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Personnal Assistants (Software : Apps, Bots etc.)

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Mon Accueil est Essential. □Notifications on voice assistants: Awesome or annoying? Both Amazon and Google have recently announced proactive notifications for their respective connected devices.

□Notifications on voice assistants: Awesome or annoying?

Instead of simply reacting to your demands, they will be able to light up when they have something to say. Awesome or, well, just plain annoying? Help: Download the Amazon Alexa App. Emma. MyWave. Replika. Bazillion Beings. Welcome to AI Assistant. AI Assistant. My Ally - Meet Alex, your AI powered smart assistant. - Makers of Evie, the AI scheduling assistant. : AI Scheduling Assistant. Julie Desk - AI-based personal assistant to schedule meetings. Clara. Siri creator on new AI platform Viv and conversational commerce. Spoken. Remi Ai – Intelligence is a beautiful thing. Launch March 2016: Hound Voice Search & Assistant App. Google Assistant - Your own personal Google. Facebook M virtual assistant will compete with Siri and Google Now.

Facebook is launching a virtual assistant that combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology with a team of human helpers, to compete with services such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Facebook M virtual assistant will compete with Siri and Google Now

Facebook M will sit within the social network’s Facebook Messenger app, with people interacting with it using messages as if it were one of their friends. “M is a personal digital assistant inside of Messenger that completes tasks and finds information on your behalf. Cortana - Meet your personal assistant - Microsoft - USA. iOS 7 - Siri. - AI Calendar Assistant. - No more dialing into conference calls - calls you! Apps - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site. Android App Review - Speaktoit Assistant.