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Designer Jewelry Clasps. Recommended Sizes. DIY Jewelry Club - Our Favorite Links Page. book.pdf. Avenue des Charm's. Chain maille. Bracelet Steel Vipera Berus Basketweave von SteamPunkGarage. Maillers Worldwide - Deviant Metal MK2. Bijoux de terre. Ruffles. Ruffles is a weave by PrairieGal of Beaded-Baubles.


It is a variant of Helm Chain that adds side rings to give some extra pizzazz. Ruffles takes 3 ring sizes. Two ring sizes to make Helm Chain, then additional, smaller rings for the sides. 20awg 3/16", 20 or 22awg 1/8" and 20awg 3/32" work, though the sides will be scrunched together somewhat. Bijoix de terre - For Our Students. Chainmaille Tutorials. Fluctuant diameter. Jump Ring Lady - kits. Urban Maille - Getting started. The instruction manuals in our Beginning Weave Kits all include an expanded version of this tutorial on opening and closing rings seamlessly because it's a chainmaker's most essential skill.

Urban Maille - Getting started

To make chain, you'll need two pairs of pliers. The pliers used in these pictures are our Lindstrom Rx series flatnose and bent chainnose, Aislyn's preferred combination. Some people use two pairs of flatnose pliers, some use two pair of chainnose and still others prefer one pair of flatnose and one pair of chainnose pliers. Whatever your preference, make sure you use smooth jawed jewelers' pliers with precious metals to avoid mangling your rings. For more information on choosing pliers and preparing new pliers for use, see About Our Tools. Opening Rings To keep the rings round, twist them open; never pull them apart. With the cut ends of the ring in the 12 o'clock position, the ring is firmly grasped on either side, at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. A 2 Z Charms. Jumpring Metric/Imperial/Letter Chart : Chainmaille jumprings kits lessons tutorials supplies tools and more, Weaving chainmaille one jump ring at a time.

Binderinge & Spaltringe (Gluecksfieber-Perlen) Bijoux & Charms Pandora. Chain mail – Helm chain necklace. Helm chain is one of my favorite chain mail weaves.

Chain mail – Helm chain necklace

It is not only beautiful, but is easy to make as well. You can make it with one row, like in this tutorial or as sheets where you link several rows together. You can alter it slightly by using different sized rings or different colored rings. There is only one important thing to remember about this chain mail weave, and that is that the smallest rings must fit comfortably inside the larger ones. If they do, you do not have to pay much attention on the Aspect ratio of the rings, but can combine sizes, metals and colors as you please. Helm chain is sometimes called Parallel chain, so you may sometimes bump into that name instead of Helm chain.

What you need: Champaign colored anodized aluminum rings, 18 gauge, 6,35 mm inner diameter (ID)Black colored anodized aluminum rings, 20 gauge, 3,9 mm ID.Two chain nose pliersBronze colored cube beadsGalvanized Pink Rose Delica see beads #11One clasp copper or bronze colored Go to Home Page. Chain mail – dragon back necklace. Many chain mail patterns have vividly creative names, like the one in this tutorial.

Chain mail – dragon back necklace

It is called Dragon Back, a name that isn’t so out of the blue, as the center ridge of the chain looks a bit like a dragon’s spine. The pattern looks complicated, but is not so difficult to make. Like most chain mail patterns it may take a while to get it right from the start, but once you are over that bit, it gets easier. It is based on the very easy European 4-1 weave. To get it flexible enough to drape gracefully around the neck, it should be made with rings that have an aspect ratio (AR) of 5. Full Persian 6-1 pendant. Full Persian 6-1 is a beautiful chain mail weave, but has nothing to do with Persia at all.

Full Persian 6-1 pendant

There are no records in history that links the full Persian weave to anywhere near Persia either. Also it was never used for armor like several of the other weaves, but is probably a modern created weave. Regardless of that, it is a lovely weave and it is not too difficult to make once you come buy the first link, which can be a challenge. Charms Anhänger. Charms bonbons. Binderinge & Spaltringe (Gluecksfieber-Perlen) Chain mail bracelet with charms. Chain mail can be a real challenge sometimes.

Chain mail bracelet with charms

Getting all the jump rings fitting into each other the right way can be really tricky, as you have to hold them in a certain position in order to slide the next ring through. Luckily not all the techniques are equally difficult, like the technique used for this bracelet. If you are in need of a chain, you can use to make one, and you do not have to solder them. The most important thing with making chain mail jewelry is to close the rings properly.

If they are not, the rings may slip apart or the charms you add may fall off. Chain maille bracelet with pearls. My first wire work!

Chain maille bracelet with pearls

Not so long time ago, I was surfing the Internet, and found many interesting tutorials how to make jewelries of wire. One bracelet tutorial made in chain maille technique seemed to be easy to make even for beginners like me :) I'd like to share how I made this chain maille bracelet with pearl. I made jump rings of sterling silver filled wire (18 ga, half hard). The rings have to be a little bit bigger than beads. To make first bracelet link, connected 4 rings as it shown on the picture. Then keeping them in fingers fingers as shown on the image below, I "opened" the rings forming them in a shape of nest.

The Jump Ring Lady's Conversion Charts for Jump Rings for Chain Maille. Ganoksin - The complete Gem and Jewelry Making Information Resource. Urban Maille - Getting started. Maillers Worldwide - Deviant Metal MK2. Tutorials.