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Alex Alvarez. Ian Spriggs. Pedro Conti on Behance. Merêces Arch-Viz - 3D Visualization Studio. 【TastyCG】 Alberto Trujillo. Taehoon_Oh 3D Hard Surface Artist Portfolio. Liliwood illustratrice Portfolio : Illustrations. Romain Laforet - Graphic Creations. Top Row. Maarten Verhoeven blog: Body sculpts. MATHIEU AERNI. MY MILK TOOF. 7 self-promotion tips for 3D artists. It's time to talk about a relevant but rarely discussed theme in the 3D community: self-promotion.

7 self-promotion tips for 3D artists

Or more bluntly speaking, how to win awards and get featured in magazines. Creating a 3D masterpiece is just the beginning. The web is a huge place, and even the best work often goes unnoticed. 7 Simple, Practical Tips to Becoming a Better Artist. Instead of another tutorial I’m dedicating this week’s post to becoming a better artist.

7 Simple, Practical Tips to Becoming a Better Artist

Quite often we get caught up in the technicalities of 3d that we forget what creating art is all about. I often think back to when I first started Blender and how differently I would approach it now. Here are some tips to fast track your success as an artist: 1. Produce one finished render each week. Pro tips: How to boost your portfolio. Alessandro Baldasseroni • Someone else’s concepts – It’s important to realise that to get hired, being able to execute something that already exists very well is sometimes more essential than having original concepts.

Pro tips: How to boost your portfolio

So, choose a concept from artists you like, ask permission to do it in 3D and do it, trying to match it as best as you can. It’s the easiest way to build a solid portfolio.