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How to Minimize the Risk of Freezing Pipes - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Posted on December 3 2021 Prepare your residential and commercial properties for the freezing conditions that are coming soon Many winter storms are accompanied by dangerously low temperatures and sometimes by strong winds, icing, sleet and freezing rain.

How to Minimize the Risk of Freezing Pipes - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

Be sure to use your water faucets, showers, and toilets frequently & at luke-warm temperatures in order to minimize the risk of pipes freezing over. If a pipe is accustomed to having water flowing through it—and it bursts, the pipe is still being fed water and it has to go somewhere. Water sprouting from a burst pipe will freeze in the surrounding areas, causing all sorts of damage.

Happy Thanksgiving from AAA Public Adjusters. 3 Causes of Winter Property Damage - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Are you prepared for the wintry conditions ahead?

3 Causes of Winter Property Damage - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

Even if you are, there’s always a slight chance that something unexpected might occur. If you experience property damage due to any of the reasons mentioned below, make sure you contact a public adjuster in Bensalem or any of its surrounding areas, so they can help you file your insurance claim as accurately as possible. Heavy snow. Often, after a serious snowstorm, the sun will peek through the clouds to increase the temperature and speed up the melting process.

Wet, melting snow is always a lot heavier–which is something that you might have already realized while shoveling snow it off your driveway. Preventing Property Damage this Winter - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Before long, frigid temperatures, high winds, snow, sleet and ice will all arrive to Northeast region of the country; so now is the time to ensure your home is prepared for intense wintry conditions.

Preventing Property Damage this Winter - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

Without doing so, you’ll run the risk of having to deal with serious property damage throughout the colder months ahead. Considering the bone-chilling weather that’s quickly approaching and the amount of money that you’ll be spending during the holiday season, there couldn’t be a more inconvenient time of the year for a loss to occur than at some point during the winter. Water Damage 101 - Protecting Your Property from Water Damage - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Around our home states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, water damage is nothing new to any of us.

Water Damage 101 - Protecting Your Property from Water Damage - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

Especially considering the fact that we see hurricanes occasionally, generously mixed with a large share of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. If you’ve spent a few years in Pennsylvania, you‘ve probably experienced a storm that knocked out power. Top all of that with an icy, snowy winter that leaves ice and thick snow everywhere in its path. That being said, over the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience deterring water damage from our properties. If you have already suffered water damage and are waiting on or battling a claim against your policy, please contact us immediately.

Halloween. Tackle this winter with energy-efficient heating solutions for your home - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. (BPT) – Many Americans are looking forward to the cooler temperatures that fall brings.

Tackle this winter with energy-efficient heating solutions for your home - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

However, it won’t be long until harsher winter months arrive and homeowners across the country are faced with keeping their indoor air temperatures comfortable and consistent. It’s a daunting task — one that can be both frustrating and expensive — but homeowners can rest assured knowing they can help stabilize their home’s temperature. As the temperatures begin to drop, now is the perfect time to assess your winter heating plan to ensure you’re operating at maximum energy efficiency. Don’t overlook the draft: An inch-wide gap may seem minor, but a small amount of space can drastically impact heating.

Simply caulking the windows and applying weatherstrips to doors can help you save on your monthly heating bill. Fans aren’t just for summer: Yes, your traditional ceiling fan can help with your heating woes. Cooler months can be a lot more bearable if you and your home are properly prepared. 3 big-impact home improvements for a safe, healthy home - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. (BPT) – The pandemic has brought new focus to home enhancements that not only add value, but also support wellness.

3 big-impact home improvements for a safe, healthy home - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

Today’s homeowners are investing in thoughtful improvements that prioritize safety and well-being, helping to substantially increase the home’s health quotient. The Facts About Business Interruption Insurance - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Business Interruption Insurance is in most business insurance policies.

The Facts About Business Interruption Insurance - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

It covers lost income when a business owner has to close his or her business because of a covered cause of loss. It’s a layer of protection that all business owners should have. For example, if your business closes because of fire and smoke, the property insurance portion of your policy will cover the damages to your building and contents, but it will not cover lost income.

Business Interruption Insurance, also known as Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance, will cover that lost income to your business. A typical Business Interruption policy or clause in a business policy will provide coverage for three things: The profits you would have earned if the loss did not occur.Normal operating expenses of the business while the business is closed. The payout amounts will be based on your business records. There are other types of business income endorsements that business owners can purchase that can trigger coverage. Annual preventative furnace maintenance tips - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. (BPT) – Thermostats nationwide are flipping from cool to heat mode.

Annual preventative furnace maintenance tips - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

In fact, most Americans begin turning on their heat in September, and they are in full heat mode by the end of October, according to data from Resideo’s Honeywell Home smart thermostats. That shifts a month or two if you’re in the South, but make no mistake, winter is coming. “As meteorological fall begins, we see an increase in the number of homes that switch on their heating,” says Remya Raghunath, lead data analyst at Resideo. Grease Fires and How to Handle Them - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Fifty percent (50%) of cooking fires are caused by grease, fats, or oils.

Grease Fires and How to Handle Them - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

When cooking fires occur, most homeowners panic and do the first thing that they think of. Pouring water on the fire. However, this is not the correct course of action to take with a cooking fire caused by grease. There is an expression “oil and water don’t mix”. This phrase should be kept in mind for kitchen fires caused by grease. But why don’t the mix? Essentially water is denser than oil which means they will stay separated. Personal Property Appraisal and Your Insurance Policy - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Many times homeowners are gifted expensive item(s) that they know maybe covered by their insurance policy but are unaware at how much the item(s) cost.

Personal Property Appraisal and Your Insurance Policy - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC

In this instance it is recommended to get the item(s) appraised. However, many homeowners do not know how to get their item(s) appraised. Here are some things that a homeowner can do to help with the appraisal process. The homeowner should collect as much information as p00. 7 Tips for Finding a Good Public Adjuster - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. After a storm, it is vital to check your home and property as soon as possible. If you find that you did suffer damage, it is in your best interest to file a homeowners insurance claim as soon as possible. Typically, homeowners insurance claims are pretty simple, but if there was flooding it could be a little trickier.

The federal government manages flood insurance, so the filing and processing of any claims related to flooding could take much longer than other claims through your homeowners insurance policies. What do Public Adjusters Do? Public adjusters are responsible for evaluating the extent of damage to a home after an incident like a fire or storm. Public Adjusters in PA, NJ. What is a Public Adjuster ? Licensed public adjusters | 24 Hour Emergency Service | 25 Years Experience | Free Consultation We Are Currently Assisting Homeowner’s Affected by Hurricane Ida.

AAA Summer Storms. Property Insurance Claims for Mold - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. During the last several years, many NJ and PA residents have been concerned about mold in their businesses and homes. Should I be concerned about mold in my property? Yes. Mold requires moisture and a food source to grow. Moisture commonly comes from plumbing leaks, improperly maintained appliances, neglected air conditioners, roof leaks, and ground water. Indoor mold is unsightly and has a bad odor. How Homeowners Can Prepare for Hurricanes and Summer Storms - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Beautiful weather can often breed destructive storms, which is why it’s important to prepare yourself for the unpredictable wrath of Mother Nature. Make certain that your home and family are protected against the destructive damages that hurricanes and other summer storms can often involve. Below, are three tips to effectively safeguard your family against devastating property damages throughout the warm months: Perform Roof Maintenance.

Why Public Adjusters will Fight for You - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. When property damage occurs, it’s important to keep things in perspective and file a claim with your insurance company to receive the right benefits from your policy. Don’t make the mistake of filing a claim before consulting a public adjuster. Here are three reasons why you need to seek expert advice when property damage strikes: Close Evaluation With experience and knowledge of property damages, these experts will provide you with an evaluation of your distressing and unfortunate situation.

Maybe your snow removal “experts” ripped apart the grass on both sides of your driveway while plowing during the Blizzard of ‘16, and is also guilty of committing a hit-and-run on your lamppost while backing out. Regardless of who’s fault it is and the amount of damage that occurred, professional public adjusters will observe everything with a keen and unbiased eye. Scrutiny of Legal Documents. Did You Suffer Property Damage from Hurricanes / Tornadoes? Wind and Rain Damage Facts and Tips - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Property owners in America are most likely to experience high winds and severe rain storms over any other natural threat. Wind and rain are very general terms, but they combine with things like hail, winter freeze, flooding and other weather events to create dangerous and potentially damaging environments for property owners. Property Insurance vs. Liability Insurance - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Insurance coverages are classified into two broad categories. Homeowners Should Avoid these Common Insurance Mistakes - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC.

6 tips to make your house safer this summer. (BPT) – We all like to think our homes are a safe and secure place to relax and enjoy time with our family. Even though we try to make our homes as safe as possible for our children, accidents and injuries can still occur in the home. Preventable injuries unfortunately happen more often than they should, and some occur because of hazards we may not even think of. Summer is a great time for us to learn about different ways to make our homes safer for those we care about most. It is also a time for us to think about potential hazards in our homes and ways to prevent accidents and unintentional injuries from occurring. Can Disability Insurance help Protect What Matters Most? - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. (BPT) – As we begin to transition out of the pandemic, it’s important to consider steps that can help provide you and your loved ones a more stable financial future.

How renters insurance works - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. (BPT) – Just because you’re not a homeowner (yet) doesn’t mean your stuff is disposable. Chances are you’ve got pricey electronics, musical instruments or other valuables you wouldn’t want to lose to theft or damage. That’s how renters insurance works: No matter where you’re renting, having this coverage can make a huge difference in your ability to recover financially if your belongings get damaged or stolen.

What makes renters insurance really special is that it’s easy to transfer coverage as you move, and it’s shockingly affordable — as little as $10 a month1. Top Backyard Renovations for 2021 - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. (BPT) – A year into the pandemic and cabin fever has set in. AAA Summer Storms. AAA Public Adjusters. Regarding storm safety, it is always important to have safety plans in a home that address any type of disaster that could occur. The most common type of occurrence that homeowners would have to deal with is severe storms or even tornadoes. The National Weather Service asserts that the best place to shelter from tornadoes or high winds is in a basement. However, not all homes have basements. Basement: Assurance on Insurance: a Public Adjuster's Blog - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. 7 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Cold Weather - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Insulate Windows If your windows have any leaks, this will drive up your energy bill but by reducing drafts, you can lower your energy costs by up to 15-20% per year.

Here are few simple products to help your windows quickly and without the high costs. Shrink filmV-seal weather strippingRope caulk Trim Tree Branches Overhanging limbs can cause excess water to seep into cracks in your home’s roof or siding, which is why you want to make sure any tree limbs or branches surrounding your home are at least 3 feet away from the house. Aaa public adjusters feasterviile pa puff back. 5 Tips for Preventing Storm Damage to Your Property - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. Schedule a Roof and Siding Inspection Roof damage is the most frequent structural loss caused by hail and windstorms. As a property owner, it is a good idea to have your roof and siding inspected.

If there is any previous damage or weak spots, you will want to have these fixed before the next storm hits! 2) Clean Out Your Gutters Gutters remove excess water from the roof of your home after it rains. Building a Fence 101 - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. A good fence can do wonders for a house. Automatic Sprinkler Systems and How They Work - AAA Public Adjusters, LLC. AAA Public Adjusters of PA & NJ, Services Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware Counties. When Bats Invade - Turning off Utilities in Face of Disasters. Tips to Keeping Gutters Clean. Grease Fires and How to Handle Them. Home Insulation. Prevention of Spring Floods. Pros and Cons of Flat Roofs.

Protection From Hail Storms - AAA Public Adjusters LLC. Earthquake Coverage - Pros and Cons - AAA Public Adjusters LLC. Flood Coverage - Know When It's Covered - AAA Public Adjusters LLC. Insurance Claim Newcastle Pennslyvania. Wind Damage Claims Pittsburgh PA. Public Adjuster New Castle Pennslyvania. Pittsburgh Pennslyvania Public Adjuster. AAA Public Adjusters of PA & NJ, Services Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware Counties. Why do buildings collapse? - AAA Public Adjusters LLC. Precautions to Take Before a Windstorm.

Insurance Claim Tips When a Tree Hits Your Property - AAA Public Adjusters LLC. Business Owners Claim Burlington, NJ. Water Damage Claim, Philadelphia PA. Public Adjuster Fort Meyers, FL. Florida Public Adjusters. Public Adjuster, Richmond Virginia. Fire Claim North Carolina. North Carolina Public Adjuster. Public Adjusters Virginia. Pipe Burst Claim Bensalem PA. Wind Damage Claim Atlantic County NJ. Public Adjusters Trenton NJ. Public Adjusters Croydon PA. NJ Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters in Cherry Hill, Atlantic, Camden & Burlington County, NJ. Independent Insurance Public & Claims Adjusters in Philadelphia. New Jersey Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters Bensalem. Claim adjuster philadelphia. Public adjusters bensalem. Philadelphia public adjuster.