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A2 solution is the fastest growing web design & web development company in Dubai. Our services includes website design, website development, Mobile application development, Internet marketing, Online branding, SEO, SMM etc. Our products includes ERP, CRM, HR & Payroll, Education Management System, Distribution / Logistics, Manufacturing, Freight Forwarding, Hospitality, Financial Module, Real Estate etc..

Just-In-Time Planning Is Essential In Mobile App Development. 26 Apr Just-in-time planning is the act of postponing item choices until you are in the best position to make them.

Just-In-Time Planning Is Essential In Mobile App Development

This doesn’t mean you don’t arrange ahead of time; rather, you make more informed, actionable decisions as the product develops and more learning ends up noticeably accessible. Essentially, when you use rolling in time planning, plan until you have visibility, implement, and then re-plan. 1. Mobile App Development UAE. How To Choose The Best Features For Your Mobile App? Choose The Best Features For Mobile Application. 17 Apr A successful Mobile Application development begins with a strong establishment of planning.

Choose The Best Features For Mobile Application

This establishment normally appears as a Product Requirements Document (PRD) or User Stories – some of the time a blend – which is made amid the product definition stage. On a high-level state, the product definition gives a clear layout of the product features, purpose, components and functionalities. It will control all aspects of generation, including yet not restricted to plan, development, and quality assurance, so it needs to accomplish specific objectives:

7 Reasons to Give Your Website a Redesign. It's essential to note here that "redesign" doesn't really mean you have to change each and every one of your marking and visual computerization components.

7 Reasons to Give Your Website a Redesign

Actually, redesigns can simply involve making utilitarian changes that help your site work better and help you in achieving your advertising objectives. All things considered, your site would one say one is of the foundational components of your advertising system, isn't that so? Your site isn’t responsive. Over 17% of all web traffic comes from mobile like devices. On the off chance that your site isn't responsive yet, there is a chance to losing leads and possibly clients are high. Your website just doesn’t work. This may appear to seem obvious, yet you have likely unearthed sites from time to time that is broken, to put it softly. Your competitors changed their site. Mobile Application Development Can Boost Product Quality.

04 Apr How Flexibility In Mobile Application Development Can Boost Product Quality Staying away from project failure nonetheless requires knowing precisely what makes the project to fail in any case The three project constraints are time, scope, and cost The best product organizations comprehend that adaptability is frequently required on no less than one of these limits.

Mobile Application Development Can Boost Product Quality

As necessities and goals advance, knowing which limit is adaptable gives you a chance to adjust consistently without influencing your capacity to convey an effective product.Basically, it’s a method for expecting the unknown and accounting the way that things don’t generally go as arranged. Responsive Website Development Company Dubai. 29 Mar Website Development A website development tool furnishes organizations with a platform for this essential web nearness and permits them to connect with a huge number of web surfers everywhere throughout the world, enlarging the scope of their potential clients.

Responsive Website Development Company Dubai

This doesn’t simply make the organizations available, however open to the worldwide populace. It additionally allows organizations to depict themselves in the ways they need to be seen, with a stage that is based on their terms and can successfully showcase the administrations or items that they offer. Likewise, a site will make organizations look more solid on the off chance that they’re spoken to professionally. Website development can incorporate anything from essentially programming the information of a site to including customer contact, content, organize security and web server design, online business improvement and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi. 21 Mar You’ve invested extensive time, effort and money in building up a mobile application – now what?

Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi

Making an awesome showing with regards to in mobile is precarious; there are such a variety of things you need to consider. In case you’re a business that is as of now built up a mobile app is currently pondering what to do next, it merits considering an entire cluster of choices.First importance, in the event that you’ve officially built up a mobile application, that in itself is a decent begin. Actually, numerous organizations still haven’t developed their first mobile application, or put resources into building up a cognizant mobile first methodology, so this puts you in front of the pack as of now.

UAE: KNOW THE 7 BENEFITS OF MOBILE APP DEEP LINKING. Application Development Dubai. 14 Mar Mobile App Deep Linking (also called Mobile Deep Linking) is a process of using a uniform resource identifier (URI) to link to specific locations or pages in a mobile app.

Application Development Dubai

It can be able to complete in different ways- Via notification- SMS, Emails, Social Media and so on. – And guides users to significant content, instead of your application’s home screen. It’s time to build an app for your... - A2 Solutions F Z C. How to ensure long term success for your mobile application. How To Ensure Long-Term Success For Your... - A2 Solutions F Z C. Important aspect related to long-term success of a Mobile App Development 2017. Long Term Success Of Mobile Application. 06 Mar Ensure Long-Term Success For Your Mobile Application How To Ensure Long-Term Success For Your Mobile Application?

Long Term Success Of Mobile Application

The Main challenge in product improvement is making a mobile application that is worked because of life span. With the Operating System updates, changing economic situations, and ceaselessly expanding rivalry, numerous applications get to be distinctly irrelevant rapidly – it’s a reality of the business industry. #androidapp, #iOSapp Affordable... - A2 Solutions F Z C. Mobile Development Abu Dhabi. Android App Development Dubai. Android App, iphone App Developer UAE. 27 Feb Having successful mobile application onboarding knowledge is basic.

Android App, iphone App Developer UAE

Extraordinary user onboarding brings down abandonment rates, as well as help lift long haul achievement measurements like user retention and user lifetime esteem. To boost retention, your mobile applications should cut edge and offer a consistent user encounter, which includes outline, client charm, and including a lot of significant worth. This post depicts the prescribed procedures for making a viable client onboarding knowledge that will transform beginning downloads into exceptionally connected with users. Build with the easy way out A user onboarding is about making it as simple as workable for the user to begin utilizing the application. In any case, this isn’t generally the best course. Mobile App Development Dubai. Mobile Apps Developer Abu Dhabi. 20 Feb Not just has the number of mobiles just internet users overwhelmed desktop-just, yet application utilization has likewise outperformed desktop use.

Mobile Apps Developer Abu Dhabi

For retailers, that is not by any means the only thing of intrigue. Measurements demonstrate that multi-stage use in retail keeps on becoming essentially more than in different verticals. With “Mobilegeddon” wiping out all questions about the significance of mobile, all retailers – not only the huge players – are currently re-examining their mobile strategies. Get An App For Your Business. Get An App For Your Business Day by day mobile users are increasing; it will make a new way for marketing area. Marketing through the mobile phone using mobile apps is the current trend of marketing.

People can easily access the mobile apps also the will gets new alerts about offers, products, price etc. We Create Websites The Way You Dream It... - A2 Solutions F Z C. Mobile Website Development Dubai. 13 Feb Do you know the Importance of a Mobile Responsive Website? More than 40% of website traffic is presently originating from mobile like devices. Day by Day this figure is constantly increasing. Next time you are out on the town, you are ensured to see individuals on Social Media or perusing the web on their cell phones. Weather Report Tool On Facebook.

09 Feb You may have seen that Facebook in some cases gives you fast weather summaries. Presently the organization is doubling down with what is for all intents and purposes an undeniable climate application incorporated with both the desktop and mobile versions. This week the company is revealing a couple redesigns to help ensure you don’t get got in the rain.

Firstly, Facebook will indicate more prominent detail in its neighborhood climate cards – which appear on your News Feed – including five-day forecast. All the more curious, maybe, is the capacity to set warnings for these climates cautions so you keep in mind to bring your umbrella on the way out. Mobile App Development Company Dubai. E-Commerce Brand Building Dubai. 03 Feb When we think of an e-commerce business, we presumably consider industry giants like Amazon. The Companies have the funding to spend millions on marketing, advertising and showcasing offer costs that definitely undercut littler upstart retailers. These big companies are overwhelming almost every industry they enter with nobody to challenge them. In this kind of business environment, it may not appear like the best thought to open up an online business store. Nonetheless, a current review found that huge players, similar to Amazon, don’t have everything that clients need.

Strategic Partnering Search for organizations that offer items that supplement your stock. Building fruitful partnerships requires investment, time and exertion. Higher Quality, Higher Price. Mobile App Development Dubai,UAE. Mobile App Development Company Dubai. Mobile Application Development In Dubai.