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Linda McCartney's Tender Photographs of The Beatles & Other Icons Linda McCartney's Tender Photographs of The Beatles & Other Icons by Maria Popova What the Queen’s speech has to do with Jimi Hendrix’s fro and John Lennon in color. Last year, the excellent Nowhere Boy offered an unprecedented look at John Lennon’s unknown early life, and earlier this year, the world took a first glimpse of some rare and intimate photos of The Beatles taken by the Fab Four’s tour manager in The Lost Beatles Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive, 1964-1966. This month, the quest to know the private Beatles is catapulted into a whole other dimension in Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs — a remarkable retrospective volume of work by the late and great Linda McCartney, wife of Paul, passionate animal rights activist and, above all, formidable music photographer who captured cultural icons like Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel and The Grateful Dead, and was the first woman to land the coveted Rolling Stone magazine cover with her portrait of Eric Clapton in 1968.
Naked Alphabet, a new kind of artistic nude.
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Perfectly timed sports photos theCHIVE
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“Don’t tell me that the sky is the limit, when there are
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Summary[edit] Thich Quang Duc Converted to PNG from Image:Thich Quang Duc.gif, see original upload history below. File:Thich Quang Duc.png File:Thich Quang Duc.png
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Biological evolution is one of the three most profound discoveries in science. The other two are the vastness of the universe and geologic time. As such, biological evolution, along with the other two, deserves to be the foundation of all science learning, and should be taught from an early age. If the typical fourth grader can name planets in their order from the sun, she should also know that life is all related by descent from common ancestors.
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Ash covered landscape Puyehue volcano in southern Chile has spread volcanic ash far and wide since it erupted in early June. On Monday, Argentina's president announced that economic relief would be provided to residents affected by the ash in the southwestern region of Patagonia. And as recent as July 1 ash in the atmosphere was disrupting flights at the Buenos Aires airport. These images show how the earth's landscape has been affected. Ash covered landscape
Online Een online klant wil snel en goed geïnformeerd worden en de juiste site draagt daar absoluut aan bij. Hoe effectief is jouw website en hoe wordt deze door bezoekers ervaren? En wat levert je site uiteindelijk nu echt op? I think we all need something like this. Do you agree?

I think we all need something like this. Do you agree?

David Rice
David Rice