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Biz Stone, 500 Startups And Others Put $1M In CRM For Web Businesses Intercom. CRM and 500 Startups incubated company Intercom has raised a seed round of $1 million from angel investors including twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Huddle founder Andy McLoughlin, Dan Martell, 500 Startups and Digital Garage.

Biz Stone, 500 Startups And Others Put $1M In CRM For Web Businesses Intercom

Intercom’s customer relationship management tool (CRM) is designed specifically for web businesses. The web-based SaaS features Google Analytics-like integration so that its database of customers is always automatically up-to-date, tracking every interaction. With its flexible filtering function, users can be segmented into groups for whom the business has different goals (i.e. converting free users into paying customers). Here’s how the startup differs from the standard CRMs. Intercom get its data from a JavaScript snippet that users add to the applications, similar to Google Analytics. For example, beta customers like GitHub are using Intercom’s messaging features to learn about and engage with their customers—individually and automatically, at scale.

Top 400 Hourly Updated App Store Ranks. Automagical Automatic report importing That’s right, automatic. appFigures imports all reports so you don't have to.

Top 400 Hourly Updated App Store Ranks

Top 400 app ranks for all categories in all app stores-updated hourly! AppFigures scans all top 400 lists of all app stores worldwide, hourly, and provides you easy access to ranks in any store, on-demand. No need to sync. Support for multiple platforms iTunes Connect. Get your reports by email Get your daily sales report by email for all of your apps. Featured tracking with alerts Know exactly when and where your apps are featured.

Review Updates Get a summary of your apps’ reviews, every day. Complete App Store Coverage Browse Public Data View ranks, reviews, and ratings for every app in the iOS & Mac App Stores, Google Playand the Amazon Appstore. Support for multiple accounts Link as many app stores as you’d like to a single appFigures account. Ads performance tracking Track all your iAd and AdMob metrics directly from your account without having tolog into separate portals. The easy way to get professional translation work. Assistly - Help Desk for Social CRM, Customer Service and Support. Google Now Lets Website Owners Measure The Power Of +1 (And Any Other Social Widget) Back in March, Google officially started rolling out the +1 Button in its search results, allowing users to vote up the pages they found most useful.

Google Now Lets Website Owners Measure The Power Of +1 (And Any Other Social Widget)

Two months later, on June 1, it launched a widget that lets website owners integrate the button into their pages, just like they do with Facebook’s ‘Like’ and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ buttons. But, err, it wasn’t really clear what the point was. People kept clicking the button, but the effect — better search results for our friends — isn’t really tangible. And it isn’t really clear to site owners how much of an impact the button’s having, either. Today, that changes: Google has just announced that +1 data will be displayed in Google’s Webmaster tools, allowing site owners to see exactly how much of an effect +1 is having. How SEOmoz Gained 1000s of Visits from Google News (You Can Too) Consider this image below from the SEOmoz Google Analytics account.

How SEOmoz Gained 1000s of Visits from Google News (You Can Too)

Behold a sight rarely displayed in SEO blogs. Notice the similarities to a typical Kansas highway. Both are dead flat, contain no peaks or valleys, and are traffic free. Such was the sad state of SEOmoz’s referral traffic from Google News prior to April of this year. In truth, SEOmoz didn't really pursue traffic from Google News for several reasons. Google News never sent us significant traffic in the past In our minds, we don't consider ourselves a "news" organization Unlike news organizations, SEOmoz doesn't drive revenue through advertising. Custora Helps Online Businesses Improve Customer Retention. For any retailer that is selling goods online, it is incredibly important to be able to retain customers and identify when purchasers are about to leave a site.

Custora Helps Online Businesses Improve Customer Retention

While many online retailers and companies develop these analytics in house, there is a need for a simple application that smaller shops can use to determine behavior of visitors. Today, Y Combinator-backed Custora is launching a SaaS that tells online retailers and web apps which of their customers are most valuable, and suggests actions to keep them. The startup is best described by its tagline: “Google brings you customers. We keep them around.” For retailers, the software can analyze order logs and distinguish between customers that simply haven’t ordered anything for a while, and customers who have left the site.

For example, Custora will automate the process of sending emails to customers who are in danger of leaving a retailer’s site, or will send emails to customers who are repeat purchasers.


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