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A2 solution is the fastest growing web design & web development company in Dubai. Our services includes website design, website development, Mobile application development, Internet marketing, Online branding, SEO, SMM etc. Our products includes ERP, CRM, HR & Payroll, Education Management System, Distribution / Logistics, Manufacturing, Freight Forwarding, Hospitality, Financial Module, Real Estate etc..

Digital Marketing Company In Dubai.

IOS/Android Development Company In Dubai

E-commerce Website Development Abu Dhabi. 16 Feb E-commerce website development Abu Dhabi E-commerce Website Development E-commerce website is a transaction of buying and selling online.

E-commerce Website Development Abu Dhabi

It is supported by electronic business. Before you can begin an e-commerce business, you should recognize what e-commerce offer entails. The Future Of Voice Assistants And Artificial Intelligence. 15 Feb In case you are fully informed regarding innovation news, it’s nothing unexpected that conversational UIs are ending up more ordinary.

The Future Of Voice Assistants And Artificial Intelligence

Brands, for example, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are energizing this pattern as they go after the piece of the overall industry. Voice interfaces are progressing at an exponential rate in businesses of assorted types, running from social insurance to managing an account, as organizations are dashing to be a piece of this transformation. 2017 saw touchy development in AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning for regular utilize. Uses of this innovation were seen all over the place, so where will it take us in 2018 and past?

Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Mobile App Marketing. 12 Feb Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite a while, yet it is just true in the previous couple of years that we have seen some interesting breakthroughs in the innovation.

Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Mobile App Marketing

The potential for Artificial Intelligence in the mobile marketing industry is presently immense and ought to be something mobile application advertisers are starting to embrace into their methodology. As of now, we are seeing enormous names, for example, Amazon utilizes Artificial Intelligence to foresee purchasing conduct and make proposals to their customers in view of their previous purchases. Automated Reasoning Automated reasoning is a zone of software engineering and scientific rationale devoted to understanding diverse parts of reasoning. Learn Purchasing Behaviors When you believe you have picked up a respectable number of downloads for your application it’s an ideal opportunity to begin considering approaches to increase your income from these customers. Recommendations. New Google Search Console Avail To All Websites. 09 Feb Google announced that a new search console beta version is now available for all websites.

New Google Search Console Avail To All Websites

The new Search Console was released in a restricted rollout a month ago, with a standout amongst the most eminent new highlights being 16 months of information rather than the typical 3 months. Google clarifies, were motivated by feedback from Search Console users. Input from top patrons in Google’s assistance discussions, feedback submitted by means of the ‘submit feedback’ catch, and feedback from the Search Console board were the principle channels checked by Google preceding this release. Google will keep on testing the new Search Console configuration to perceive how user cooperates with it. A Discovery Phase Leads to Better App UX and Design. 08 Feb A Discovery Phase Leads to Better App UX and Design Until now, it was somewhat excusable for endeavors to underestimate the importance of perfect user experience in the mobile app.

A Discovery Phase Leads to Better App UX and Design

Today, there is no special case. User retention doesn’t stand a possibility against poor user experience. Amazon Alexa Fueling The Next Generation Of Mobile Apps. 07 Feb The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show demonstrated that voice isn’t going anyplace soon; indeed, it’s conspicuous in relatively every industry.

Amazon Alexa Fueling The Next Generation Of Mobile Apps

From healthcare to automotive services, there has been noteworthy development in digital collaborators. What’s conceivable now with voice is only the start of what will come in the next years and it demonstrates an incredible potential for developers all around. Amazon’s Alexa is appearing in new and interesting integrations for real brands the world over. CES 2018 facilitated a heap of products and brands of smart speakers flaunting an assault of Alexa mixes. The Smart Speaker Landscape. Digital Marketing Agency In UAE.

The SEO professionals at A2 Solutions hold experience in optimizing the website in order that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank you higher in their searches than your competitors.

Digital Marketing Agency In UAE

All our Search Engine Optimization, SEO activities are targeted on guaranteeing that your website ranks high in organic searches (SERP). Our large expertise in completing such projects ensures that your website is visible on all online media, not simply search engines (SEO). Get your website SEO rank high among competitors, get found, get online guests, get enquiries via online channel. The discouraging task is showing within the 1st 10 listing of the SERP among an ocean of comparable global solution suppliers. Social Media promoting and Search Engine Optimization, SEO became more and more adorable to businesses as they’re perceptive concerning their charming powers. Digital Marketing Dubai. 03 Feb These days, customers approach information wherever they need it.

Digital Marketing Dubai

On account of the Internet and globalization, the vast majority on the globe can get to the data and information through PCs, tablets or mobiles. What entrepreneurs ought to recollect is that everybody can impact the picture of their organizations by means of ex. Online networking and you can make certain that your customer criticism will be more dependable for others to peruse than your own particular one. Why Digital Marketing is more important & gives you more benefits? Since by means of electronic channels and by posting positive remarks, criticisms about your organization/product you and your customer can attract new clients and build a long-lasting relationship. iOS App Development Dubai. 02 Feb Top Advantages Of iOS App Development For A Business In the advanced world of growing innovation, having a business application is must for a developing organization.

iOS App Development Dubai

Smart phones are the most astounding utilized gadgets for individual and expert utilize. Two noteworthy stages that run a Smart phone are Android and iOS. Android App Development Dubai. 01 Feb The significance of Android app development for business organizations of today can’t be underscored on enough.

Android App Development Dubai

Making an Android App, only for it, or in light of the fact that it is the present pattern is waste of time, cash and endeavors. When you choose to run Smartphone with Android app development for your business, likewise see how you can put that application to great utilize and produce income for your business either straightforwardly or by implication by helping you enhance some of your business forms. Here are a few pointers. Mobile App Development Company Bahrain. 24 Jan The Mobile App Development Company Bahrain are creating and planning the mobile apps in a mobile working framework that are for the most part focused around the mobile devices, for example, tablets and advanced mobile phones.

For designing the application, arranging is profoundly prescribed and required to make the task viable and sorted out. The organizations influence the versatile tasks to plan painstakingly with the server application and conventional PC advancement. The great organization and management of the appliance facilitate the team to tackle unforeseen challenges with confidence. Other than in the gathering choices about the functionality and design of the application, the application engineers and the fashioners emerge to convey the unprecedented splendid and effective item to force in a mobile app showcase.

Mobile App Development Qatar. Google plans to improve Android applications security. 18 Jan Google plans to improve applications security: What does for Android apps? Android supports more than 2 billion gadgets. In 2017, 82 billion applications were installed on Google Play. In short, several personal information are at risk. No big surprise that Google has cleared the protection of all application information to the highest priority. Account access and discovery Developers expect that progressions will be made to how applications get to user accounts. Accessibility Features Limitations. Android & iOS App Development Bahrain. Mobile App Development Qatar A2solutions is a mobile application developing organization represents considerable authority in conveying complex endeavor level applications.

We are a group of energetic in-house apps developers, creators and portable counsels situated in UAE. We take pride in point by point planning, developing all the whole procedure high quality. Android Mobile App Development Qatar Android’s (Google) first business gadget launched in 2008, From that point forward Android has formed into a colossally well known mobile phone, tablet and ‘web of things’ platform. Mobile App Development Trends In 2018. 20 Dec Mobile App Development Trends In 2018 2017 was an extraordinary year for application development. Considerable measures of organizations now understand that Mobile app are not any more a discretionary speculation, they are a need. Mobile is that the best approach to meet client requests and increment deals. The number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is anticipated to ascend to more than 254 billion, up from 57.33 billion of every 2012, and mobile development is a standout amongst the most currently developing divisions in the business.

Internet of Things (IoT) The idea of a wise home, good cities, industrial IoT, automotive trade, good health, and good retail is growing. Artificial Intelligence & Mobile App Development Company Dubai. 13 Dec The growing gap between Artificial Intelligence investment and adoption could be a distinguished topic for discussion. though there’s proof showing Artificial Intelligence technology guarantees to profit potency, productivity, automation, personalization, among alternative primary business issues, there’s still widespread confusion speed down the applying of data-driven business models. Despite huge investments being poured into Artificial Intelligence, the technology has however to expertise large-scale business support. Mobile applications are one among the foremost favorable areas for Artificial Intelligence revolution; however businesses cannot appear to seem on the far side the potential challenges.

Mobile App Development Company Dubai. Mobile App Development Company Dubai. Best Mobile App Developer Dubai. Just-In-Time Planning Is Essential In Mobile App Development. 26 Apr. Mobile App Development UAE. How To Choose The Best Features For Your Mobile App? Choose The Best Features For Mobile Application. 17 Apr A successful Mobile Application development begins with a strong establishment of planning. This establishment normally appears as a Product Requirements Document (PRD) or User Stories – some of the time a blend – which is made amid the product definition stage.

On a high-level state, the product definition gives a clear layout of the product features, purpose, components and functionalities. 7 Reasons to Give Your Website a Redesign. It's essential to note here that "redesign" doesn't really mean you have to change each and every one of your marking and visual computerization components. Actually, redesigns can simply involve making utilitarian changes that help your site work better and help you in achieving your advertising objectives.

Mobile Application Development Can Boost Product Quality. 04 Apr. Responsive Website Development Company Dubai. 29 Mar. Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi. 21 Mar You’ve invested extensive time, effort and money in building up a mobile application – now what? UAE: KNOW THE 7 BENEFITS OF MOBILE APP DEEP LINKING. Application Development Dubai. 14 Mar. It’s time to build an app for your... - A2 Solutions F Z C. How to ensure long term success for your mobile application.

How To Ensure Long-Term Success For Your... - A2 Solutions F Z C. Important aspect related to long-term success of a Mobile App Development 2017. Long Term Success Of Mobile Application. 06 Mar. #androidapp, #iOSapp Affordable... - A2 Solutions F Z C. Mobile Development Abu Dhabi. Android App Development Dubai. Android App, iphone App Developer UAE.

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