city’s renowned Fifth Avenue Retail District in 2011 on a 15 year $300 Million lease. Easily eclipsing 40 Million in sales (not in dollars, but number of items) of their Heattech Underwear line alone, and posting similar numbers with their Selvedge Japanese-Made denim jeans, it comes as no surprise that the company’s founder Tadashi Yanai projects over $50 Billion Dollars in sales worldwide by the year 2020 (Compared to $11 Billion in 2011). Their Soho store normally boasts 24,000 customers on a typical Saturday. Company Founder and CEO, Tadashi Yanai is a short man at 5 Foot 5. Why Uniqlo Size Matters The Experience Final Thoughts. Short Guy Central. New York Based Label Jaden Lam Designs Clothes For Shorter Men.

Shorter Men, Fashion Designers are finally lending their ears and opening their eyes to such a potentially huge market.

New York Based Label Jaden Lam Designs Clothes For Shorter Men

Over the last few years, several labels have sprung up internationally promising shorter men cuts designed specifically for them. We've seen U.S. Based Peter Manning and his 5'8 brand for men 5'8 and under. That particular company has had a pretty good hold on the market for the last decade or so. For men in this height range, the pickings were slim. Now, you have another option.

You Get What You Pay For Their fashion comes with a price however. Source | Logo (Jaden Lam), Quotes (Sydney Morning Herald), Photo (Jaden Lam Site) Which is the best tall woman short man couple ever? Was just checking out some articles short guy tall woman couples and was curious what you guys thought.

Which is the best tall woman short man couple ever?

Which couple do you think is the best looking short guy tall woman couple of all time? Wanted to get a poll going. What are your thoughts? 1. Nicolas Sarkozy (5'5) Carla Bruni (5'9) 2. 3. 4. Can you name short actors who consistently played lead roles? 8 Tough Short Guys In NYC You Should Know. There is a socially constructed myth that shorter men are at an evolutionary disadvantage because their taller counterparts are more agile, stronger and therefore better suited for warding off attackers.

8 Tough Short Guys In NYC You Should Know

With overwhelming scientific evidence supporting that short men live longer, are wittier, can get to the ground quicker and can pack on muscle much faster, who is to say that a short guy is less capable of protecting you? There are plenty of professional short professional athletes in Football (Darren Sprawls), Basketball (David Robinson), Baseball (Jose Altuve) and Boxing (Floyd Mayweather) who kick ass every day and show us just that. Well, we walked around New York City looking for every day short men who have been hired to serve and protect in jobs where their life is on the line every day; where just being able to clock out unscathed is a blessing unto itself.

We didn’t have to look too long. These men are on every street corner, every block and every crevice you could think of. Five Short Guy Celebrities Who Dress With Swag. I often get tired of reading blogs and articles where writers suggest or urge people to find ways to dress taller.

Five Short Guy Celebrities Who Dress With Swag

What does that mean exactly? No amount of horizontal stripes or fitted pants will make a guy look taller than he is. You are who you are. The best thing to do is find clothes that fit your body. That’s right. Pitbull The Cuban Rapper is known for performing in custom suits and when off stage, dawning fitted blazers, crisp jeans and button down shits with the top collar open. Jonah Hill The former pudgy actor turned weight loss veteran has turned up his style by way of trendy clothing. Rapper and Actor T.I. is the one credited for injecting class into Hip-Hop dress style and making it a respected fashion staple rather than a novelty item occasionally shown in music video scenes.