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Mythes, légendes, textes fondateurs et rituels japonais. The Internet map.

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Mtg maths. Men's Pair - 2000 Olympics. Flims du métro. Articlemichelbaudpe22012. A Checklist For Your Mid-Twenties. A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System. A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System June 9, 2011: NASA's Voyager probes are truly going where no one has gone before.

A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System

Gliding silently toward the stars, 9 billion miles from Earth, they are beaming back news from the most distant, unexplored reaches of the solar system. Hipsters. Unhappy Hipsters. News to Share. Le mea culpa des maths à la finance ? Pas encore. Infographics. Stellar. Scott Pilgrim. Vous Etes Perdu ? Happy birthday! Sistine Chapel. 7 Apps We're Falling in Love With. We test a lot of software around here, on the web, on our desktop and on our phones.

7 Apps We're Falling in Love With

It's a great job to have, but only so much of what we test really sticks and becomes a part of our daily routines. Every once in awhile we like to compare lists in our team chat room and then share them with you. Here are the latest tools and services we've come to love, maybe you'd like to give them a try too. Posterous Think you find a lot of great stuff online? David Hasselhoff.

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Some sources of inspiration. The Perils of Studying Economics. By James Kwak Patrick McGeehan at the New York Times recently wrote about a New York Fed study finding that studying economics makes you a Republican.

The Perils of Studying Economics

The headline conclusion is that the more economics classes you take, the more likely you are to be a Republican. Majoring in economics or business is also more likely to make you a Republican.