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Greenlight Test Prep. First Drafts Of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go. Writing the first draft of your personal statement is probably the hardest part of the whole application process.

First Drafts Of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go

And it makes sense – it’s not easy to capture so much of your experience onto a single page. Moving Your First Draft from Just OK to Simply Spectacular I’ve read hundreds of first drafts over the years. Most were okay. Not stellar, but that could be polished up enough to probably win an interview at an average program. But I’ve also read a few first drafts that totally blew me away, ones that told me the applicant would be accepted somewhere great. Write Big, Even When Word Counts are Small When you allow your first draft to be expansive, writing and writing without worrying about limitations, wonderful things can happen. [The radiology attending] was pointing out how sometimes we forget that in interpretation that it is still an image and not an actual person. This passage concealed an essential truth of how this applicant had come to view radiology.

Related Resources: GRE Vocabulary Resources : Vocabulary. MGRE Flashcards Manhattan GRE has a useful set of flashcards.

GRE Vocabulary Resources : Vocabulary

Clear definitions, well-written example sentences and interesting tidbits (such as a “backstory” on certain words) make these a necessity. Words are broken up into two levels, so you can make sure that you are studying the words that are right for you. Magoosh Flashcards Magoosh GRE flashcards cover high-frequency GRE words and have clear definitions .

Barron’s 1100 Words For those who like the old book approach, this Barron’s vocabulary workbook is great. Blank flashcards ( Not all the words you’ll encounter as you do GRE vocab exercises and read (see below) are in the resources above—so make sure that you have blank flashcards. GRE Question of the Day (May 11) Ask GRE Experts. Kaplan GRE Discount. Kaplan Promotion Code + $20 offer Realign your Future with Kaplan A higher score flat out means a better grad school.

Kaplan GRE Discount

With Kaplan’s robust suite of resources, and score assessments to attack your weak points, trust us to help you get the score you need—and into the school you want—or your money back. All Kaplan GRE prep courses include: Official Test Day Experience Only Kaplan lets you take a simulated practice GRE at the actual testing facility under the same conditions as the real exam. Higher Score Guarantee No risk prep. Resources Seven full-length computer practice tests, 180-plus hours of instruction from expert teachers,, , and over 5,000 practice items. Taking the GMAT instead? Think Like an Adcom Member to Ace Your MBA Interview. IE MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines. Often times applicants to MBA programs go through a bit of an identity crisis when they start the application process as they try to sum themselves and their careers up within tight word limits and limited spaces.

IE MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

Applicants to the IE International MBA program in Madrid may find the process even more daunting as the application begins with a lengthy self-assessment of personal characteristics, such as levels of extroversion and self-discipline, before demanding that the applicant share areas in which s/he would like to improve, including creativity and persistence. I hope that a few introspection sessions will suffice to answer these deep questions, and I advise that you demonstrate your desire to grow and learn by being open and honest about areas in which you can improve. For the essay section, IE offers applicants abundant choice. IE suggests the following platforms: Here are the essay choices: GRE Question of the Day (February 2) Verbal The past decade has seen a statistically significant uptick in reports of the bacterial strains known as “super-bugs,” so called not because of enhanced virulence, but because of their resistance to many antimicrobial agents.

GRE Question of the Day (February 2)

In particular, researchers have become alarmed about NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase), which is not a single bacterial species, but a transmittable genetic element encoding multiple resistance genes. A resistance “cocktail” such as NDM-1 could bestow immunity to a bevy of preexisting drugs simultaneously, rendering the bacterium nearly impregnable. However, in spite of the well-documented dangers posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, many scientists argue that the human race has more to fear from viruses. Whereas bacteria reproduce asexually through binary fission, viruses lack the necessary structures for reproduction, and so are known as “intracellular obligate parasites.” GRE Question of the Day (February 3) You Can Do It: Reject Rejection! For some, the new year is a time for hearing good admissions news; but for others, 2017 may be off to a grim start.

You Can Do It: Reject Rejection!

If you’ve received a rejection letter from your target school (or – sigh – from all your target schools), then you may be feeling more doom and less hopeful for the coming year. It’s hard to get into grad school – harder now than ever before, with more applicants vying for those top spots than in recent years. The blow can be particularly brutal if you scored interviews or made it to the waitlist – if you came this close to getting in – and then received that fateful letter after your hopes had been so high.

4 Tips for Writing about Last Minute Extracurricular Activities. You want to write about all your fantastic non-school and non-work endeavors so that you really stand out from your competition, but when you start to think about it…you draw a blank.

4 Tips for Writing about Last Minute Extracurricular Activities

There must be SOMETHING you can show for how you use your free time, but what? Have you found yourself in a last minute lurch looking for extracurricular activities? Note the following: 1. Better Late than Never. Top Graduate School Admissions Directors Share the Inside Scoop « GRE Prep Club. Applying to graduate school and overwhelmed by your options?

Top Graduate School Admissions Directors Share the Inside Scoop « GRE Prep Club

Don’t know how to find the right program for you? Or have you already found your dream program, and need guidance for applying successfully? For the past few years, Linda Abraham has been interviewing the director of admissions at top graduate programs on the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast. Here is a collection of enlightening podcast episodes that will help you discover some fascinating programs learn what the admissions directors are looking for when they review applications. Listen, enjoy, and apply successfully! For a varied menu of thought-provoking and informative conversations with industry leaders, test prep experts, current students, and more, check out the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast: The post Top Graduate School Admissions Directors Share the Inside Scoop appeared first on Accepted Admissions Blog. 4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future « GRE Prep Club.

Schools are looking for applicants who can show that they have strong leadership qualities and experiences, and demonstrate that they will actively contribute to their student/alumni communities, not to mention to the greater community and society.

4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future « GRE Prep Club

Yet grandiose, declarative statements and promises to be a superlative do-gooder are unpersuasive. So how can you show what you will do in the future? Point to the past. Most admission committees are firm believers that past behavior reveals abilities and interests and is a good predictor of the future. 6 Study Plans & A Powerful Platform.

The GRE is a gateway to an EMPOWERed you.

6 Study Plans & A Powerful Platform

The path starts here. GRE Question of the Day (January 4) Verbal Supernovas in the Milky Way are the likeliest source for most of the cosmic rays reaching Earth. However, calculations show that supernovas cannot produce ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs), which have energies exceeding 1018 electron volts. It would seem sensible to seek the source of these in the universe’s most conspicuous energy factories: quasars and gamma-ray bursts billions of light-years away from Earth. But UHECRs tend to collide with photons of the cosmic microwave background—pervasive radiation that is a relic of the early universe.

The odds favor a collision every 20 million light-years, each collision costing 20 percent of the cosmic ray’s energy. What is an Accomplishment? Accomplishments constitute the bread and butter of personal statements and application essays. That may sound straightforward, however, a fascinating brainstorming session of Accepted admissions consultants reveals that applicants don’t always know what an accomplishment is. What goes into this application staple? And how can you analyze your own profile to find compelling accomplishments to write about? The Bread = Impact. Your accomplishment must show you as a contributor who has had a significant impact on a person, organization, or entity. Notice we didn’t say that an accomplishment is simply an award you won – though some accomplishments do result in honors.

4 Tips for Writing about Last Minute Extracurricular. Want a Kellogg MBA? Before I introduce today’s guest, I would like to invite you to a webinar I’m presenting on December 7. Whether you are planning to apply this application cycle or aiming for next year or later, this webinar, 5 Ways to Make B-schools Love You, will give you critical strategies to strengthen your profile and application. Reserve your spot today. Today’s guest is Melissa Rapp, Director of Admissions – Full Time MBA & MSMS Programs at the Kellogg School of Management. Melissa has an extensive background in communications and admissions. She joined Kellogg in 2012 as Assistant Director of PT MBA admissions. Kellogg has two required essays, an optional information section, and now also requires a video. We introduced the video about three years ago for a couple of reasons. Bring Your Personal Statement to Life With Vivid, Active Verbs.

I watched a candle burn a few nights ago. It happened to have a particularly nice flame that conjured up many different images: • The flame stood erect. • The flame danced. • The flame cavorted. • The flame pranced. • The flame swayed. • The flame flickered. • The flame fluttered • The flame twinkled. • The flame glowed. • The flame glittered. “The flame burned” sounds so dull next to the alternatives. It’s factual and gets the point across – true – but it’s just too pedestrian.

GRE Study Plan 2016 Edition : General GRE Questions & Strategies. GRE Study Plan 2016 Edition Hope you find this study plan helpful - please PM me any of your tips or suggestions for those just starting out on their GRE Journey You can bookmark this topic on GRE Prep Club by clicking the STAR button to the top right corner or you can print it out for future reference.

The decision to go to Grad school is a big one in itself. The biggest hurdle that students face in the process is the GRE. Showing Fit in Your Application: 4 Not-So-Easy Steps. Should You Repeat A Story From Your Essay In Your MBA Interview? If you’re here, congrats on the interview invitation! For whatever awesome MBA program(s) you applied to, this is the admissions committee’s chance to really get to know you as a living, breathing person, instead of just as a profile. HKUST MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines. Applicants seeking an MBA with high placement rates throughout Asia may find HKUST the perfect fit for their needs. The Financial Times ranks HKUST #14 in the world, and 58% of the class successfully changes functions and/or industries following the program. A full 45% of the class enters the Finance/Banking industry upon graduation, with respectable numbers also entering Consulting (11%), the Energy/Engineering industry (11%), and IT/Technology (14%).

In terms of job functions, HKUST graduates thrive in finance roles (43%), consulting/strategy (18%), sales and marketing (15%), and general management (12%). Saïd Adds Scholarship for Chinese Students. EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Recently, top business schools have been increasingly proactive about drawing international students to their campuses, including by adding more scholarships specifically for international students. Cue Oxford University’s Saïd School of Business introducing a new scholarship for Chinese MBA students. Booth Applicants: Boost Your Admissions Chances! If you’re aiming for a Chicago Booth acceptance, then don’t miss Get Accepted to Chicago Booth, our upcoming webinar that will walk you through the steps of a successful Booth application.

The webinar is free but you must reserve your spot in advance! Land Your Score: Assumptions in Critical Reasoning. Assumption questions ask for unstated evidence supporting the argument. In past posts I’ve discussed ways to break down Critical Reasoning (CR) passages on the GMAT. Here I will focus on a specific subset of question types that make up the majority of CR questions and can be tackled in the same manner, every time. MBALaunch Prep Program for Women Still Accepting Applications! The Forté Foundation has extended the application deadline for MBALaunch 2017 through Nov 11! MBALaunch is an intensive business school prep program designed to help women apply successfully to business school by providing a strong support network and a structured roadmap of the application process. GMAT exam prep is also a focus, as well as interview skill building.

Heads Up: Price Increase Ahead! We just wanted to give you a head’s up that we’ll be increasing our prices September 1. Showing Fit in Your Application: 4 Not-So-Easy Steps. How to Know When You’re Ready for GRE Test Day. Writing Techniques From a Pro. I like to read biographies and personal profiles (that’s one of the reasons I like my work so much). I recommend that you check out Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, in which he clearly demonstrates the journalist’s ability to engage — you can learn from these techniques when you sit down to write your personal statement. 5 Tips for Improving Your AWA Essay on the GRE. The GRE has three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

3 Steps for Rejected Applicants. Texas A&M’s EnMed: Combining Medicine, Engineering and Innovation. Heads Up: Price Increase Ahead! 3 Steps for Rejected Applicants. $120 Veritas Prep Discount – $100 Referral Code for Veritas Prep. Share your GRE Experience. MBA Admissions: Does Extracurricular Equal Extra Credit?

Columbia 2016-17 Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines. Best GRE Stories : Share your GRE Experience. Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Your Application Essay. When marine organisms called phytoplankton : Reading Comprehension. Contemplating a Career in Data Science/Business Analytics? « GRE Prep Club. Lining Up Letters of Recommendation and Searching for Fellowships. CEMS MiM: 2 Countries, 3 Languages, 30 BSchools, 100 Institutions. Resilience in the Face of Failure. How to improve your GRE Score?

Best GRE Preparation Books & General Tips for Aspirants. Instructions to Prepare For GRE English Exam. The Importance of Authentic Power Of Attorney Translation Services. Understanding the Benefits of Kaplan GMAT Prep Course. Get Affordable GMAT Preparation Solution with Veritas Prep Discount. Top Benefits of Online GRE Preparation Course. A Quick YetComprehensive Overview on GMAT Prepa... - Online GMAT Course - Quora. Behance. High Score in GRE Tests with the Right Study Plan: Business Articles. Online GRE prep tips. Practice and Prepare Correctly For the GRE Dates of Exam        -

Practice and Prepare Correctly For the GRE Dates of Exam        - Assisting tips to get started with the GRE by Greprepclub on DeviantArt. GMAT Prep Course Online. The GRE Preparation Guide with Golden Rules to Be Followed. — Go For Cost Effective GMAT Prep with Referral... Decisive gre strategies for good marks by Aahana Wilson. A few helpful Tips to Excel in GRE. How to Get High Score in GRE? A Few Tips to Score High In GMAT Test by gmatclub on DeviantArt. A few tips for improving your GRE vocabulary. GRE Vocabulary Flashcards – Smart Way to Improve Your GRE Vocabulary - All.

Get High GRE Scores with Smart Study Sessions - Research Paper Online - Quora.  The Right Way to Pick a GMAT Prep Course Online    - Is there such a thing as studying too much for the GMAT? Certified Language Translation Service. What you can do the best for the GRE Preparation? - GRE Study Tips - Green Blog. Princeton Review Discount for Impeccable Training Program for GMAT Preparation. Get the Jamboree Coupon Code from Online Source - GMAT Study Club - Green Blog. Princeton Review Discount for Impeccable Training Program for GMAT Preparation.

Gmatstudyclub - Blog. Aahana_Wilson - Get To Know the Terrific Ways to Improve GRE Score. Importance and Reliability of Good GRE Scores for Graduate Schools (with image) · AahanaW. Get To Know About Veritas Discount for Making GMAT Preparation Easier. A Guide to the Ways to Prepare Magoosh GMAT Prep. Get Prepared For the GRE Dates and Get Ultimate Success.  Know About GRE Vocabulary Practice Tips to Prepare - GRE preparation. Top Benefits of Choosing Veritas Prep Course. Top 4 Benefits of Online GMAT Course - Online GMAT Course - Quora. GRE Study Tips — The Requirements for GRE verbal section. 5 Ways to Solve Your GMAT Timing Problems « The GMAT Club. Patterns in GMAT Exponent Questions. Top 4 Reason to Choose Magoosh GMAT Prep Course - GRE Strategies & GRE Questions - GREPrepClub. Best GRE Books: Recommended For Reading and Practice We... Online GRE prep tips - Online GRE prep Wikia.

Free GRE Practice Tests. GRE Preparation How GRE Vocabulary Flashcards Can Be Of Great Help? Learn About How to Score Well in GRE Test. 3 Best Books For GRE Preparation. Want to Study Abroad? Follow Some GRE Strategies -