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Trend Forecasting: Feminism

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WHAT IS FREE THE NIPPLE? #FreeTheNipple controversy hits Durban. Durban - A Durban woman who was snapped at a popular nightclub in an outfit that bared her breasts has stirred up a heated debate on social media - with some critical of her but others hailing her as an ambassador of the “free the nipple” movement.

#FreeTheNipple controversy hits Durban

The movement is named after the 2014 movie by Lina Esco, who also founded the movement. It has resulted in protests in several countries including America, the UK and Iceland where the call is growing for nipples to be treated equally for men and women. Andiswa Luthuli, who declined to give her age, has now brought the debate home through her attire, which also speaks to a growing international feminist movement to “free the nipple”. Luthuli was photographed on Monday at a township club wearing a see-through top which shows her breasts.

Gender pay gap closing but still wide. Ben Harvey - The West Australian The latest official report into gender equality in the workplace has shown corporate Australia has made inroads but the chasm between what men and women earn is still huge.

Gender pay gap closing but still wide

The new study by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, an Australian Government statutory agency charged with improving equality in the workplace, found women account for half of the workforce but only 16.3 per cent of chief executive roles and 37.4 per cent of all management roles. Malala Yousafzai Wants To Be The Prime Minister Of Pakistan - Motto. Malala Yousafzai may only be 19 years old, but she’s already accomplished more than most people aspire to in a lifetime.

Malala Yousafzai Wants To Be The Prime Minister Of Pakistan - Motto

In addition to being a staunch advocate for girls’ education rights around the globe, the Pakistani native is the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize and she also has a bestselling memoir under her belt. Now, she’s revealing one more goal: to one day become the prime minister of Pakistan. Women are calling the Trump campaign about their periods.

One Utah woman called Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Friday with a question: Where should she send her used tampons in case of a miscarriage?

Women are calling the Trump campaign about their periods

An Indiana woman called with a different query: Could she go swimming, or would the chlorine in the water be harmful to her unfertilized eggs? And a Colorado woman had a message for the campaign: She may have lost a couple hundred eggs just today. The flood of calls, reported in comments on Facebook, are part of a social media push started by women in Indiana opposed to a restrictive abortion law passed earlier this year in Indiana that required the remains of a miscarried or aborted fetus to be buried or cremated. In April, women began calling Governor Mike Pence’s office in protest. Now, with Trump’s announcement he has chosen Pence as his running mate, the “Periods for Pence” push is going national. U.S. election exposes feminism’s failures. One blessing for which I am eternally grateful is that I came of age in the late 1990s and early 2000s, in an era where feminism was in fashion.

U.S. election exposes feminism’s failures

So as I reached the age where I didn’t have much interest in listening to the feminist leanings of my mother, I could instead listen to those of Ani Difranco, Sarah MacLachlan, Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Bikini Kill. Heck, even the Spice Girls brought the message of Girl Power to the mainstream, wearing both feminism and skimpy dresses with pride. I grew up in an era where tough chicks were cool and there were plenty of them to emulate. But as I entered adulthood, feminism largely faded from mainstream view.

I’ve often wondered in the intervening years what effect this has had on us, as women, as a society, on how we understand and perceive feminism, or even recognize the need for it. Africa leads outcry over setback for feminism after Trump victory. Liberia’s president has said Hillary Clinton’s defeat was a missed opportunity for women around the world, as fears grew that Donald Trump’s victory in the US election would damage women’s lives and political hopes far beyond America’s borders.

Africa leads outcry over setback for feminism after Trump victory

The shock result dashed hopes that a first female president could serve as a powerful feminist global figurehead, amid growing concerns that a Trump administration could cut aid funds for some of the most vulnerable women in the world. “We are extremely saddened by this missed opportunity on the part of the people of the United States to join smaller democracies in ending the marginalisation of women,” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman to be elected as head of state in Africa, told BBC television. Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump, and his lewd comments boasting of assault on leaked footage, are particularly disturbing for campaigners against gender violence. “I cannot accept the result. The empowerment trap: Ivanka Trump and the art of co-opting feminism. Here’s our reality: white women’s votes helped lead Donald Trump to victory.

The empowerment trap: Ivanka Trump and the art of co-opting feminism

We can expect, in the days ahead, to see Republicans pointing to these votes as proof that women love Trump, and that the openly misogynist president-elect really does have their best interest at heart. What will make this placation dangerous is that the incoming administration has a ready-made symbol to prop up their lie: Ivanka Trump. Trump’s dutiful daughter brands herself as a sort of Sheryl Sandberg-lite: she launched a Women Who Work campaign, was the catalyst behind her father’s vague maternity leave proposal, and carefully curates her social media accounts to present herself as a glamorous but accessible working mom.

And now, with a role on Trump’s transition team, Ivanka will continue to be presented as a salve for her father’s overt sexism and racism. Indeed, for most of the presidential campaign, Ivanka functioned as a telegenic, articulate shield against accusations of misogyny leveled against Trump.

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