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UBUNTU… I am because of those around … The message of Nelson Mandela | Drum Cafe UK. I am taking you straight into the heart of South Africa where Drum Cafe was born nearly 2 decades ago. From the very core of this country emanates the heartbeat you’re feeling now, as your read this. We’ve convened here this summer to talk about the future of Drum Cafe, now a global force that has changed the way communities connect with each other, beat by beat. It’s been a transformative time for all of us and as usual, I’m eager to trace the experience back to you. We’ve all sat in rooms for presentations. There’s usually a few strong take-away’s. “Umunto Ngumuntu ngabantu” “I am through others.” This is the concept of ubuntu – how each person is made whole by their interactions with the people around them. Ubuntu asserts that only through sharing a common humanity can a person become fully human.

It’s clearer than ever to me that each program Drum Cafe engages people in, is a chance to birth ubuntu into that culture as a permanent operating system behind all the others. Drum Cafe Toronto - Interactive Drumming, Entertainment and Teambuilding. Transaction Automation Platform | Automated Digital Transactions - ThinkSmart. The ThinkSmart Transaction Platform (TAP) provides a simple interface to an organization’s specific business processes, workflows and forms, and integrates with e-signatures, seamlessly facilitating business process automation in a centralized, secure environment. Customers have the ability to manage permissions on workflows, or allow for a variety of e-signing scenarios. TAP comprises a set of standard modules which can be easily configured to create solutions catering to client specific needs and providing immediate value. Standard features include: Secure online accessCustom business logicCorporate branding and designPermissions-based centralized document libraryAdvanced administration toolsSophisticated drag and drop workflow and form designerDocument and signature status within the portalIntegration with internal and third party solutionsSeamless integration with top tier e-signature providers.

Marketing Database - Direct Marketing Services - ThinkSmart Data Services. Communication | Drum Cafe UK. Inspire and engage your organization with corporate team building and entertainment events using interactive drumming. Working with others implies a development of our communication skills, either verbal and non-verbal, whether it be in the corporate world or at home. This is why here at Drum Cafe, we focus on establishing the Rhythm of Communication in our latest programs. Going about this through a group drumming activity is a great way to bring awareness to the situation without igniting another’s defenses.

In our corporate team building workshops, we always aim to inspire individuals to connect and operate as one cohesive team. However, rather than doing this through providing direct and potentially harsh feedback, we do it through inviting individuals to explore their own communication styles through drumming. In music, we have tonality and we have rhythm. Now translate same concept that to your own communication. Drum Cafe Canada (@drumcafe) | Twitter... Fame and Partners. Fame and Partners is a vertically integrated online fashion retailer with offices in New York City and Sydney,[1][2] focused in customizable special occasion dresses.[3] History[edit] The company was founded in 2013 by current CEO Nyree Corby.[4][5] With headquarters based in New York City, the company also has an office in Sydney.[6] Fame and Partners has been featured in Refinery29,[7] Nylon,[8] Girlfriend,[9] Teen Vogue,[10][11] and Elle.[12] The Creative Enterprise Fund has invested in the company as of 2014.[13] Features[edit] The site features customizable special occasion dresses, focused on teens, for all sizes.[14] The process starts with a questionnaire utilizing their fashion forecasting trend tracking algorithm, which compiles real-time data feeds into the company's range development.[15] References[edit] External links[edit] Fame and Partners Official site.

Competition VS Collaboration – How to Combine Them? | Drum Cafe UK. Drumming unites us The Leaders Challenge Apparently competition and collaboration are two completely distinct concepts. While the first involves an evident division between the one who wins and the other who loses, the concept of collaboration requires everyone to work together. Stimulate healthy competition and collaboration in the workplace simultaneously must be one of the biggest challenges for every single leader. The highly competitive people exist in most organizations — the go-getters who always strive to be number one. Everything is a competition; taking the stairs, turning in reports, sales.

When competition is encouraged, failure will be inevitable. Invest in your team members. Sign In | LinkedIn. Merge Purge + Matchback - Direct Marketing Services - ThinkSmart Data Services. Solutions - Direct Marketing Services - ThinkSmart Data Services. Bio: Chris O'Neil - Drum Cafe Canada. Team Work – The Individuals | Drum Cafe UK. Regardless the different Team Building purposes, we must consider the strengths of each individual that we are utilizing. Everyone tries to identify the different stereotypes, such as the leader, the follower, the big picture visualizers, the creative, the devil’s advocate, the nitpicker, even though, in some cases, identifying and stereotyping these personality traits can inhibit the team building process.

The goal of profiling the personalities on a team is typically to intensify the connections within the group and give each team member insight into how to best handle one another. However, this plan can easily backfire. Have you ever taken a personality profile assessment and found yourself limiting what you could and could not do? For many, this is a common reaction, and one that is very counterproductive when it comes to team building. The most significant component of building a successful team is set up one that respects the individuals and each one’s contributions. Direct Marketing Services - ThinkSmart.