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Dior Becomes First Luxury Brand To Sell Handbags On WeChat. Dior became the first luxury brand to sell its handbags on WeChat, a popular Chinese social messaging platform, earlier this week.

Dior Becomes First Luxury Brand To Sell Handbags On WeChat

The brand made its iconic Lady Dior bag available on the platform on Monday for the upcoming Qixi, or Chinese Valentine's Day, on Aug. 9. Buyers were able to directly purchase and pay through WeChat, and on Tuesday, the bag was already sold out. "Since luxury brands can find their target consumers by big data of WeChat, the largest social network in China, it's easier for them to advertise and sell products on WeChat," Lu Zhenwang, an internet expert and CEO of the Shanghai-based Wanqing Consultancy, told China Daily. "Many luxury brands are operating under pressure, and they would like to open up the market through e-commerce platforms. Even if the sales were slow, they could achieve results through marketing and branding," he added.

Dior also made headlines in the U.S. earlier this week when it opened a new boutique in Atlanta. Yves Saint Laurent ad banned for using 'unhealthily underweight' model. An advert by the fashion company Yves Saint Laurent has been banned by the UK’s advertising watchdog for using a model who appeared to be unhealthily underweight.

Yves Saint Laurent ad banned for using 'unhealthily underweight' model

Gucci Among World’s Hottest Fashion Brands, While Prada Cools. LONDON, United Kingdom — Gucci has been named one of the “hottest” luxury brands, while Prada and Giorgio Armani are “cooling” fast, according to a new report by Exane BNP Paribas.

Gucci Among World’s Hottest Fashion Brands, While Prada Cools

The financial services firm assessed the “brand temperature” of luxury companies, based on the ratio between the editorial coverage they receive in print magazines, and their print advertising spend. Brands are ranked as “hot” if magazines give them more editorial space than their advertising spend should warrant, meaning they have more editorial coverage than print magazine advertisements — reflecting a “hot” level of appeal and desirability — whereas brands that fall below this ratio are “cold.” Gucci’s editorial value was up more than 15 percent for the first six months of the year, compared to the same period last year. Louis Vuitton and Chanel both also ranked as “hot,” but their editorial value grew at a lower rate of between 0 and 15 percent, despite a high print advertising spend.

Source: BoF. New Jersey, Brooklyn, Staten Island. 07 Apr, 2016 Fueling the Zilli family’s French fashion house is a dedication to nothing less than, as the company described, producing “the finest garments for men in the world.”

New Jersey, Brooklyn, Staten Island

Started by Alain Schimel in 1970 in Lyon (the birthplace of the French textile industry and silk capital of the world)—and a partial tribute to his parents Rose and Oscar Schimel, who had a coat making workshop in the Croix- Rousse district of the city, Zilli’s initial masterstroke was designing and making the first luxury leather jacket, to which celebrities such as John Wayne and Francis Bacon soon became devoted. In time, the brand has expanded to encompass a variety of men’s luxury apparel, and also luggage, belts, shoes, eyewear, and jewelry. Zilli remains a favorite of A-listers in business and entertainment, as well as members of the Royal Family of Dubai.

Luxury Daily. London department store Harrods is working with fashion house Burberry to tell “A Very British Fairy Tale.”

Luxury Daily

The retailer’s effort for holiday 2016 will kick off in November when its window displays facing Brompton Road are unveiled. Holiday windows attract crowds of shoppers and passersby, allowing the retail host to become part of consumers' traditions. A British wonderlandHarrods’ holiday windows will see the creation of a snow covered landscape and two small children as its protagonists. The children will be shown, window by window, traveling to an English country home, but with an imaginative twist. The window panes will include wintery scenes with flying cars, floating bathtubs and secret trails. As part of A Very British Fairy Tale, Burberry will provide an exclusively designed capsule collection. Burberry launched a similar effort in its Regent Street flagship for the month of June, giving consumers a close-up view of artisan hand embossing and monogramming.

Burberry New London Fashion Week Home. Indigital BURBERRY is bidding farewell to its Kensington Gardens base for the forthcoming show on September 19, the brand has revealed this morning.

Burberry New London Fashion Week Home

Bailey On The Changes At Burberry Bailey On The Changes At Burberry Moving closer to the London Fashion Week hub in Soho's Brewer Street Car Park - where the official show space has been located for the past two seasons - the luxury British brand's new venue, named "Makers House", is situated at 1 Manette Street. Burberry/Mario Testino. Kenzo x H&M Launch Details: Why The Clothes Aren't The Only Things We're Excited About.