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Zucker out, Burke in at NBC Universal: The biggest loser. MGM's Lion May Be Off To The Auction. It hurts to see the companies that you grew up with go down in flames.

MGM's Lion May Be Off To The Auction

For the longest time, seeing the roaring lion in the center of MGM’s logo always meant something enjoyable was coming. It’s an unforgettable logo that has transcended its function as a representation of the company and turned into a relic of better days in the film industry. Lions Gate Entertainment pourrait essay. Au moins trois entreprises, dont le studio de cinéma canado-américain Lions Gate Entertainment, devraient déposer vendredi des offres formelles d'achat pour le légendaire studio américain Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

Lions Gate Entertainment pourrait essay

Les deux autres soumissionnaires seraient le géant Time Warner et Access Industries, qui appartient au milliardaire Len Blatavnik. Aucune offre ne devrait surpasser 2 milliards $US, ce qui décevra certainement les 140 prêteurs qui ont financé l'achat du studio en 2005 pour 5 milliards $US. Si les mises sont trop faibles, les prêteurs pourraient décider que la vente aux enchères a échoué et utiliser une stratégie différente.

Le vice-président de Lions Gate, Michael Burns, a indiqué la semaine dernière que son studio est intéressé par Lions Gate, mais pas à n'importe quel prix. MGM, qui est connu pour son lion rugissant et des classiques comme The Wizard of Oz, a déjà été vendu à plusieurs reprises depuis sa création en 1924.


Universal Studios May Serve as Lab for New Approach to Viewers - Disney. Hollywood sea of change - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Is Hollywood outsourcing its first-look deals?

Hollywood sea of change - Entertainment News, Film News, Media -

On Nov. 19, Brad Pitt’s Plan B shingle signed with India’s megabucks media giant Reliance Big Entertainment to develop the vidgame “Dark Void” into a film. At the same time, Reliance signed with Imagine Entertainment partners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard in a deal that kicks off with Reliance’s acquisition of “Mofos,” a Josh Berghaus/Jay Shore-scripted comedy. When companies like Imagine and Spyglass, and production shingles of Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Chris Columbus, Julia Roberts and Walter Parkes & Laurie MacDonald have a project, they are as apt to get the greenlight from Asia, India, Europe or the Middle East as they are from a Hollywood studio.

In the past 18 months, five non-U.S. media companies have signed deals with a slew of Hollywood talent, with at least four more major pacts expected within the next few months. The newcomers make it clear that they’re not trying to usurp the majors. Overture Box Office Profits: $50 million-$60 million. Studio chiefs McGurk and Rosett congratulate staff on fourth straight successful film opening in internal memo Coming off their fourth consecutive successful box-office launch this weekend, with Antonine Fuqua-directed cop drama "Brooklyn's Finest" opening to $13.4 million, and with their three-year-old film company currently being shopped by parent Liberty Media, Overture Films CEO Chris McGurk and COO Danny Rosett issued a pat-on-the-back memo to staff Monday.

Overture Box Office Profits: $50 million-$60 million

Overture paid less than $3 million to acquire the ensemble-casted R-rated movie from Avi Lerner's Millennium Films. A week prior, the studio opened low-budget horror film "The Crazies" to $16.1 million.


Don’t Worry: ‘Kick-Ass’ Has Distribution - Film School Rejects. All day long, I’ve been geeking out about Kick-Ass.

Don’t Worry: ‘Kick-Ass’ Has Distribution - Film School Rejects

Why? Because I like Matthew Vaughn, everything about the film seemed to be Vaughn at his best, and I have a soft spot for any film with cinematic violence committed by young girls in skirts. D.E.B.S. doesn’t technically count, but I love that one anyway. Kick Ass > Spiderman 3 « Victory Thru Sheer Volume. Like everyone these days, even Kick Ass is trying to jump on the bandwagon led by the triple sick Pacific (which premiered on Sunday!!) I’m (Mc)loving the idea behind these war era mash up posters, not to mention the fact that this flick is going to be flat out awesome. Anything that involves superheroes and an R rating is A O K by me. Except the Punisher. That movie sucked There’s a pretty sweet story behind Kick Ass too!

Kick Ass hits theatres April 16. [Big ups to FilmDrunk ] Miramax talks expected to extend through the weekend [Updated] Exclusive negotiations between the Walt Disney Co. and Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who are backed by supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, over the potential acquisition of Miramax Films are expected to stretch through the weekend, people with knowledge of the discussions said.

Miramax talks expected to extend through the weekend [Updated]

Meanwhile, competing bidders Alec and Tom Gores are awaiting the outcome and keeping their bid on the table for the moment, according to a person familiar with the situation. A third bid, from an offshore corporation being advised by beleaguered financier David Bergstein, also remains in the wings. Disney hopes to wrap up a deal with the Weinsteins by next week, said a person close to the situation. Although the Weinsteins, who founded Miramax in 1979 and sold it to Disney in 1993, remain highly motivated to win back the specialty label, the negotiations still could break down. Even though there's pressure to sweeten the deal, a person close to Burkle says the investor won't overpay for the asset.