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12 Easy & Quick Kerala Snack Recipes - CNT India. Yes, you love the backwaters and holidaying in Varkala, but until you can enjoy the warm Kerala sun and the state’s hospitality again, here are a few recipes to give you a taste of Kerala.

12 Easy & Quick Kerala Snack Recipes - CNT India

Drawing inspiration from the state’s multicultural character, this list features snack recipes from the Muslim, Suriani and Hindu communities in Kerala. Chatti pathiri A dish that’s native to the Kerala Muslim community, chatti pathiri requires some amount of skill in the kitchen. Chatti translates to pot or pan in Malayalam, while pathiri refers to the thin savoury pancakes that are common across Kerala kitchens. The recipe calls for creating a savoury pastry by alternating layers of spiced shredded chicken and a thin savoury pancake.

Kuzhalappam Looking for one of those project recipes? Ela ada This simple yet delicious snack is a hot favourite across Hindu homes in Kerala. Arikadukka Kozhikaal Vegan hipsters, you’re going to love this recipe. Kozhukatta Irachi Pathal Unnakaya Achappam/Rose Cookies Unniappam. List of Containment Zones in Delhi - CNT India. Lockdown Extended in Mumbai & Pune Till 31st July 2020 - CNT India. It’s a change of dates, but not much else.

Lockdown Extended in Mumbai & Pune Till 31st July 2020 - CNT India

The lockdown in Maharashtra has been extended from 30 June to 31 July. But the terms of the lockdown are largely the same for the big cities of Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur and Ahmedabad. Here’s what you need to know: 10 Ayurvedic Herbs to Help Boost Immunity - CNT India. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian branch of natural and holistic medicine.

10 Ayurvedic Herbs to Help Boost Immunity - CNT India

Derived from a Sanskrit word, Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’. According to Dr. Abhijit Jinde, an ardent follower of Ayurveda and clinical practitioner for more than sixteen years, the way to keep the immunity high is not just by consuming herbal concoctions, but also maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Our immunity can be enhanced by ayurvedic ingredients that help cleanse the body and hence improve digestion, metabolism and absorption of the nutrients from the food we eat. While the fear of COVID-19 looms large, it is important to strengthen the respiratory system to stay healthy. Turmeric. 10 Unique Pakora Recipes From Across the Country - CNT India. Deep-fried fritters are relished by one and all, around the world.

10 Unique Pakora Recipes From Across the Country - CNT India

And India is no exception. But the sheer diversity in the climatic zones and produce, has made the fritters in the country really special. With almost two dozen official languages and hundreds of dialects, the fritters in India have a unique identity of their own. The regional names are really interesting and most often the names are derived from the process of making it or a special local variety of vegetables or fruit. For instance, the Pazham Pori of Kerala and Vazhakkai Bajji of Tamilnadu are both made of bananas. Best Villas in Alibaug for Rent - CNT India. We can’t jet off to Sri Lanka or the Maldives just yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a beach holiday.

Best Villas in Alibaug for Rent - CNT India

The shoreside gem of Alibaug off the coast of Mumbai feels a world removed from the concrete jungle. Alibaug has the sun, sand and chill vibes that have made it the perfect short getaway from the city for years. For those understandably wary of sharing space with other hotel guests, here are eight beautiful and spacious villas that you can rent out all to yourself.

The hosts at each of these villas follow the internationally accepted protocols for social distancing, deep cleaning and sanitation with at least 24 hours between bookings. All you have to do when you book is disclose your travel history and any recent cases of illness and have the Arogya Setu app downloaded on your phones. Villa Magnolia. Lockdown Updates Around the Country - CNT India. It’s been three months since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown on 24 March 2020 to help curb coronavirus contagion.

Lockdown Updates Around the Country - CNT India

On 24 June 2020, India recorded its biggest single-day spike with 16,922 new cases. The Indian Council of Medical Research has advised a “test, track, treat” approach to testing all symptomatic individuals across the country. Restrictions slowly eased under the Centre’s Unlock 1.0 beginning in June, but everything is in flux given the unprecedented situation. In the initial phase of the Centre’s three-phase plan, outside of containment zones, relaxations were granted in June including the reopening of religious places, offices, malls, restaurants, salons as well as domestic travel via flights and buses. 7 Healthy & Easy Gujarati Snack Recipes - CNT India. Gujaratis and snacks go hand in hand.

7 Healthy & Easy Gujarati Snack Recipes - CNT India

No matter which part of the world we’re in, we’ll always have our own box of snacks. While most people outside the community believe that Gujarati farsan is deep-fried and oily, there are a plethora of preparations that don’t call for frying of any sort. 15 Indian Soup Recipes to Boost Immunity & Improve Health at CNT India. Ginger, lemon and warm water may be considered the go-to remedy to build immunity.

15 Indian Soup Recipes to Boost Immunity & Improve Health at CNT India

But what if you don’t like the taste of this potion? There are other ways to slip in those superfoods into your diet. Warm soups rich in ingredients like ginger, turmeric, lime, pepper could just be the balm you need for a sore throat, cough or to just keep your immunity high. Here’s the list: Indian soup recipes to keep you healthy Yakhni shorba.

First Set of International Flights for India to Resume Soon - Details at CNT India. There’s no clear sign on when scheduled international flights will resume, but we now have a sense of where they may be headed.

First Set of International Flights for India to Resume Soon - Details at CNT India

A statement by India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation suggests that the first set of flights may take off for the US, UK and Europe. The ministry said it is exploring “travel bubbles” with the US, France, Germany and the UK, “as these are all destinations where demand for travel has not diminished”. Final decisions will depend on a host of factors and are “expected to be taken soon”. History of Puri’s Jagannath Rath Yatra at CNT India. Even a pandemic cannot stop the juggernaut from rolling.

History of Puri’s Jagannath Rath Yatra at CNT India

The legendary chariot procession of Lord Jagannath will rumble through the streets of Puri in Odisha this year as well, with the Supreme Court paving the way. On Monday, the court allowed the Jagannath Rath Yatra to go on, albeit with strict restrictions. Jagannath Rath Yatra: What the SC said Earlier this month, the Supreme Court had embargoed the 2020 edition of Jagannath Rath Yatra.

“Such gatherings can’t take place at the time of the pandemic… Lord Jagannath will not forgive us if we allowed the Rath Yatra,” the court had said. Jagannath Rath Yatra: one for the history books It’s one of the largest human congregations of its kind, with nearly 1 million devotees lining up the streets of Puri each year.

15 Easy Recipes With Bread to Try at Home at CNT India. If there’s one item that’s common in everyone’s refrigerator, it’s bread. Be it a quick breakfast, light dinner, teatime snack or even a delicious dessert, bread is one versatile ingredient. Pair it with vegetables, load it with cheese or even dip it in condensed milk. Veg, paneer or egg bhurji sandwich A classic sandwich is one of the simplest snacks you can make with bread. 25 Easy Indian Snack Recipes - CNT India. It’s 5pm, you’re at home, and hungry. While those hunger pangs would usually be satiated with a chaat at your favourite street food vendor or store, it may be a while until you can enjoy those goodies again.

Pick from these 25 recipes and try your hand at some of the most basic and easy Indian snack recipes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Here is What an Airline meal is Going to Look Like Now - CNT India. By now, most of us know that when we do get to fly overseas again, the experience will be completely different from the one we had grown accustomed to before the pandemic hit. But as more destinations open up and more airlines start operating these routes, a clearer picture is emerging of this new in-flight experience.

Face masks and shields are clearly here to stay, as are gloves and, in some cases, full-body hazmat suits; the middle seat might be a thing of the past, and the same goes for in-flight entertainment and magazines. And next on the chopping block is in-flight meals. While most airlines aren’t getting rid of them completely, catering on your next flight is sure to be very different. Just yesterday, a number of airlines, including KLM, Delta, American Airlines and budget carrier EasyJet, announced they were getting rid of the drinks trolley as part of measures to make flying safer during the pandemic. Homemade Kadha Recipes for Immunity - CNT India. While the global pandemic and the threat of COVID 19 looms over our heads, it has been everyone’s goal to build their immunity and keep themselves fit.

When it comes to personal health and wellness, strengthening the respiratory system should be our top priority. While many are resorting to popping vitamins, drinking this easy concoction of a natural ayurvedic kadha has been advised by the Ministry of AYUSH as a measure for self care during COVID-19. As per Google Trends, the interest in Ayurvedic kadhas as a keyword has been growing since March 2020. This kadha can be consumed multiple times a day and doesn’t have any known side effects. What is kadha? A kadha is an Ayurvedic drink made of herbs and spices that are boiled in water to extract its benefits. 1o Cold Coffees Recipes From Around the World - CNT India. When you meet up with friends at a café, what’s the first thing you order? A cold coffee of course! And no one needs a menu for that. While we might be used to the common coffee, milk, sugar and ice cream combination, there are several different varieties of this refreshing, delicious hit of caffeine around the world.

Mumbai Local Train Resumes Services for COVID-19 Frontline Staff - CNT India. Mumbai got its lifeline back this morning. Chennai New Lockdown Rules - CNT India. The rest of India may be persisting with the Unlock programme, but Tamil Nadu is taking no chances. The state has decided to enforce a strict lockdown from Friday to curb the spread of covid-19. The Real Story of 'Gunjan Saxena' - CNT India. “I would say it’s a very satisfying feeling when you save a life because that is what you’re there for,” recounts Gunjan Saxena, one of the two Indian women to serve in combat during the Kargil War in 1999. Flight Lieutenants Gunjan Saxena and Srividya Rajan inspired young women across the country when they flew Cheetah helicopters into a live war zone—specifically the Kargil-Tololing-Batalik region—for reconnaissance missions and casualty evacuations.

List of Gin Cocktail Recipes - CNT India. Dating back to the 11th Century, gin, the drink we now love and enjoy is based on the old Dutch drink, genever, which is derived from the French word for juniper, one of the primary flavours of the spirit. While most of us enjoy a regular gin and tonic, there are so many unique recipes that allow you to enjoy gin differently. While we all sit at home, we can all brush up on our bartending skills by trying out these gin recipes on International Gin Day, 13 June. Gin Martini. Gin and Tonic Origin: A Brief History of Gin at CNT India. First it was a medicine, a herbal tonic against the plague of both body and soul. Morning Breakfast Ideas: Indian Breakfast Recipes - CNT India.

Considering that many of us are now working from home, we can imagine how tough it is to whip up a breakfast that satisfies everyone in the house. List of Containment Zones in Delhi at CNT India. Mumbai Containment Zones - CNT India. A number of states have opened their borders to tourists and businesses across the country are crawling back to normalcy. But relief seems distant in Maharashtra, where the number of COVID-19 cases continues to spike by the day. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray enforced a lockdown in the state till 31 August, with the Mumbai Police also imposing new rules in the city. Mumbai remains a COVID-19 hotspot with 599 containment zones, as updated by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. One-Pot Recipes: Delicious One-Pot Indian Meals - CNT India. Yes, we know, those household chores are taking a toll on you. Here’s one thing you can do to free up some time: use fewer utensils. 20 Best Leftover Rice Recipes You Can Make at Home - CNT India.

Leftover rice is like a blank slate: there’s so much you can do with it, even if it’s old and hard. Of course, you can turn it into dosas and idli, but rice is so versatile that it can double as a breakfast dish, appetiser and even a dessert. From pancakes to pudding to pakoras, here’s how you can make the most of leftover rice. Savoury rice pancakes Rice leftover from last night’s dinner can be turned into a wholesome meal packed with vegetables, ideal for breakfast or lunch, with Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe. Goa New Rules: New Qurantine Rules by Goan Government - CNT India. The rules have changed again. Until June 9, to visit Goa, you had to get tested on arrival for COVID-19. 21 Days of Yoga Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation - CNT India. 6 Marine National Parks in India - CNT India. Car Hygiene Tips for COVID-19 - CNT India.

Street Food Recipes From Across India - CNT India. 20 street food recipes from across India. New Lockdown Rules for Tourists at Tiger Reserves - CNT India. New lockdown Rules in India - CNT India. Best Indian Wines Under Rs 2,500 - CNT India. Unlock 1.0 Guidelines for Dining, Praying and Shopping across India - CNT India. List of Eco-Friendly Indian Beauty Products at CNT India. Yoga Asana for Bronchitis - CNT India. Best Chicken Recipes - Homemade Chicken Recipes at CNT India.

Easy Jackfruit Recipes - Homemade Kathal Biryani. World Environment Day: 10 Silly Environment Questions. World Environment Day: How Bees Can Save The World? 21 Days of Yoga Can Relieve Back Pain - CNT India. Street Art to Support George Floyd Around the World - CNT India. Pregnant Elephant Died in Malappuram, Kerala - CNT India. BMC's Dos and Don’ts Ahead of Cyclone Nisarga - CNT India.

Restrictions on Spas, Gyms, & Pools at 'The Park Hotels'- CNT India. Top Made in India Cheese Brands - CNT India. New DGCA Rules for Domestic Flights - CNT India. Facts About Cyclones Nisarga at CNT India. Salons are slowly getting back to business. But is it safe to visit? Locust Swarms Attack India: Locust Swarms in India - CNT India. Marriott Hotel Offer: 30% Off on Stays Till June Next Year - CNT India.

10 Indian Hottest Places in the World - CNT India. First Coronavirus-Free Country Montenegro Opens Borders - CNT India. Made in India Turmeric Brands: Top Turmeric Products in India - CNT India. Checklist for Flight Bookings: How to Prepare for Your Next Flight? - CNT India. How to Make Chocolate Cake Recipes at Home? - CNT India. Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Cupcakes Recipes to Try at Home at CNT India. 10 Iconic Brands From West Bengal at CNT India. Made in India 15 Tea Brands - CNT India. 8 Herbal Tea Recipes for Immune System - CNT India. 10 Paneer Recipes: Easy Paneer Recipes to Try at Home - CNT India.

Coronavirus Update Advisory: Dutch Govt Ask Singles to Look for Sex Buddy - CNT India. Coronavirus Tips: How to Sanitise Food Delivery - CNT India. 10 Kids Brands from India at CNT India. Easy Indian Bread Recipes to Make During Lockdown - CNT India. Best Egg Recipes in the World at CNT India. List of Goa's Most Loved Made in India Brands at CNT India. Tasty Dhokla Recipes at Home - CNT India. Easy No-Bake Desserts Recipes by CNT India. Top Bakeries in India: Best Cake Shop in India - CNT India. Nariman House Memorial: 11 Years of Mumbai Terror Attack at CNT India. Documents to Carry for US Visa Interview - Required Documents for US Visa. Goa’s Airport in Mopa Will Have Casinos - Goa Airport Casino. Top Countries Indians Can Visit With a UK Visa - Visa-Free Countries for UK Visa Holders.

PM Narendra Modi to Get Survival Lessons from Bear Grylls on Man Vs Wild. ISRO’s Gaganyaan Mission - 10 Facts About Gaganyaan. Lord Ram's Statue in Ayodhya’s Will be Tallest in the World. Amarnath Yatra's Photos - Images for Amarnath Yatra. Best Restaurants in North & South Goa in Monsoon - Best Places to Eat in Goa. Sri Lanka Offers Indians Free Visa on Arrival From August 1. Mumbai to Get a Single-Ticketing System for All Modes of Transport. Chandrayaan 2 Mission - Online Registration for Chandrayaan 2, Launch Date. Chandrayaan 2 Photos - Images of Chandrayaan 2 Released. ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 Mission - Chandrayaan 2 Information. Rishikesh’s Laxman Jhula bridge closed After 90 Years. Indonesia is Looking for a New Capital to Replace Jakarta. Lion King & Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris. How to Apply for US Visa? US Visa Application Procedure.

How to Apply for US Visa? US Visa Application Procedure.