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February PowerShell - What have you done? - PowerShell. Not a lot for me this month, mostly small stuff, but PowerShell is so helpful with everything I do these days!

February PowerShell - What have you done? - PowerShell

I am in the middle of a user account consolidation (in response to a SOC II audit), so my goal is to inventory them to determine if an account was intended for service (managed or unmanaged), shared mailbox/calendar, or interactive use by named person. This involved aggregating statistics from Active Directory and Exchange. I would grab things like last logon time (I didn't need super accurate up to the minute details, so LastLogonDate was good enough for me), description, OU, etc. - all the usual details... then I paired that up with Exchange mailbox info, if there was any. If they had a mailbox associated with them, I'd grab details like when the mailbox was last accessed, by whom, how many items in the mailbox, date of last email, etc.

That last part was really telling - I was able to very quickly separate out the shared mailboxes and figure out which ones were still active. Webforms for help requests - best practices. Smartsheet Community. Sending alerts in advance of start date. Smartsheet Community. Smartsheet Tips: Using Google and Smartsheet. You know how peanut butter is really good on its own, but even better when you pair it with something else (like jelly, a banana, chocolate, a graham cracker...)?

Smartsheet Tips: Using Google and Smartsheet

Smartsheet is like that too – pretty darn great on its own, but even better when you pair it with something else. Like Google Apps and Google Drive. Since many of you use Google in addition to Smartsheet, this week we’ve got all the integration details for you. Getting Started with Google Apps and Smartsheet If you’re using Google Apps, make sure you’ve downloaded our app from the Google Apps Marketplace. The Google Apps Admin for your domain just needs to click the ‘Add it Now’ button to install Smartsheet to your team’s domain – and voila! Small note, the email address you use for your Smartsheet account needs to match your Google email address for the integration magic to work.

Integration Goodness – Here’s What You Get Update a sheet from your inbox. Project Management Basics Not to Be Overlooked. From contributing writer, Robert Kelly, PMP: It's not uncommon to end up as a project manager through practical experience.

Project Management Basics Not to Be Overlooked

Chances are you're doing the things that have always worked for you, made your teams successful, and earned you promotions - without ever reading a book on project management or completing a certification course. What you may not know is that there is some basic project management knowledge and terminology that is very useful when working with other certified Project Management Professionals. Smartsheet Tips: 3 Shortcuts You Didn't Know. The busiest time of the year is in full swing - and who doesn’t love to save a little extra time?

Smartsheet Tips: 3 Shortcuts You Didn't Know

This week we’re featuring three often overlooked features in Smartsheet that can help you save a little time in your day. The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager. It’s the list-making time of year, the time when people are thinking about fresh starts, big plans and even bigger wins.

The Unofficial Smartsheet Guide to Being a Project Manager

So here, just in time for your New Years resolution list, is the unofficial Smartsheet guide to upping your project management game in 2014. Project Manage Your Event Planning. From contributing writer, Lindsay Scott: For a number of years I’ve been involved in a specialist project management group – PMOSIG.

Project Manage Your Event Planning

A voluntary specialist interest group dedicated to PMOs – Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices. Being part of a voluntary group which plans, organises and delivers conferences and meetings has been an interesting experience. Events management, in my eyes, is a lighter version of project management. The key to success is keeping the management side light – or if you prefer K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid! So, even though everyone in our voluntary group has a project management background, in the early years we didn’t use any tools to plan and manage conferences. No. The simplest lesson we learnt, one that made us change our whole event management approach, was that team members needed to know where we were within the plan, what each of us needed to do, and when each task was due (and without the stress and hassle!)

Brainstorm and Planning Evaluation. Release Notes. New in Smartsheet: See Images in Your Sheets. When you have one central hub for all of your file reservoirs, collaborating on content and other deliverables becomes faster, streamlined, and formalized.

New in Smartsheet: See Images in Your Sheets

Smartsheet helps you achieve that. Between in-app attachments and our Google for Work, Box, and Dropbox integrations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more efficient way to organize accessibility to all of the moving assets of an enterprise. That said, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify work. We have a feeling our latest upgrade will be championed by our visually-inclined professionals. Attaching images to a row is helpful, but in some cases, having those images readily viewable offers a whole new way of comparing and contrasting or adding that extra bit of insight to data.