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Pearltrees & Web 2.0 expo

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Pearltrees Launches Embeds - Makes Bookmarks More Useful. Online bookmarking tools haven't really changed much over the last few years.

Pearltrees Launches Embeds - Makes Bookmarks More Useful

Most services still present you with a basic list of tagged links. Pearltrees, however, is taking a radically different approach. The Paris-based company organizes links as a collection of "pearls" that are connected by a mind map-like tree graph. Starting today, you can also embed these collections in your own blog posts. Pearltrees Embeds The company, which launched a new beta version of its service last month, notes that these new embeds will give bloggers and journalists the ability to present their readers with a new way to explore a topic in depth. A tool like this can come in handy when you want to show the research that went into a longer article, for example, or whenever you want to give your readers more background and context than you could pack into a simple list of links in a blog post.

To get started, simply sign up for an account here. Six Startups Blast Off From The Web 2.0 Launchpad. Every year at Web 2.0 Expo, a handful of promising startups are invited on stage to give quick, five-minute pitches to an audience of conference attendees and a panel of judges (you can see our past coverage on these events here and here).

Six Startups Blast Off From The Web 2.0 Launchpad

Yesterday this year’s batch of startups took the stage, and they didn’t disappoint. My notes on the startups are below. Each company was judged by Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, Ellen Pack of Elance, and Brian Singerman of Founders Fund. Taking the top prize (as judged by the audience) was Rhomobile. Ask Your Target A TC DemoPit company that we’ve previously covered, AskYourTargetMarket gives you a way to cheaply conduct market research using online surveys. EnglEasy EnglEasy is as new as they come — the company was just formed a few days ago at Startup Weekend, a hackathon where groups of entrepreneurs and engineers throw together a project in a weekend long frenzy of coding. Pearltrees "Super Embed" Feature. Pearltrees’ new Super Embed feature revealed. As the amount of content in various places seems to increase with each passing day, the need for smart curation online only becomes inevitable.

Pearltrees’ new Super Embed feature revealed

Pearltrees made public a new attribute called Super Embed at the annual west coast Web 2.0 Expo that claims to do just that. The company will also roll out its new Beta 0.7 release soon. This new launch offers bloggers, journalists and Internet users the ability to organize a series of web pages about a particular topic. They can then create one ‘tree’ that features all that content. Following this, Pearltree can be embedded by users in their blog or website. In addition to this, the latest release also packs in some other major improvements. Discovering, organizing and sharing content that may be found on the web is said to be transformed with this latest version. Users simply need to copy an HTML code from Pearltrees and paste it into their site or blog.

Pearltrees at Web 2.0 Launch Pad. Pearltrees "Super Embed" Feature. PearlTrees Launches Super-Embed Version At Web 2.0. Posted by Tom Foremski - May 3, 2010 I've been doing some work with Pearltrees, which has become my favorite curation tool because it is a very good media technology -- it allows me to publish a visual representation of web sites and how they are connected.

PearlTrees Launches Super-Embed Version At Web 2.0

Pearltrees just got better with the launch of a new version that allows you to embed a live window (below). The great thing about Pearltrees is that you can take my Pearltree and add it to yours. If I update my Pearltree you see the update immediately. Pearltrees is at the Web 2.0 Expo this week and has been chosen for the Launch Pad program, which highlights five of the best companies at the trade show. Pearltrees comes of age. Welcome to HostPapa!

Pearltrees comes of age

Bienvenue chez HostPapa! Connect to cPanel: Log in to Webmail: Pearltrees - now embedded. Pearltrees Unveils SUPER EMBED at Web 2.0 Expo. « NYC Artists Speak Up: Is American Mediocrity Killing the Artist in Us?

Pearltrees Unveils SUPER EMBED at Web 2.0 Expo

| Main | Search & Social at The Marker’s Com.vention » May 03, 2010 Pearltrees Unveils SUPER EMBED at Web 2.0 Expo Client Pearltrees is unveiling its new “Super Embed” feature this week at Launch Pad on Wednesday afternoon at the Moscone in San Francisco. They announced their new feature and other updates in a Beta 0.7 release today at Web 2.0 Expo. If you're not familar with Pearltrees, it's a tool that allows you to organize and curate a series of web pages quickly and easily. With this latest release, bloggers, journalists and Internet users can identify and organize a series of web pages about a particular topic, create one ‘tree’ that houses all that content and then embed that Pearltree in their blog or website so people can view everything they have discovered about that topic in one single window – all without leaving the blog. TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: Comments.