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Bobby Bag. Do you travel a lot? But, who does not? If you do, you must have realised how important a reliable smart tool to carry your things. At least for someone who works from 9 to 5, they have to carry a laptop, phone, wallet, power bank, lunch box, notebook, and other necessities. Bringing these valuable things could be really risky since pick pocket can happen just in a blink of an eye.

The need of a safe place to keep our things inspired XD Design, a dutch company to make an innovation as an answer to this problem. In London, at least 63% pick pocket incidents happen in the railway, which is a quite terrifying information for those who commute by riding a train. The genius feature that made this bag as an anti-theft tool is on its zipper. But didn’t we just said that Bobby bag is getting more popular?

Beside the anti-theft feature, this bag also comes with other smart inovations that make your travel just got easier. Open the bag in three ways. Walking under the rain?