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Reliance insurance

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Reliance General Insurance. Best Home Insurance in India. Your policy insures the structure of the home based on itsreinstatement value,which is nothing but its reconstruction value (not for market value).

Best Home Insurance in India

Use the following pointers to calculate the Sum Insured of your house: Multiply the ‘built-up area’ of your home with the current construction cost per square foot. Exclude the cost of the land from the calculation of the SI.Include the construction of any compound wall for the home. Example:If the built up area of your home is 1400 sq. feet and the the construction rate is Rs. 1000 per sq. feet, then your SI Rs. 1,400, 000/- If you are living in arow house or bungalow, which has lawn / garden surrounded by a perimeter wall, the construction rate can be revised to include the cost of construction of this wall in home structure sum insured. However, the maximumsum insured as construction value of building that you can opt for your home is 25 Lakhs. Swipe to Aid Medical Insurance. Travel Insurance Testimonial. Health Insurance Testimonial. Reliance General Insurance.

Reliance General Insurance. Don't lose your No Claim Bonus(NCB) on Car Insurance. Inculcating Road Safety Awareness amongst Future Riders. How many times have you sworn on the road?

Inculcating Road Safety Awareness amongst Future Riders

It might be an idiot who is overtaking you from the left or cutting you from the wrong direction. It can even be the schmuck who turns right without taking the effort to give you any indication. Indian roads are full of such dimwits who have no consideration for traffic rules and people who think that they own the road. No wonder you are in a road rage every time the road gets crowded.

To put an end to this frustration, Reliance General Insurance has collaborated with Honda to shape the minds of future riders of the country. As per this initiative, school kids in Patna were introduced to traffic rules and road safety in a fun-filled and enthralling way. It is clear from such initiatives that if we want to change the attitudes of people throughout the country, it is important to nurture the youth of India and make them major influencers in their family and responsible road users of the future.

Reliance General Insurance: Buy Insurance Policy Online. Reliance General Insurance. International Travel Insurance @ Reliance General Insurance. Health Insurance Plans, Medical Insurance Policies @ Reliance General Insurance. ​The terms defined below have the meanings ascribed to them wherever they appear in this Policy and, where appropriate, references to the singular include references to the plural; references to the male include the female and references to any statutory enactment include subsequent changes to the same and vice versa.

Health Insurance Plans, Medical Insurance Policies @ Reliance General Insurance

Accident/ Accidental: It is a sudden, unforeseen and involuntary event caused by external, visible and violent means. Age: The completed age of the Insured Person as on his last birthday. Ambulance: A road vehicle operated by a licensed / authorized service provider and equipped for the transport and paramedical treatment of the person requiring medical attention. Annexure: A document attached and marked as Annexure to this Policy. Anyone Illness: Continuous period of Illness/Injury and it includes relapse within 45 days from the date of last consultation with the Hospital/Day Care centre where the treatment was taken. Company: Reliance General Insurance Company Limited. 24x7 Roadside Assistance Free - Anywhere Assist™

Skip your Travel Worries with Travel Insurance. Skip your Car Worries with Car Insurance. 5 simple tips to stay healthy. Health Insurance - 5 reasons it's a must for every woman. Sponsored: Is Roadside assistance actually important? Consider a scenario; you embark on a family outing in your car.

Sponsored: Is Roadside assistance actually important?

In a matter of few minutes, it starts pouring pretty profusely. We all know how difficult it is to drive in the rain. To make matters worse, your car breaks down. With your rudimentary knowledge of cars, it’s a mammoth task to fix your car on your own in the rain. So basically, you are stranded in the downpour. In such a desperate situation, roadside assistance can be the savior. What is roadside assistance? Keep in mind that this service comes as an add-on with car insurance policies at a reasonable fee of approximately 500-1000 Rs. Alongside fixing your car, roadside assistance can include additional features such as towing assistance, battery jump-start, organizing a taxi, emergency message relay to your family and friends, etc.

All you have to do to avail this service is to call your service provider. Sponsored: Cracking the whip on car insurance myths. We have all grown up with thousands of myths and urban legends - be it Santa Claus, Tooth fairy, Unicorns, Leprechauns, or other mythical characters.

Sponsored: Cracking the whip on car insurance myths

These myths are spread through word of mouth and our belief in them is based on social acceptance. Similarly, there are a lot of myths related to car insurance. They are spread because of lack of awareness and clarity regarding the insurance world.