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The Yale Problem Begins in High School. A month before the Yale Halloween meltdown, I had a bizarre and illuminating experience at an elite private high school on the West Coast.

The Yale Problem Begins in High School

I’ll call it Centerville High. I gave a version of a talk that you can see here, on Coddle U. vs. Strengthen U. (In an amazing coincidence, I first gave that talk at Yale a few weeks earlier). The entire student body — around 450 students, from grades 9-12 — were in the auditorium. But then the discussion began, and it was the most unremittingly hostile questioning I’ve ever had.  Christina Hoff Sommers. If you believe women suffer systemic wage discrimination, read the new American Association of University Women (AAUW) study Graduating to a Pay Gap.

 Christina Hoff Sommers

Bypass the verbal sleights of hand and take a hard look at the numbers. Women are close to achieving the goal of equal pay for equal work. They may be there already. Kay S. Hymowitz: Why the Gender Gap Won't Go Away. Stop Telling Women To Do Startups. Boys continue to do better than girls on their math SAT scores. The College Board released its 2014 SAT college-entrance test results today, and here are some highlights of the 2014 SAT math test: 1.

Boys continue to do better than girls on their math SAT scores

Continuing an uninterrupted trend that dates back to at least 1972, high school boys outperformed girls on the 2014 SAT math test with an average score of 530 points compared to the average score of 499 for females, see top chart above. The statistically significant 31-point male advantage this year on the SAT math test is one point lower than the 32-point difference last year, and just slightly below the 34 point difference over the last two decades favoring boys. In terms of percentile ranking, the average test score for male high school students (530) represented the 55th percentile of all students. By comparison, the average female test score (499) was slightly below the 45th percentile ranking for all students (see top chart above). Here are some observations: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Columbia mattress girl looking to cash in on art project. The Laura Kipnis Melodrama. Last Monday, about thirty Northwestern anti-rape activists marched to their school's administrative center carrying mattresses and pillows.

The Laura Kipnis Melodrama

The event was a deliberate echo of the performance art project of Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz, who is lugging a mattress everywhere she goes on campus for a year to draw attention to the university's failure to expel her alleged rapist. At Northwestern, the target of the protest was not a person accused of assault, but the provocative feminist film professor Laura Kipnis. The Media Is Making College Rape Culture Worse. College sexual assault is a very real problem—but news organizations and government bureaucrats do victims no favors when they exaggerate its prevalence.

The Media Is Making College Rape Culture Worse

The frenzy over college sexual assault now sweeping the nation was triggered by a specific event. In 2010, a small team of investigative journalists published a report revealing, so they claimed, an epidemic of college rape. The report was a jumble of highly selective reporting and dubious statistics, as we shall see. But the reporters spread the news far and wide and no one thought to question their accuracy. Federal officials were electrified by the findings and launched a draconian crusade. Before long, otherwise sensible people came to believe that Yale, Swarthmore, and the University of Michigan were among the most dangerous places on earth for young women. Nungesser-complaint. Le journaliste, le fixeur et la polygame. C’est « Arrêt sur images » qui l’a révélé, le 1er octobre dernier : au moment de « briser le tabou » de la polygamie, Le Point a été être pris « en flagrant délit de bidonnage ».

Le journaliste, le fixeur et la polygame

Dans un dossier choc, en couverture de son numéro du 30 septembre (« Immigration, Roms, allocations, mensonges : ce qu’on n’ose pas dire »), le magazine consacre une double page à la polygamie – avec un article (« Un mari, trois épouses ») qui repose pour l’essentiel sur le témoignage de Bintou, la troisième épouse d’un Malien de Montfermeil naturalisé français. Syrie : la blogueuse lesbienne était un hétéro américain. The California boy, 11, who is undergoing hormone blocking treatment.

Parents say it's better for Thomas to have sex change before he is adult By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 11:04 GMT, 30 September 2011 The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young.

The California boy, 11, who is undergoing hormone blocking treatment

Une histoire des maisons closes à Paris - Paul Teyssier. Novembre 2009. Jean-Claude Rochefort prétend plutôt faire dans l’humour.

novembre 2009

Il accuse les féministes d’avoir elles-mêmes fait de Marc Lépine un héros. « La récupération est tellement monstre que notre discours, c’est de dire : “écoutez, ça n’a pas d’allure, nous, on va réagir par de… l’humour” », dit-il. Il déplore que le drame du 6 décembre 1989 continue d’être commémoré, 20 ans plus tard. « C’est un fait divers qu’on a récupéré pour en faire un monument.

Est-ce qu’on va fêter Marc Lépine encore dans 50 ans ? Arrêtez, c’est ridicule !