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Patrice Lamothe

Pearltrees CEO


Politics. Pearltrees. Entrepreneurship. Other interests.

  1. oznek Oct 23 2014
    bravo a toute l'equipe de pearltrees pour nous donner de nouvelles façon d'avoir ces interets a porté de main! Continuez comme ça!
  2. jjsanto Jul 3 2014
    A simple suggestion to PT2: Sometimes is difficult to figure out that we have duplicated pearls. It would be nice if we had some kind of mechanism to sort the pearls by its name on a collection. Then we could easily get rid of the duplicates.
  3. Patrice May 28 2014
    Sorry to contradict you, but I don't avoid any question: as any other member of the Pearltrees community could tell you, it's precisely the opposite. I can understand your anger but disagree with your accusatory tone and deeply regret you obvious lack of trust.
  4. aroman May 28 2014
    you state the obvious and reindicate the legitamacy of your members concers however you do not provide justifiable arguments, you just dance around the questions with written words without much meaning that don't say much. i don't need you to dance around our questions and restate how warranted our concerns are just answer the questions here for everyone to read, no need for PMs this matter involves everyone who uses and reads pearltrees. LOTS premium members that have put money into your team's pockets want the service they originally signed up for and purchased!
  5. Patrice May 28 2014
    Differents points and ideas there, but many legitimate concern: please see my answers on the relevant pearls and don't hesitate to PM me if you want to further discuss them.
  6. aroman May 25 2014
    the neuron-mind map- spiderweb ability to organize things is the reason why many people join pearltrees. After seeing noosquest's Pearl October of 2012, that was the reason why i joined Pearltrees, the reason why i spend so much time finding, arraging, and sharring content. i can understand the reasoning behind not having to use flash anymore after Snowden's leak but you have taken curating and pearling out of the moto and this system. what differentiates this from others on the net? nothing! without the pearls, without the neuron-mind-map/fibonacci/spiderweb original PEARLTREES layout this is not the same service paying customers purchased and all new entries before this weekend are probably asking themselfs why continue to use pearltrees. i do like some aspects of the upgrade dont get me wrong...but this current DEFAULT GRID change is astronimical to the already existing pearling populus. not to mention that you cant go back to pearltrees 1 on the apps, or even view others teams!
  7. Patrice May 25 2014
    Don't worry it's been done by the same team :-) Bear with us for a while and I can tell you you won't be desappointed.
  8. aroman May 25 2014
    was pearltrees sold? new layout looks rather Microsoftish?
  9. stormpearls Sep 19 2013
    Bonjour Pat, bravo à toute l'équipe pour les nouvelles fonctions très pratique !
  10. elliottbelardo2 Jun 28 2013
    I wonder what your private pearltree contains...