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I am Aadolf Smith and I work at as a Senior Digital Marketer. With a decent experience in the profile I am able to tackle all the digital promotional activities that are required for the firm and manage them by effectively scheduling the tasks as per their importance.

India Smart Cities Infrastructure Investment Outlook

Color Cosmetics Market by Target Market , by Application and Geo. IT Industry Business Confidence Report H2 2015. US Offshore Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Big Foot Project Panorama. Get 15% Discount on Quarterly Beverage Tracker Second Quarter 20. Global Gold Granule Industry 2015 Market Research. Global Industrial Valves in Oil and Gas Industry Report 2015. Asia-Pacific Vitamins (Nutraceuticals) Industry Report 2015 by Bharat Book. United States Vitamins (Nutraceuticals) Industry Report 2015 by Bharat Book. World Outlook and Market Reports on Mobile Games (2016-2021) Global Mobile Gaming Industry 2015 Market Research.

The 2016 Report on Mobile Games: World Market Segmentation by City. Global Automobile Fuel Tank Industry Report 2015. Global Automobile Clutch Industry 2015 Market Research Report. What is ALEXA and How can your webpage get a better ranking? What is Alexa-AN INTRODUCTION: Alexa is a subsidiary company of that was started in 1996 and later was acquired by Amazon in the year 1999.

What is ALEXA and How can your webpage get a better ranking?

It helps in ranking the position of a website on the search engine result page (SERP) on the basis of activities on the site for a span of 90 days. Alexa has a metric ranking system-”Alexa Ranking” through which it segregates the kind of website and its popularity around the world Internet surfers. It makes use of various search toolbars for calculate the generated web traffic per website; it was finds help from the web browser extension that the website is using. It was a major base for information generation for the development of Wayback Machine, which is source through which one can view the past webpage of any domain from around the globe.

What does the Alexa Ranking mean? Alexa rates a website which is receiving a stipulated amount of traffic and above. How are websites measured under Alexa? How can one view a website’s Alexa Ranking? Complete 2015-16 Global Cord Blood Banking Industry Report. Import and Export Market Prospects: United States Trade of Mullite. Global Investment Casting Equipment -Wax Injector Industry 2015 Market Research Report. 2015 U.S. Investment Banking & Securities Dealing Industry-Industry & Market Report. The World Market for Fuel Wood and Wood Charcoal Excluding Wood Waste: A 2016 Global Trade Perspective. Global Clean Coal Industry Report 2015. Global Steel Industry Report 2015. Global Commercial Aviation Crew Management Systems Industry Report 2015. India Aviation Industry Report By bharat book 2015. Asia-Pacific Orthopedic Braces & Support System Market by product. Global Renewable Aviation Fuel Industry Report 2015.

Business Market Research Reports. The Market For Medical Foods: Market Potential, De. Probiotics Market in Vietnam - 2015 : Market size, Good News for Indian Telecom Industry: Subscriber Base touches 1 Billion. Indian telecom sector is engraved with yet another milestone as its total subscriber base crosses the 1 billion mark.

Good News for Indian Telecom Industry: Subscriber Base touches 1 Billion

According to the recent customer base reports that were published for the month of April, 2015 it indicated that the count has touched the magical number. Going by the (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) TRAI numbers; 973.4 million of the subscribers are mobile users whereas 26.4 million are landline subscribers. Stalwarts of Indian Soft Drink Industry face the heat from Local Brands. The 65,ooo crore (INR) soft drink market in India has several categories that provide wide spread choices to its drinkers and hike up the competition level for the companies in the industry.

Stalwarts of Indian Soft Drink Industry face the heat from Local Brands

Carbonated drinks segment is the primary kind that stricks our minds which is worth a whopping 25,000 crores INR and is undoubtedly the dominating segment of the core industry. It is followed by the packed fruit juices segment that accumulates to a worth of 8,000 crores INR. The energy drink section is an emerging category that is growing fast and currently has a share of around 700 crores INR. This is how Social Media is used in the Middle East: Facts and Figures. Social media indulgence is a natural process today.

This is how Social Media is used in the Middle East: Facts and Figures

Gone are the times when these platforms were just utilized during leisure for personal activities, now it is equally useful for professional purposes too. This trend of using social media platforms for business and work tasks is growing by leaps and bounds with time and almost every corner of the globe is witnessing the practice thus many it an unavoidable source of business and marketing. Although the pattern of using social media for work began from the west, it has now caught up well (or better) in Asian and Middle East countries. Let’s try and explore certain social media usage facts and figures from the Middle East, sure not many of us knew these until now; the rate of penetration is unexpected and according to the experts the same is ought to grow in the coming years. Social Media- a daily routine in Middle East:

Impact of Oil Price Crash on Different Industries. Licia123: APPLE DOES NOT SELL ALL THAT IT PRODUCES, BUT MAKES ALL THE MONEY. Apple has done it yet another time as its phones have accounted to a whopping 92% of the total smartphones profits earned on a list of 8 top smartphone makers around the globe.


One can easily say that it doesn’t go for a piece of the profit cake; but eats the entire cake almost. What is even interesting is that Apple doesn’t sell all that it produces, its iPhones account to less than one smartphone sold globally, yet it makes all the money which is worth equal to selling all of its production. Apple leads the Smartphone manufacturers Industry: 4th Annual Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting 2015. 9th Pharmacovigilance 2015. 2015 Worldwide Automobile & Other Vehicles Wholesa. Global Mobile Payment Market Analysis and Applications Forecast, 2014 2020. Global Cloud Computing Market Service , Segmentation and Forecast 2014 2020.


Research Report on Global Bio Electronics Market By Applications Forecast 2015 2020. 2015 Worldwide Real Estate Agents & Brokers Indust. 2015 Worldwide Breweries & Beer-Making Industry-In. 2015 Worldwide Petrochemical Manufacturing Industr. 2015 Worldwide Men's Clothing Stores Industry-Indu. 2015 Worldwide Home Health Care Services Industry- 2015 Worldwide Investment Banking & Securities Dea. Video Games in the Cloud. The World Market for Spices Excluding Pepper and P. Big Data: A road map for business intelligence. Global Industrial Cyber Security Market 2015-2019. Outlook for Chinese Intelligent Banking Industry 2. Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Advances And Applications. The 2016 Report on Investment Banking: World Marke. The Big Data Market: 2015 - 2030 - Opportunities, The 2016-2021 World Outlook for Employment Service.

The 2016 Report on Employment Services: World Mark. Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Servic. Financial Services Business Confidence Report H1 2. China tire retreating industry, 2015. Global Cosmetics Surgery and Service Industry upto 2019. The cosmetics surgery and services industry worldwide is projected to be a business of more than $20 million.

Global Cosmetics Surgery and Service Industry upto 2019

With technologies rising up in the medical field, lots of complicated surgery jobs which were termed to be life-endangering previously today are just matter of few minutes. Several countries around the global are working on developing the industry as demands are always seen as an upward curve. The industry is estimated to be worth a whopping $27 billion by the end of 2019. Product segregations: The cosmetics surgery and service industry has come of ages with latest equipments and methodologies in order to bring perfection and make the jobs less time consuming. Active Cosmetic Segment Energy Based Devices Injectable Products Among these the Injectable product segment grabs a lion’s share in the industry as they are massively in use.

Most active region: Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report. 2015 Market Research Report on Global Home Water P. Global Faucet Water Purifier Industry Report 2015. United States Water Purifier Market Forecast and O. India Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market Opportunity Analy. HP entering the 3D printing in full force, plans to turn printing faster…much faster. MOBILE GAMING INDUSTRY TRENDS 2015-18. Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd : Company - Bharat Book Bureau. Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd : Company - Bharat Book Bureau. Maggi Row: the reputed Instant noodle brand faces exile in India. In a country of more than 1.25 billion people it is not that easy for a brand to go strong with its reputation for a span of 3 decades.

Maggi Row: the reputed Instant noodle brand faces exile in India

Nestlé’s Maggi is one such brand which has achieved the task successfully. There are massive numbers of fanatic for the brand who cannot do without tasting their favorite 2-minute noodles at least once in a day. The brand has been successful time and again in repackaging its presence and winning hearts of consumers for with excellent marketing strategies that have been profitable beyond expectations. The noodle is a 2 minutes snack solution at every hour of the day.

However, there is a dark cloud looming over the brand which has literally devastated Maggi’s market presence. Why is Maggi facing a permanent wash-off danger? Canadian Oil Sands Limited (COS) - Financial and S - Bharat Book Bureau. Canadian Oil Sands Limited (COS) - Financial and S - Bharat Book Bureau. Global Solar Thermal Power Industry 2015 Market Re - Bharat Book Bureau. India Tourism Industry Report - Bharat Book Bureau.

Data Book: Detailed historic and forecast data on Car Rental in

Market Profile: The Future of Car Rental in Japan to 2019. 2015 Market Research Report on Global and China Fluconazol Indus. 2015 Market Research Report on Global and China Voriconazole Ind. Implications of Natural Gas Pooling on Natural Gas Infrastructur. Constructing Public Infrastructure in India: Tracking Imminent O. The 2016-2021 World Outlook for Real Estate Management.

The 2016-2021 World Outlook for Educational Clocks.

Chinese Smartphone Market Development, 1Q 2015

Global Smartphone Touch Screen Industry Report 2015. Market Opportunity Analysis and Report on Global Insulin Patch. Global Weight Loss Industry 2016-21. APPLE TO DIVE DEPPER INTO HEALTHCARE SPACE WITH ELDERLY SUPPORT. Market Size and Growth rate on Online Education Market in India. Market Databook : Life Insurance Policies and Premiums in South. The Global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Market to 2025.

Chinese Special Examination and Approval Procedures for Innovative Medical Devices Market Reports. Toothpaste Industry worldwide to be valued at $12.6 bn by 2015. Oral health segment on a growth drive, thanks to the rising global awareness Oral healthcare industry includes various products which are toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash liquid, dental cleaner and toothpowder.

Toothpaste Industry worldwide to be valued at $12.6 bn by 2015

The last on the given list is a product normally used in the Asian regions. In fact, toothpowder was the largest selling oral care product until couple of decades ago before it got replaced by its variant toothpaste. Rising populations globally and with that rising cases of oral health issues are major drivers for the oral healthcare products which have come a long in the last few decades. Big contributor to the Consumer Goods category: Today, this segment from the FMCG sector holds a prominent share of the entire industry and somewhat dominates the performance of the sector. Of late mouthwash brands are witnessing an above expected upsurge and thus most brands manufacturing toothpastes and dental brushes are jumping into producing mouthwash products.

Recent trends: Dip and Rise: Medical Laser System Industry to touch $2 bn by 2018. Global aging population driving medical laser technology industry Our earth has crossed the 7 billion population mark this year and it is growing beyond with technologies, developments and problems.

Medical Laser System Industry to touch $2 bn by 2018

Previously treating health disorders were a big challenge, sufferers from a huge list of ailments had a very thin chance of survival, and most of them would succumb to the illness. Today, with the growth of technology, the medical world has come a long way and won over most disorders which once were termed as “incurable”. Besides treating illnesses, it is now possible to change oneself as per his or her preferences. All this is possible due to an advanced invention in the medical field famous as the Laser Technology. So are you ready to have a Barbarity Black Friday? Psychologists’ indicate the reasons to be primordially related to the human thinking patterns.

So are you ready to have a Barbarity Black Friday?

There are certain provoking conditions that wake up the evil in the shoppers, in order to fulfill the expectations of the shoppers this year the sale period is extended in various outlets. The entire hysteria starts well before the actual black Friday hours-by Thursday evening (on the thanksgiving evening) and is slotted to stay until the following Monday which is also addressed as the “Cyber Monday”. Ebola: Threat, Research and towards Cure. Medical experts feel that the world is behind in time in crossing the bridge on EBOLA EBOLA- the life threatening virus was first discovered in the year 1976 when it first broke out in the western Africa region. It happened in a small village of Yambuku where almost 5% of the population was working at the same factory. This symptom of wild spread of the virus indicated that the illness was an epidemic. It had a fatal rate of 90% even then which is quite similar to the present day situation. The world today is yet again facing the same misery of loss of lives due to the deadly virus.

Market Research Reports Botswana. Company Profile Market Reports. Botulinum Neurotoxins: A comparative industry anal - Bharat Book Bureau. The Engineered T-Cell Receptor in Fusion Proteins, - Bharat Book Bureau.