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Indie Games. Stratagus. Micropolis (video game) On January 10, 2008 the SimCity source code was released under the free software GPL 3 license under the original working title- Micropolis.

Micropolis (video game)

SimCity on the Mac. Most other releases were in colour, but had a similar interface. The first version of the game was developed for the Commodore 64 in 1985; it was not published for another four years.[7] The original working title of SimCity was Micropolis.[8] The game represented an unusual paradigm in computer gaming, in that it could neither be won nor lost; as a result, game publishers did not believe it was possible to market and sell such a game successfully. Brøderbund declined to publish the title when Wright proposed it, and he pitched it to a range of major game publishers without success. Finally, founder Jeff Braun of then-tiny Maxis agreed to publish SimCity as one of two initial games for the company.[2]

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