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Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958) “Vertigo seems to me of all Hitchcock’s films the one nearest to perfection.

Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)

Indeed, its profundity is inseparable from the perfection of form: it is a perfect organism.” – Robin Wood, noted Film Studies critic, scholar & author of Hitchcock’s Films (1965) Introduction Vertigo is often cited as Hitchcock’s masterpiece. CINEMA TICKETS FOR TWO - PAINTING BY SURREY ARTIST WILL ROCHFORT, KINGSTON UPON THAMES ART GALLERY - FINE ART PRINTS. Ce que la peinture fait au cinéma. Cinéma et peinture, peinture et cinéma. 50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography. Tilt-shift photography is a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model.

50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Below we present 50 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography. All examples are linked to their sources. We strongly encourage you to explore other works of the photographers we’ve featured in this post. [Content Care Nov/08/2016] To add good miniature effect to your photographs, shoot subjects from a high angle (especially from the air). L'Antre de Jean Charpentier.

E L L I P S I S - The Accents of Cinema: THE FILMS OF MICHAEL MANN. In ‘Collateral’, Max is an unknowing victim of the American dream, a notion invoked for noble purposes but that has been corrupted and is now wielded as a tool of coercion and to provide the masses like Max with a false sense of equality - his interest in superficial consumer objects like the Mercedes Benz epitomises his false sense of reality which has been determined and shaped by a new age media of simulacra and simulations, directly serving the pathological interests of a corporate state that Vincent both openly criticises and endorses as being an inadequate substitute for human relations.

E L L I P S I S - The Accents of Cinema: THE FILMS OF MICHAEL MANN

Max is a working class drone who has been conditioned - he is the pacified worker as he does not question his position within society. Max (Jamie Foxx) dreams of a better life but is he simply another slave to capitalism? Vincent (Tom Cruise) as the doomed noir protagonist faces the predicament of not having enough time. The pictorial elegance of Mann’s images can never really be overstated enough. The Lady Eve's Reel Life: Hitchcock’s Most Beautiful Shot Ever; Or, A Single Frame So Good, 2000 Words Don’t Do It Justice.

By guest contributor Joel Gunz Practically every frame of every movie Alfred Hitchcock made could be blown up and hung on a museum wall.

The Lady Eve's Reel Life: Hitchcock’s Most Beautiful Shot Ever; Or, A Single Frame So Good, 2000 Words Don’t Do It Justice

He had such a clear sense of composition that you can turn off the sound, forget the story and set your DVD player to slo-mo, letting the images parade by.* Among the many iconic pictures that his camera has captured, the one pictured above is arguably the most sublime. Practically everything that happens in the first half of Vertigo is carefully designed to lead the viewer to Madeleine’s (Kim Novak’s) trip to Fort Point, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Let’s take a closer look at this single frame from the movie.

Self-consciously artful, the shot is as architecturally balanced as the bridge it depicts. Monsters -2010. Release date:October 29, 2010(limited) Studio:Magnet Releasing (Magnolia) Director:Gareth Edwards MPAA Rating:R (for language)

Monsters -2010

The BLACKBOXBLUE Blog. FILM RATING: 4.5 stars(Upgraded from 3.5 to 4.5 stars on September 29, 2011) Let me start by saying that The King’s Speech (2010) is fun to watch.


I really enjoyed going to the theater and sitting with a large crowd to see this film. It’s not quite as fresh and funny as The Kids Are All Right (2010), but it’s well written, well acted, and nicely crafted. The movie’s pacing is a bit slow at times, but with so many great scenes throughout the film, I was able to get through the boring bits. It’s definitely one of my Top 10 movies of 2010. BLOW UP. PHOTOS - Premières images du nouveau film de Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Pierrot le fou en 3 minutes. 100ème : Recut Stanley Kubrick - Blow up. Directors - Camp David. Analyse de la lumiere. Chroniques d'un chef operateur. Inspired by: Edward Scissorhands. Sometimes I get inspired.

Inspired by: Edward Scissorhands

From movies and stuff. But they aren’t movies that you’d usually be inspired by. Like Edward Scissorhands. Now, I saw Scissorhands a long time ago, but came across this photo the other day on the funny blog, Shlooby Kitten (which you should definitely check out): I loved the decor. Top 10 Directors of Photography (Cinematographers) When one thinks of a movie, usually there’s a strong visual image that comes to mind.

Top 10 Directors of Photography (Cinematographers)

It evokes a strong feeling, then links itself to another image, and another feeling…and another and another, repeatedly. Those incredible visual images that we all have wandering around in our heads when we hear the name of a movie, a director, or an actor is in no small part thanks to the Director of Photography (Cinematographer) and his camera and electric crew. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - The Film Experience. In this group series (open to everyone with the ability to take screen captures and a public space to post them), we look at films from all eras and choose what we think of as the film's "best shot" (or our favorites as the case may be).

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - The Film Experience

Participants are free to explain their reasonings in essay or capsule form or merely post the photo. SEASON 7 (24 Episodes)March - August 2016 Splash Ron Howard's fishy fantasy, his best film (Index - 6 players)The Get Down Baz Luhrmann's Netflix series (Index - 6 players)Les Girls, American in Paris, Some Like It - Orry Kelly Tribute (Index - 7 players)Close Encounters, Julia, Looking for Mr Goodbar, The Turning Point, Islands in the Stream - Best Cinematography Nominee Oscars '77 Special Edition (Index - 9 players) SEASON 6 (23 Episodes)March - October 2015.

Les plus belles scènes, les plus beaux plans de... - Débats - Mad Movies. And So it Begins...: The Best Looking Films of All Time (Color) As a companion piece to yesterday’s list of the Best Looking Black and White Films of All Time, here is the same list, only colorized.

And So it Begins...: The Best Looking Films of All Time (Color)

Picking 11 of my favorite looking black and white films was extremely difficult; picking 11 in color was damn near impossible. A lot was left off, so, again, let me know your favorites in the comments section. Here goes. The 60 Best-Looking Films Ever. The Best Looking Movies Ever Made. I have an album called 'The Best Looking Movies Ever Made' on Facebook and I'm sharing it here as it might be useful to people interested in fine art and photography or to those who simply appreciate excellent visuals in movies. And it goes without saying that these movies, if available on blu-ray, are excellent showcases of high-def video. Do note that by 'best looking movies', I don't mean 'movies with excellent visual effects'.

See this as a list of movies which have unique but beautiful visuals which were not only path-breaking at the time of their release but have also stood the test of time and can always be considered great movies based on their visual excellence alone. Now, on to the list which is in no specific order. The visual style is very,very unique and it was inspired from the artwork of Frank Miller, one of the most influential artists of recent times. Top 10 Most Beautifully Filmed Movies of All Time - a list by jasonragland-1.

My Top 50 Movies list. Le top 77 de Karim Debbache, une liste de films par FeydRautha. How to Draw for Storyboarding. Composition skills in Film Making. Shot-consciousness. Most professional critics seem uninterested in the film shot as a shot. They might notice when the images call flagrant attention to themselves, as in Zhang Yimou’s recent films, or in those protracted walk-and-talk Steadicam takes. On the whole, though, reviewers prefer to talk about plot and acting. Granted, it’s hard to be aware of shots, especially if you get engrossed in the story. But if we want to be fully alert to how movies work on us, we should keep our eyes open. Back in 1968, I read The Moving Image by Robert Gessner, one of the first teachers of cinema studies in the US.

SHOT SIZES: Telling What They See. What really differentiates movies from plays is the way filmmakers manipulate the audience’s field of view. In theater, the audience is in a “wide shot,” always looking at the entire stage and all the actors on it. They are free to look wherever they want. In cinema, however, the filmmaker directs what the public sees and how. While a long shot can show a vast vista of Mount Everest, an extreme close-up can show the silent despair of a child learning that his mother has passed away.

Composition. “The truth is the best stuff evolves when I don’t really think about it. The good ones just come naturally…” [Andrew Mohrer] Downpour by Andrew Mohrer. Composition framing shots cinema film movie beautiful. Film Composition - Film School Online. Image Composition Composition refers to how the elements of an image are arranged. There are a number of rules for how to compose an image to create a pleasing effect. Steven Spielberg film techniques - With pretty pictures! Composition Techniques for Widescreen Aspect Ratios. Basic Lighting for Film and Video III. Mastering Film » The Basics of Lighting. The Basics of the Art of Lighting (part 1): Simple Principles of and Techniques for Creating Artful Lighting.