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Patrice Lamothe

Pearltrees CEO


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Bonjour Pat, bravo à toute l'équipe pour les nouvelles fonctions très pratique ! by stormpearls Sep 19

I wonder what your private pearltree contains... by elliottbelardo2 Jun 28

Hallo ,Patrice .I hope that you enjoy.. by boyanboyanov Jul 18

Remarkable job!
You have great professionals!
Thank you very much :)

Boyan Boyanov by boyanboyanov Jul 13

I am very grateful to you!
I'm deeply happy!
Thanks for quick response... by boyanboyanov Jul 9

Don't worry, we will do our best to find back your trees :-) Please just write a mail to participarion at pearltrees dot com with all the details. Sure there are lots of ways to solve this! by Patrice Jul 9

Please return my tree ;)
I was proud of him...It is not yet ready...This is a live tree !!!

Thank you in advance !

I enclose information on the case:

My root pearltree;




2) (Pearl (0) was also before my)

I have pearltrees_export.rdf just before they disappear !
We have all your emails about my activities...

I can do better tree !
This is my first tree! I love it ;)

Boyan Boyanov by boyanboyanov Jul 9

Patrice Lamothe!

I really like !

I worked hard over my tree...
over 9,000 pearls,almost 10,000 .
Last night when structed tree,program be blocked..
I lost all my pearls,as well as all groups...
I felt terrible....I can not explain the feeling...
I stood in front of the screen I was thinking how much information was lost...
There was transferred stay on the internet last 5 years from the archives of my computer ...
But it is only a small part of the tree..
I thought what can I do!I started looking around the site..
There was no trace of him!Finally I managed to find it..!
I was very glad ;)
Suddenly I saw that it was no longer my property...!
The tree has already been replaced by owner!!!
All my participation in groups also passed to it...

I had only one option;
I asked permission to touch my tree !
For the first time in my life I want permission from someone else touched my thoughts!

Please return my tree ;)
I was proud of him...It is not yet ready... by boyanboyanov Jul 9

pour communiquer directement avec l'équipe: . Tous les messages sont lus et systématiquement transmis aux bonnes personnes! by Patrice Dec 21

Patrice bon jour ... où je peux laisser mes opinions et mes idées et des doutes sur la pearltrees ...? lequel le canal direct pour cela? Merci by criativos_by_silviobraz Dec 21