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125 Movies That Absolutely Every Man Should See. Compiling a list of the 125 films every man must see was no easy task – personal favourites were discarded, profanity was rampant and it became abundantly clear exactly why nobody likes to see a grown man cry.

125 Movies That Absolutely Every Man Should See

But we did it – 125 masterful movies that everyone here at Fataldose could live with. The question is, can you? 1. Oldboy (2003) Most infamous for its live octopus-eating scene, in which actor Choi Min-sik actually ate octopi on set (four were used; he said a prayer for each one), Oldboy’s depiction of the effects of solitude on the human psyche are gripping and inspiring in equal measure. Quote: “Your gravest mistake wasn’t failing to find the answer. 2. The 52 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013. Just yesterday, a friend of mine posted a message to her unborn child on Facebook, saying that if the little bugger came a week before the due date and ruined her chance to see Star Trek Into Darkness, there would be consequences.

The 52 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

That’s dedication. It’s also the kind of excitement we just can’t keep bottled when we look at the upcoming slate of potential greatness lying ahead. Every year, after shoving the last 365 days into every taxonomy possible, we like to look optimistically toward the future — stretching our gaze to the fresh hope of a new cinema season where there is at least one movie a week to look forward to. At least statistically speaking. 20 Fall Movies We Can't Wait To See. The Top 12 Movies of 2012 (According to the Internet) Earlier this year, we organized a vote between a bunch of internet film critics (and a handful of filmmakers) to come up with what they would cumulatively exalt as the best movies of all time.

The Top 12 Movies of 2012 (According to the Internet)

It’s not like we had to pull teeth or anything (we left our hammer at home), but compiling lists of the best movies of 2012 was a lot easier. People have just been giving away their opinions over the past few weeks. While that was a large-scale project, this ones admittedly a bit fluffier. I compiled as many Best Of lists as I could from notable online movie outlets, assigned point values for the movies listed (#10 gets 1 point, #1 gets 10 points) and plugged everything into my TI-82. It took a while to compute since I was playing this awesome game where you’re a 3-pixel wide race car and you have to avoid slamming into stuff, but the results were… Zero Dark completely dominated with almost 60 points more than The Master. The 30 Best Films of the Decade.

We’re all in that humanistic mode of evaluating our lives – coming up on the end of the year and the last time a zero will be the third digit on our calendars.

The 30 Best Films of the Decade

We’re all (from Variety to Cat Fancy) also waxing expert on what films were the best of the best of the best of the past ten years. Which is why there is an unnavigable sea of opinion polluting the internet right now. Neil and I thought, ‘If everyone else is doing it, why can’t we? And why not do it better?” You may ask (since I’m forcing you to rhetorically), “How can giving your opinion be better than everyone else’s tepid version of an almost-arbitrary-seeming list?” I’m glad you asked. Neil and I anticipated this task back in October and began planning what would become far too much work for two people who essentially sit around watching Animal House all day. 30 Best Movies of all Time. What makes a movie great?

30 Best Movies of all Time

Why do some stand the test of time while others slowly (or rather quickly) lose their value? For some films, it’s the emotion the story invokes. Sometimes an actor’s performance is so unforgettable, it captures our attention. Occasionally a film is so visually stunning, it can’t be forgotten. I put together a collection of the 30 best movies of all time. 30. Avatar is one of the most visually beautiful movies ever made. My 100 Must-See Movies - a list by taniasalinas8.

Best and Worst Best Pictures. Movies you should watch before you die - a list by Chris1660. The 14th Annual Golden Tomato Awards. The 50 best films of the ’90s (1 of 3) Few talk about the ’90s as a filmmaking renaissance on par with the late ’60s and early ’70s, but for many of the film critics at The A.V.

The 50 best films of the ’90s (1 of 3)

Club, it was the decade when we were coming of age as cinephiles and writers, and we remember it with considerable affection. Those ’70s warhorses like Martin Scorsese and Robert Altman posted some of the strongest work of their careers, and an exciting new generation of filmmakers—Quentin Tarantino, Joel and Ethan Coen, Wong Kar-Wai, Olivier Assayas, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson among them—were staking out territory of their own. Presented over three days—with two 20-film lists, then a separate one for the top 10—our Top 50 survey was conducted in an effort to reflect group consensus and individual passion, with the disclaimer that all such lists have a degree of arbitrariness that can’t be avoided.

(On Thursday, we’ll run a supplemental list of orphans, also-rans, and personal favorites that will undoubtedly be quirkier.) 50. 48. 47. 46. 45. 17 movies you should make time for. Top Ten Films 1930-2011. 2015 1.

Top Ten Films 1930-2011

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (George Miller) 2. MY GOLDEN DAYS (Arnaud Desplechin) 3. CAROL (Todd Haynes) 4. SICARIO (Denis Villeneuve) 5. BLACKHAT (Michael Mann) 6. 2014 1. 2013 1. 2012 1. The 30 Best Films of the Decade. Empire's 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time. Best 250 Movies to Watch - Good Movies List. #117 Downfall 2004Der Untergang April 1945, a nation awaits its...Downfall Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel.

Best 250 Movies to Watch - Good Movies List

Cast: Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Corinna Harfouch, Ulrich Matthes, Juliane Köhler, Heino Ferch, Christian Berkel, Thomas Kretschmann, Ulrich Noethen, Birgit Minichmayr, Rolf Kanies, Justus von Dohnanyi, Michael Mendl, André Hennicke, Christian Redl. Overview: In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with the Russian Army closing in from the east and the Allied Expeditionary Force attacking from the west. In Berlin, capital of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler proclaims that Germany will still achieve victory and orders his Generals and advisers to fight to the last man.

Genres: Drama, Foreign, History, War. List of films considered the best. f250bestmoviesmap_HQ.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 3507 × 2160 Pixel)